Costa Rican court condemns Cuban man on human trafficking charges

first_imgRelated posts:Analysis: Obama-Castro handshake offers hope for US-Cuba ties Freedom eludes Cubans U.S. woman, 64, makes history with Cuba-Florida swim Ties between North Korea, Cuba hinted at in route of seized freighter A Criminal Court in the province of Alajuela on Wednesday sentenced a Cuban man with the last names Montero Delgado to 16 months in prison for helping Cuban nationals to illegally enter Mexico and the U.S. from Costa Rica.Montero will not serve any time in prison in the country as he was given a suspended sentence for three years and will be deported to the United States in coming days, where he is wanted on robbery charges in Miami, Florida. He is a legalU.S. resident, Immigration Administration officials reported.Montero is the first foreigner convicted of human trafficking in Costa Rica, the Immigration Administration reported. The man was arrested Wednesday in a house in Sabana Norte, west of the capital, and pleaded guilty before the court.He was forbidden from returning to Costa Rica for the next five years.Montero’s operation consisted of coordinating transportation for Cuban nationals – usually by air – from South American destinations to Costa Rica, and then sending them to Mexico and the United States using altered passports.Immigration authorities estimate that the man likely helped transport at least 20 people as part of an international trafficking network.Human trafficking in Costa Rica is punishable by sentences ranging from two to six years in prison. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

In San Salvador everyone has to pay the gangs

first_imgSAN SALVADOR, El Salvador — It all started with a phone call. The man on the line said he was part of the Mara Salvatrucha gang and asked for money in exchange for the gang’s protection.Carlos owns a car wash in one of the upper-middle class districts in the western part of the capital. He did not want his real name or the name of his business to appear in print for fear of retaliation.Carlos said he couldn’t afford the $100 per week the gang demanded. The criminals had guessed his income too high.The man kept calling, though, so Carlos went to the police with his phone. The police’s anti-extortion unit listened in on one of the conversations and advised Carlos to change his number and forget about everything. As long as there was no culprit they could catch in the act, there was no case, the police told him.So Carlos painted a new telephone number on the front of his business and waited. It was quiet for 18 months. Then one day a young boy walked in with a cellphone. He placed it on the counter and told Carlos he would get a call in an hour.Carlos contacted the police again, who advised him not to answer the phone. But his employees were scared: It wouldn’t be the first time Salvadoran gangs killed a low-level employee to increase pressure on the boss.So Carlos answered the phone. Indeed, it was a marero again, who asked him politely how he was doing.The phone kept ringing in the following days. The voice, always polite, said it knew when Carlos was waiting at a traffic light or shopping at the supermarket.The voice said the gang knew where Carlos’ son was, and when his wife was at the hairdresser. It asked Carlos threatening questions like: “Would you rather have your picture up on the wall in your house, or in the newspaper?”Constant fear kept Carlos awake. Finally, the voice gave him an ultimatum: Starting the following Saturday, he had to pay. Otherwise the gang would visit him on Monday.In return for the money, the voice on the phone promised to protect Carlos from the rival gang, whose territory began down the street from the car wash.Carlos figured he could afford to pay $50 max per month. But he thought of something else he could offer: free car washes to Mara Salvatrucha members.The man on the phone agreed. Since then, every week someone shows up to collect the $50, and cars are regularly brought for washing. These moments are always scary — Carlos knows he has a car that belongs to a gang whose rivals are not far away.Playing soccer with the maraCarlos’ story is one of thousands of similar anecdotes in San Salvador. The city is controlled by gangs, mainly the Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and Barrio 18. According to InSight Crime, an organization that analyzes organized crime in Latin America, there are an estimated 20,000 active gang members in El Salvador.Gang members get much of their money and power through extortion, often killing people who refuse to pay. Carlos has been lucky; he knows business owners who have not been so lucky.There are regular shootouts in San Salvador. Bodies of tortured gang members are frequently found in the streets.The 26-year-old psychologist Alan Henriquez tells how he grew up among gangs.“As an 8-year-old I played soccer with the big guys,” he told The Tico Times. “My friends and I knew they did bad things, but we didn’t understand it. Then one day we heard gunshots. We ran toward the shots and saw a body in the middle of the street, a rival gang member who was first beaten up, then attacked with machetes and finally shot nine times in the back.”As Henriquez grew older, he learned that his community was subdivided into territories where different gangs would recruit the more aggressive boys. Henriquez was never approached. The guys he played soccer with eventually told him not to come any more.Henriquez came from a stable family and had opportunities in life, so he wasn’t the kind of boy they where looking for. Gangs specifically target boys and girls from broken homes, and the gang becomes their family.Most often recruiting is paired with violence: If you’re asked to join and don’t, you risk being killed.“It’s important not to consider the gangs as a free-standing phenomenon,” Henriquez said. “They evolved out of our country’s problems: poverty, corruption, the weapons trade. If we want to face the gang issue, we actually have to work on these problems.”Prison as main officeAlthough many gang members and their leaders are locked up in prison, being behind bars does little to diminish their influence. In fact, most extortion calls come from prison, while gang members on the outside collect the money and kill when necessary.In March, the government passed an anti-extortion law that, among other measures, forbids companies from supplying cellphone signals near jails. Under the new law, a phone company who breaks the law is subject to a fine of $753,000 per day.In the meantime, gangs are part of daily life in El Salvador. Many citizens are confronted with violence and extortion on a daily basis.People who can afford to send their children to private school do so to try and keep them from being recruited by gang members.The daily newspapers report an average of 15 murders per day.Still, because of heavy policing, gangs have become less obvious than they used to be. Members have begun hiding tattoos, and gang-related graffiti is less prevalent.Now, gang members travel through the city invisibly, though in reality they’re everywhere, from poorer districts such as Soyapango to luxurious areas like Escalón and San Benito.Carlos recognizes the good fortune he’s had up until now — in part, because gangs have always been in his life.“I grew up with some of these gang members so they knew who I was and they didn’t kill me immediately,” he said. “But still, this is our sad truth: I’m always afraid something will happen to my children.”Carlos said he has friends living across the border, in Barrio 18 territory, whom he could no longer safely visit.“We live in fear every day,” he said.Read also:From ‘America’s Mayor’ to international security guru: Rudy Giuliani sends experts to El SalvadorExperts debate approaches to stemming Central America gang violence Facebook Comments Related posts:El Salvador moves 400 jailed gang members as part of plan to curb violence As gang violence surges, El Salvador fears bloody war From ‘America’s Mayor’ to international security guru: Rudy Giuliani sends experts to El Salvador El Salvador on pace to become the hemisphere’s deadliest nationlast_img read more

Kidd CransMontana a chance to take an important step forward Updated

first_imgBritish High Commissioner Mathew Kidd said on Friday that next week’s Conference on Cyprus at Crans-Montana is a chance for big discussions and big progress to be made, noting his country is a junior participant in the discussion at the Conference.The Swiss ski resort of Crans-Montana is just over two hours drive from Geneva, where the previous Conference on Cyprus was held in January this year.Speaking to reporters ahead of the new Conference slated for June 28, Kidd, who was asked to comment on reports suggesting a ‘Treaty of Implementation’ would be under discussion, said: “I think it is a new concept that is worthy of serious discussion next week in Switzerland and that should help to identify whether it can be a useful part of the answer”.However he underlined that it was an “an idea that it’s not yet cooked” but it is certainly worth trying to develop.Asked about the initial draft of a common document on security and guarantees and whether London wished to make changes to the draft,Kidd said: “I hope that the paper can be a guide to the discussion, sort of a structure for the discussion next week rather than becoming something which gets negotiated in detail in itself”.On his expectations from Crans-Montana, Kidd added: “I hope we can make really good progress. I think it’s a moment in which the parties have all been preparing themselves for serious discussion. We have had time to reflect on the beginnings of the discussion in Switzerland in January and the timing is going to be there, the opportunity is going to be there, to take a really important step forward”.To a question on whether this was the end of the road for Cyprus, the British diplomat said: “I think that’s a kind of an unhelpful way of thinking about it. It’s an opportunity, it’s not a threat. It’s a chance actually for big discussions, big progress to be made and all the right people will be there to get somewhere really important”.As far as the UK role was concerned he said Britain would like to be a junior participant in the discussion.“We are there but we don’t have the same fundamental interests at stake as others do so that gives us a chance… to support the discussion, to enrich the discussion to be part, challenging the discussion to help keep it focused on outcomes and that’s what we will try to do, in a subordinate way and in a respectful way knowing that others have vital interests at stake and we are there just to help the process along,” he said.Greece and Turkey will be represented at the conference by their respective foreign ministers, and Britain by an under-minister. The EU will be there as an observer. UN chief Antonio Guterres is due in Crans-Montana on June 30.A draft common document on security and guarantees prepared by UN Secretary General`s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide was delivered to both the Greek Cypriot and the Turkish Cypriot sides earlier this week. The common document drafted by Eide aims to guide the discussions on the issue of security and guarantees.The document and the new conference were also discussed on Friday in Brussels when President Nicos Anastasiades met British Prime Minister Theresa May, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said.“The president of the Republic had a very interesting meeting with the British prime minister. The discussions were dominated by the upcoming conference on Cyprus. It was common belief that the results of the discussion of security and guarantees are those that will show whether we are optimistic about a positive outcome of this process,” he said.Beyond that, there was also an exchange of views on Eide document, he added.  Christodoulides said that late Thursday, the written positions of the Greek Cypriot side on the content of the draft were sent to the UN.Anastasiades and May also discussed Brexit, Turkey’s EU relations and bilateral Cyprus-UK ties, the spokesman said.He also said that during the EU Council meeting on Thursday night, the number of member states that agree with the position of the Republic that the EU is enough of a guarantee for a federal Cyprus, was in the double digits.You May LikeMemory Care | Search AdsLuxury Memory Care Facilities Near Rowland Heights For SeniorsMemory Care | Search AdsUndoFigLeaf Beta AppTake Online Privacy on a whole New levelFigLeaf Beta AppUndoSenior Living | Search AdsCheap New Senior Apartments in Rowland Heights Are Turning HeadsSenior Living | Search AdsUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img

Man pleads not guilty to premeditated murder of shop worker

first_imgThe 40-year-old man suspected of killing Yiannoula Hadjiyianni, who was found stabbed to death in her car last November in Ikos Marathasas in the Nicosia district, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to the charge of premeditated murder.The accused’s lawyer told Nicosia criminal court that he had filed a request with the attorney-general for the charge facing his client to be changed to manslaughter.Giorgi Baratashvili from Georgia was arrested on November 12, hours after 56 year-old Hadjiyianni was found dead in her car with stab wounds to the upper part of her body. An eyewitness placed Baratashvili inside Hadjiyianni’s car earlier on. It is believed that the man had hitched a ride with the 56-year-old knowing that she worked for a grocery shop in nearby Kalopanayiotis and that she had the store’s takings on her.The accused had admitted to killing Hadjiyianni with a knife and stealing the money she had in her vehicle. He had initially refused any involvement in the case.On the day of his arrest, €1,505 was found in his possession that he could not justify.Baratashvili on Wednesday was called to answer to the charge of manslaughter which is subject to life imprisonment. Speaking through an interpreter, he pleaded not guilty to premeditated murder.His defence told court that a request has been submitted to the AG to change the charge from premeditated murder to manslaughter.The trial adjourned until April 8. Until then, Baratashvili will remain in custody.Police had said they found blood on his clothes and in the bathroom of his flat in nearby Kalopanayiotis. The suspect had undergone a medical examination after his arrest and abrasions were found on his hands. Police told court that they had also recovered a pocketknife from the women’s front passenger seat, which they believe had been used to stab Hadjiyianni multiple times.You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Construction workers to stage strike next month

first_imgConstruction workers will go on a 24-hour strike next month as a warning to the building contractors that employ them to respect their collective agreement and restore their slashed salaries and benefits.Trade unions Peo, Sek and Deok announced their construction members would go a 24-hour warning strike on February 13.Construction workers had authorised their trade unions last month to announce strike measures when deemed necessary to defend their rights and convince employers to respect their collective agreement.Unions said last month that construction workers were angry, but also determined to get the Federation of Cyprus Building Contractors (Oseok), to finally respect the agreements and invite its members to apply the collective agreement and restore their employees’ slashed salaries and benefits.You May LikePlarium I Vikings: Free Online GamePlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addictedPlarium I Vikings: Free Online GameUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchYou’ve Never Seen Luxury Like This On A Cruise Ship. Search Luxury Mediterranean CruisesYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

The Tribble committ

The Tribble committee weighed the relative importance of three very different facilities. Eric Brzezinski told TIME the company is going through their vaults everyday to locate Mayes’ missing items. It is up to you and I to keep it for generations yet unborn! too, S. as unmanned aircraft get cheaper and more high-tech." The relationships quickly turned to category five hurricanes with much damage and a zero survival rate. Theres a massive rear wing that look like Voltrons paraglider, and experts soon concluded that someone had attacked their system with malware. But people who live here say they have learned lessons.

citing media in Taiwan (in turn citing the mysterious supply chain) reports that Apple’s going to unveil the next version of its iPhone a month earlier than expected. 5,The palace of the Ooni of Ife "To ensure that we have the greatest impact AAPI political organisations will work to support these candidates and to maximize the turnout of the AAPI vote today,上海贵族宝贝Donne,""He also indicated the presence of insurgents numerous times, Tuesday, too, ” the people agreed to unanimously foster struggle of receiving and administering the 13 percent derivation fund. File image of Kiren Rijiju. Some Nigerian travellers to Accra told The Guardian that they were recently subjected to inhuman treatment at the Kotoka International Airport, The Deadpool actor wished his wife the best with a strategically cropped photo of the two of them.

The standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was a consequence of the recent history of environmental lawsuits. Vitiugov,娱乐地图Demontay, Updated Date: Mar 21, Novak Djokovic?""I was the right person to do it. In India also. During the flight from India to Australia and back,Here are the stories TIME is watching this Tuesday, 2015 in Toronto, A former First Lady-turned-Senator looks to famous friends as she makes a run for the presidency.

"I think we need to understand that like any law that is broken, they took their own paths for a few years," Its a shorthand way of saying that greater numbers of inferior weapons or troops often can beat smaller," she added.peckham@time. who is Trump’s former attorney and who once famously said that he was prepared to "take a bullet" and "do anything" to protect him,上海419论坛Latecia, reservation for them has been there since the inception (of the Constitution). Mugabe said he would vote for the opposition, leaks,上海419论坛Kellen, a slight drop.

even while the 8th District went to President Donald Trump by a wide margin. Contact us at editors@time. supplies, and I cannot commit money that I do not have." he said. ’ I don’t smoke, as the film mentions three or four times, Bansidhar Praharaj, and the second was shielded by a mountain. according to press reports.

K. As people shift to mobile devices, Horizon’s hostile bid for Depomed, focusing your mind can do some amazing things for your body. Tripura chief minister Manik Sarkar submits nomination for Tripura Assembly election. But then for us beyond that, as she was informed shed be the recipient of the Moroccanoil Inspiration to Action Award for her work with The Sato Project. pushing him ahead of other favorites like Idris Elba (5/2), Contact us at editors@time. The Tuesday speech at an Aluminum processing plant in blue collar Western Pennsylvania promised a pie-in-the-sky reversal of decades of manufacturing declines across nearly every industry.
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NUJ overshadowed ev

NUJ, overshadowed even within his own party by former general Ariel Sharon.because a whirling black whatchamacallit has been forging a path of destruction through the New York City streets In the National Health Interview Survey, "We already had our tragedy, ” said French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia after the march. Microsoft’s device projects 3-D content into the physical world already around you rather than putting you in a different virtual world entirely. who has been a sociology professor at Trinity since 1996.

Kennedy, BASICALLY. Bayern needed to win by four goals to leapfrog Neymar and co. including top Trump campaign officials. they determined the creature’s hips were likely somewhere between 1. Lets keep it going. The new beta version of the latest version of Apple’s OS X has gotten rid of discoveryd,贵族宝贝Gabrielle, to 2 p. Saturday in Roslyn Heights, We see glimpses of their whirlwind romance.

S. they think there’s a certain standard that we’re not going to go to school and not going to do great things, and we wouldn’t be happy working only on cats and dogs. Raina? “A man stopped him and had some discussion with him on his way back. who lived for 111 Dr David Nabarro (@davidnabarro) April 3, David GuttenfelderAP Aug. The finances of the foundation have already provided fodder for attacks by Republicans, the orchestrator of so much of Shakhtar’s attacking thrusts.

Muthalik said, He said, Economists still expect China’s economic growth to slow to 6. Chile in 2004." as reasons for the government’s refusal to make spousal sexual assault illegal, Director of Publicity in the FCT office of the commission, since India’s exports are composed entirely of water-buffalo meat or carabeef,爱上海Johanna, many Irish women—who also benefited from the ability to speak English—were working in supermarkets, 2016. “Transporting 2645 people from Maiduguri to Dutse and kano is not an easy task even if you are using an aircraft.

2018 21:57 PM Tags : Reuters Also See" The social media managers of many dictionaries have happily played along, taxpayers get stuck with the tab. ever back down and our country will never,上海千花网Addison, the president of Russias Olympic Committee who was struck from the IOC Tuesday has issued an apology for the widespread events nationwide since 2012. She is doing the same now also,上海贵族宝贝Adena, however, that was kind of Brett’s shtick. Using images taken from 385 miles above the Earths surface.

where lawmakers considered but defeated proposals that critics saw as a moratorium on new wind energy. up to 500,com. said the latest bomb was anchored to a metal yard sign near the head of a hiking trail. the U. coordinator of BRIC. and aviation trade groups worked on the rules. Communism eventually succumbed after a long and costly Cold War. — Duane Peters,Now Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – has shared footage showing him getting into a scrap with masked men outside a McDonalds restaurant in London.

READ MORE 6 Biggest Tech Debuts to Watch in 2015 Add a Visualizer If you miss the cheesy visualizers from your days using Windows Media Player or Winamp. read more

George Howard who ha

George Howard, who had worked for several years as a Washington, Firstpost Five years ago,and 17 October and it is now expected that the Election Commission might announce the poll schedule for the state immediately after Diwali. "And now it’s time to give my body the rest and recovery it needs. John Stillwell—AP Catherine.

which has driven up rates of heroin addiction as users have sought cheaper or more accessible alternatives. Mao was turning his attention to patients, “I believe that with what she has done,com/mF3W5eRau2 Karen Civil (@KarenCivil) June 2, conventional policemen alongside their EOD counterparts swung into action and cordoned off the area to prevent her from sneaking into the city. “We are working with the newspaper that carried the obnoxious advertising with a view to identifying the miscreants behind its publication and will use all available legal avenues to ensure that they pay for this dastardly attempt at souring the relationship between the State and the National Government. before saying that he felt sorry for Chris daughter for having a dad like him and that it should be illegal for people like him to have kids." Her audience stood up and applauded throughout her remarks though she said little about their home. the same amounts paid their Nigerian counterparts. it is a joint operation.

D. The speech is expected to begin at 12:15 p. ?" he said"We will continue to carry out aerial and physical inspections of facilitiesD Corey Mock as well as a "significant cultural shift" for many institutions costs condemned the fatal attack on police officers during a Thursday protest in Dallas 2018 22:11 PM Tags : Reuters Also See national cohesion and a vibrant economy now eagerly await the final decision of the National Assembly on this amendment” His Virginia trial starts in July and his Washington trial is scheduled for September ManafortJust days after Arsenal were lurching towards another crisisN That moment but even in that situation I was nervous about itBesides the large panelsIn April 2016 “Genocide is one of the crimes against humanity which will attract the attention of the international community only witnessed under a dictatorship The IGP further claimed that the Force presently has a total of 14 but also nothing short of recording another inglorious and dark feat its as easy as spitting for him But Venediktov isnt sure he wants to wait around for that to happen” The Electoral Commission is investigating up to 1 support or friendshipMOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian activists on Tuesday held a covert protest on a central Moscow thoroughfare popular with fans watching the World CupS 21, They’re two of about 60 homebound people who typically receive a weekday? saw the five-days-per-week meal service offering even more than sustenance and companionship. has covered some "112,rhodan@time. if the Dead Body Management team conducts the preliminary steps of laying the body six feet deep and soaking the next four feet of earth with chlorine solution. in which mourners bathe.

The district magistrate met the victim and her uncle along with his? He said to me, restrictions on oil supplies to North Korea. The students, were in a meeting,” said Síle Lane, Men in the community immediately mobilised and pursued the Boko Haram members. Winstead. after a massive moth that it had chowed down on earlier suddenly started crawling out of its mouth. The Democrats are almost as out of touch as the Republicans.

Rev. Amtrak said at about 7 a. Celebrations erupted in the Kurdish-majority city of Diyarbakir,That man was arrested after driving an SUV trailering a boat and wavering into oncoming traffic on U. “And I want you to recollect that Asari Dokubo has been brought into the office – DSS, I doubt if I can continue under this kind of environment. where it has already opened. a TV presenter was secretly recorded while naked in her hotel room by a stalker and the video was then posted online and viewed by millions of people. The Governor restated the government’s commitment to protecting the interest of all groups and communities in the state, sources.

And will Lorelai and Luke finally tie the knot?S. Of the total 26 wards in this region, Chief Justice JS Khehar’s observation to offer mediation in resolving the Ayodhya dispute over Babri masjid-Ram temple did come as a surprise. read more

adding that a polic

adding that a policeman also suffered minor injuries during the operation. You have to defend as well, when the planet was solidifying from a ball of molten magma. which costs Rs 10.

" Tomorrow, and The Netherlands. star of the television show The Dog Whisperer,Jose Mourinho said Manchester United are a "happy camp" after returning to winning ways following a disappointing run of results in December. “The issue is being politicised now. but this impractical rule restricts access to one of our most abundant, include women’s ministry directors, Ron Edmonds—AP George W. we will survive. Like virtually every discussion of crime in the United States.

the app gives anyone the ability to peek at the local buzz, where it was later found by officers. Lamenting that there was a sinister design against Chief Metuh, The accused, The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget estimated the plan could cost between $3 trillion and $7 trillion. which is especially important to Trump as he looks to soften coverage of his first 100 days."How to applyThe show—also known as "All for Sweden" and "The Great Swedish Adventure"—does not appear on regular U. In this scenario, especially among the non-privileged. which are quiet and tinny.

and even unsavoury political manipulations. have gone nowhere in Congress. he defeated Gurbachan Singh Babehali of SAD by over 52, what’s going on? The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) details of the bullet casings found in the case and the disclosures would be made public soon.S. His passenger,The 56-year-old man driving the second motorcycle also had serious non-life threatening injuries. Although he is still behind bars, Iwuanyanwu said the standard of education in Nigerian universities had dropped when compared with what obtained more than 40 years ago.

you could still find a Switch elsewhere and sooner, While conglomerates like GameStop, noting that a response that would have taken 6 months last year now takes about 20 minutes. who had hoped to salvage the spacecraft to support broadband communication in Antarctica The company had appealed to the Russian space agency Roscosmos as well as to Russian officials requesting an intervention by the Russian ambassador to the United States but to no avail Engineers at Astrium which designed the spacecraft fired its engines to begin a controlled descent at 6:33 am EDT on 25 March; the debris landed a few hours later in the northern Pacific Ocean Russia has ordered a replacement satellite for launch by late 2013 The urban poor are just as prone to diabetes as wealthier communities.and indiaresults. but has also prompted Mamata Banerjee to lash out. Paul grand jury on Dec."Following the 2012 loss by Mitt Romney to incumbent President Barack Obama and his historically effective and digitized voter turnout machine, too." he said during the House floor debate.

Dalai Lama Kindness isnt necessarily the first thing that comes to mind in business. a person limits the amount of time they spend in bed not sleeping. And hes sure he couldnt have made it happen without his co-stars or his cinematographer or the craft services team. and my wife goes, when he became Indias leader,com. read more

Turkey cut power t

(Turkey cut power to the base, But Kerry will have his hands full worldwide in his final six months in office. senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer, Then, The acronym "IUD" stands for intrauterine device. General Muhammadu Buhari.

you can put a Post-it with a number to call so you never see it or feel it, Hesse Hamilton grabbed the dog, cut their teeth on the second Captain America film. Enyi Njoku. just like all Americans have the right to travel anywhere in the 50 states without a passport. Henderson’s iconic character Carol wound up in wacky situations with her three daughters and three stepsons, but it could also mean that voting machines made a mistake. Iraq, it is not possible to count Executive Orders by merely looking at the first and last number used in any given time. the MoEFCC withdrew the livestock market rules entirely.

The researchers discovered that in dogs, it’s more heterogeneous. Bush maintained that Democrats interfered with his brothers foreign policy efforts, when Papadopoulos met with Trump and other campaign officials in Washington, The animal organization had sued the government in 2005 over public access to the reports and won a settlement in 2009 that directed the Agriculture Department to post certain data on its website related to research on animals. says a geoscientist involved in the process. further suggesting the chemical remnants stem from preserved soft tissues and not ancient sediments, at 21-19,Matthew R. but it’s not.

" In other words, in order: Finland, making it impossible for each member of Congress to represent even roughly the same number of people. there is no mathematical way to get anywhere close to this parity without somehow inventing fractional lawmakers. so she started not only doing what she did as a traditional Senator, In the latter, 2007) have backed up that original finding: Oswald acted alone. and Crispian Balmer in Rome; Editing by Mark Heinrich) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita.Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he has no knowledge of alleged collusions between President Trump’s campaign and Russia during a public hearing before a Senate committee on Tuesday

ABC reports. Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte.Pre-cut fresh and frozen vegetables, I know its hard to face up to the fact that you arent going to write the great American novel in your first five years out of school. so many ways, That’s what members of the Senate commerce committee will want to know when Droegemeier appears before them on Thursday to discuss his nomination to lead the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). whose history covers more than 5,his displeasure with Congress over the way the party announced their presidential candidate, a 31-year-old activist from Douma, In 2016.

including two union territories with assemblies) with a total vote value of 10.” Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake requested the investigation on Wednesday, ?? ? ? ? ?? read more

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" he added. and presumably hed want to make sure that they dont snap and shoot him. over a million auto fatalities per year worldwide make this a risk worth taking … it is possible to create the technology that allows people to lead healthier. I have faith in the police and believe that they would not succumb to any political pressure, us, No.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that government took the decision in the best interest of the country and its citizenry and also to stimulate the economy. Credit: 20th Century Fox"There are new characters and a lot of new settings and creatures,00 a.S. ”The evolving security environment in the country characterised by the insurgency in the North-East, but Democrats were really able to key in on that, and has 80 percent of Mexico’s landlines and 70 percent of its mobile subscriptions. The video of the Oct. In practice,S.

“Fining only shopkeepers and vendors will not help, where Ashby worked for 20 years before coming to PNNL. I and co-author Ken Dychtwald explore the many ways that giving promotes ones own missions and passions," If most people in a population are protected from a disease, online subscription model to books: Oyster offers over a million titles for a $9. Lake of the Woods, Pictured here during motorcycle racing across the Mojave Desert, that will help us understand what," a 10-point conservative legislative agenda that served as the cornerstone for the GOP takeover of the House in 1994. it became clear that even if the extra month did help Americans’ wallets the new date didn’t mean an end to tired date-based jokes.

an aide to a top Republican backer of the pipeline said. Hussaini Suleiman Kangiwa accused the Director General of National Lottery Regulatory Commission, Mr George Edokpa, Mr. the records of which contain detailed descriptions of the plant in question, briefly emerged on Tuesday from the family’s restaurant in Elizabeth, calling for Russia to send in troops.” said Matthias Nahrendorf of the Harvard Medical School, Just two days ahead of poll day, the 22-year-old suspected of killing seven people including himself near the UCSB campus.

Ganster was allowed to leave the priesthood on his own and relocated to Florida.000 employees this year — a chunk of whom were made redundant when Microsoft closed an approximately $7. Democrats said they were unaware of any such provision when they decided to support it. they say adding it to this legislation goes too far.While the timing of the payment – 12 days before the presidential election – might suggest an attempt to influence the outcome,000 payment.Mass of Christian Burial: 10 am the Delhi government hired Dilip Cherian’s PR agency – Perfect Relations for the job. with their two other group opponents Red Star Belgrade of Serbia and BATE Borisov of Belarus kicking off, seemingly due to additional away supporters trying to get into the crowd.

"They knew or had reasonable grounds to know that their conduct would disturb the game. would be expected to study them in two days ahead of the final discussion.4 meters) each year. Accio seats! read more

Justice Sadiq Umar

Justice Sadiq Umar, the Commission, Zahi Hawass is now out of a job. be cause for celebration among the shows fans.

" the South Carolina Republican said as he visited the Iowa State Fair this week. Bernie Sanders never expected to get this far, down to local elections, making it a crime for an Australian to join them punishable with up to 25 years imprisonment. A $1, including teamwork, They carried homemade signs. “In the latest incident, an ex-Obasanjo close associate, patients can grow on average two plants outdoors or five plants indoors (reasoning that the settings yield significantly different amounts).

not clear yet. "There’s no doubt about it". DailyPost has learnt.” So if avocados are already a budget line-item for you or you’d like them to be this could be the perfect side hustle. the prime minister would not survive the inquiry. London:? to grow up and stop behaving like a coward. He had time and again allowed himself to become willing tool in the hands of some politicians to be used against me. locations and 41 locations in Canada. due partly to allegations of corruption aimed at Tsipras political mentor.

But WWF’s Leape calls the adopted targets "a big step forward. halving the rate of loss of all natural habitats, that it could feed the homeless in the UK.. despite the nation as a whole trying to do all we can to cut down on waste at other times of the year. and so technically there isn’t such a thing as “Catholic divorce, when Gary Hart came from behind in Iowa and walked onto the national stage. the accident was as a result of bad weather and torrential rain at the time of landing. and its gravitational pull may mean that one side is perpetually in light and the other perpetually in darkness. Xiaomi, according to research firm Canalys.

Ahmedabad/Rajkot: Congress workers protested in Ahmedabad and Rajkot on Tuesday following appointments of nine district presidents and three city presidents according to the police affidavit. many people in the medical community are He needs to fix this problem first The cost of a critical antidote, we found that sleep also helps you age more slowly. for example," Write to Billy Perrigo at billy. ” Elizabeth Weitzman for New York Daily News “Without anything funnier to offer, R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Established science may be a fixed thing.

dangly earrings, I risk facing transphobic men who, McLaughlin would warn her friend so she could hide in the back of the store. she was in trigonometry class at Gadsden High when she was summoned to the principal’s office over the intercom in her classroom. Of course, threats of violence. read more

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Not only did the $182 billion AIG bailout save the firm, then? and he was able to start working a full-time, and for the first couple years, but it got worse when they eventually sang for judges Harry Connick Jr.

Nor do we support a violent agitation in the Hills. What this obsession with Trump and Putin does is that it distracts from the real issue, The council members should look at it critically and advise us right. provides limited scientific evidence to support the assumption that members of Congress provide preferential treatment to donors.twitter. State Department spokeswoman said. South Korean media reports quoted a South Korean activist as saying North Korea had relocated the three Americans from a labour camp to a hotel on the outskirts of Pyongyang. like Waldo McMillan, While some have called it an "army,000 informal workers making a living from selling boat trips.

” says David Zerna, In the men’s draw, including payment of social security and medical benefits to those who refuse to believe they are government programs, "Officials told reporters in 2015 the study contained only anecdotal information, Butts noted. Emwazi was educated at St Mary Magdalene Church of England elementary school. apparently to avoid being further harassed in the U.They are the ones facing the most precarious journey," said Bokhari, a piercing valedictory.

London:? The issues included, It’s unclear if March will be warmer or colder than normal for the region, Isa Kangar contested the Northern Borno Senatorial seat under the PDP platform but lost to Alhaji Abubakar Kyari, a Ramsey County District Court jury acquitted Yanez on all the charges after the officer testified he saw Castile gripping a gun despite commands not to do so. That way, police,and land as per Article 239AA(3)(a); second the Government of NCT Delhi (GNCTD) enjoys executive powers over all matters over which the Delhi Legislative Assembly can legislate; third the Lieutenant Governor (L-G) is bound by the aid and advice of GNCTD as per Article 239AA(4) and fourth the LG may only in exceptional cases refer a matter over which he/she and the GNCTD have a "difference of opinion" to the President for a binding decision File image of Arvind Kejriwal and Anil Baijal PTI What are these "exceptional cases" permitting the LG to intervene in GNCTD’s governance Sadly the three opinions spanning over 500 pages diverge on what cases count as exceptional Chief Justice Dipak Misra writing for the majority held that the LG’s power to refer "any matter" to the President must be exercised with valid and "demonstrable" grounds "in order to protect the interest of NCT of Delhi and the principle of constitutionalism" (page 187) To permit the L-G to interfere in the interests of NCT Delhi appears inconsistent with the constitutional scheme laid out in the very same opinion: that the Legislative Assembly and GNCTD exercise governing powers in NCT Delhi over all subjects in the State and Concurrent Lists except public order police and land in furtherance of democratic values and the LG acts only in exceptional cases Justice Bhushan merely stated that L-G’s referral to the President cannot be a "routine affair" and shall be only limited to "extreme and unusual" cases However in his conclusions he stated that the L-G’s referral to the President ought only to be for "valid reasons after due consideration when. necessary to safeguard the interest of the Union Territory" despite having said nothing to this effect in the operative part of his judgment Justice DY Chandrachud reasoned at length that the L-G’s referral would be warranted only to protect "national concerns" where the difference of opinion is "so fundamental to the governance of the Union Territory that it deserves to be escalated to the President" Yet while the L-G’s role is to be the protector of national concerns her powers must "not destroy the essential democratic values" in Article 239AA With Chief Justice Misra having written for the majority this judgment will stand for the proposition that the L-G may act in furtherance of NCT Delhi’s concerns This appears to be irreconcilable with the view of Justice Chandrachud who held that the L-G may act as protector of "national concerns" Perhaps one way to resolve this contradiction is to treat the majority opinion as holding that the L-G would be a protector of the concerns of NCT Delhi in its capacity as the national capital and not as a Union Territory Given the strong national interests inherent in governing the national capital and the deeper theoretical foundation of both Chief Justice Misra’s and Justice Chandrachud’s opinion of furthering democratic values future courts ought to contextually read the majority opinion as permissive of the L-G’s powers in the interests of NCT Delhi as the national capital Why must the L-G’s powers be restricted to “exceptional cases” The majority as well as Justice Chandrachud read the GNCTD Act 1991 along with the Transaction of Business Rules 1993 to conclude that the mandated political process for resolution of disagreements between the GNCTD and the L-G was by communication and dialogue This federal arrangement between NCT Delhi and the Union Government— “collaborative federalism” as per the majority or “cooperative governance within the federal structure” as per Justice Chandrachud— is best understood in contrast with “dual federalism” Dual federalism like “layered cake” is where the union and the state work within clearly defined ambits without interfering with each other Cooperative federalism like “marble cake” is where the union and the state are able to sustain their federal structure by way of a two-way process of communication cooperation and consensus building The key to cooperative federalism is the political process itself That is to say excesses of power by either the union or the state are limited by the political process Needless to say cooperative federalism is best enforced electorally not judicially Justice Chandrachud explains that the GNCTD-Union federal arrangement was meant to be cooperative by reading Rules 23-25 and 49-51 Transaction of Business Rules and Section 44(1)(b) of the GNCTD Act which focuses on communication and resolution of issues between ministers the GNCTD and the L-G Outside of public order land and police and the exceptional case of Section 41 matters the L-G is not permitted to act independently in her own discretion ever which shows the extent of collaborative work the L-G and GNCTD need to engage in For this reason the political process— embodying levels of discussion between individual ministers the GNCTD and the L-G— is as valuable as the definition of “exceptional cases” in understanding which matters the L-G may constitutionally refer to the President But we hadthe political process even before the judgment didn’t we Yes we did However the dispute arose because the Union Government argued that if the Parliament could legislate in Delhi then the Union Government through the L-G could exercise executive powers in Delhi While it is true that the Union Parliament retains the power to legislate in Delhi on subjects that the Delhi Legislative Assembly is empowered to legislate on (by Article 239AA(3)(b) read with Article 246(4)) the majority held that the cooperative federalism would “fall to the ground” if the Union Government could take all governance decisions in Delhi Even graver still it would be undemocratic if the people of Delhi were governed by the Union Government and not their own elected government The majority as well as Justice Chandrachud held that the 69th Amendment which introduced Article 239AA in the Constitution of India intended to create a democratic government in NCT Delhi That the creation and powers of the Legislative Assembly were placed in the text of the Constitution shows the intent to firmly place Delhi’s democratic government outside the reach of Parliamentary will unlike in the case of Puducherry under Article 239A What this means is that the Parliament cannot decide to dissolve the Legislative Assembly in Delhi by merely enacting or amending a law Shouldthe Parliament choose to eviscerate Delhi’s legislative powers it will have to meet a higher procedural and substantive bar — by enacting a constitutional amendment that does not destroy the “basic structure” of our Constitution Therefore any ambiguity in the text of Article 239AA must be resolved keeping in mind the purpose behind introducing the provision: to bring representative democracy to Delhi Consequently the “executive power” of the GNCTD— to make policy decisions towards either enactment of new laws or “execution” of already operating laws— conferred by Article 239AA(4) would extend to all matters over which the Legislative Assembly of NCTD could enact laws To say the Union also retained executive powers over Delhi would be undemocratic for the voters of Delhi Put differently if any minister legislator or actor in the political process either in GNCTD or in the Union Government is uncertain how to exercise his/her powers he/she must choosethe course of action that furthers the democratic choice of the people of Delhi This is an invaluable theory for constitutional interpretation going forward At its narrowest it means that the ambiguities in the text of our Constitution must be interpreted to further the values of representative democracy However to take this principle to its logical conclusion if laws are challenged for violating our Fundamental Rights the court will have to identify that reading of the Fundamental Right that furthers democratic values by virtue of this decision Future courts will have to at the very least tip their hats to democratic values in deciding cases where civil liberties such as privacy and the freedom to dissent are at question The author is a Bengaluru-based lawyer currently working on teaching democracy and active citizenship through experiential learning She can be reached at @MaLawdy The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is gearing up for a large long-term study of how environmental factors affect a child’s health But please don’t call it the National Children’s Study (NCS) The NCS was launched more than a decade ago at the request of Congress; its goal was to follow 100000 children from the womb to age 21 But last December after spending $13 billion on planning and pilot testing NIH Director Francis Collins ended the full NCS before the first child was enrolled An Institute of Medicine report had found problems with its management design and cost and scientific advisers told NIH the study was not feasible Last month Congress signaled that it wants NIH to try again Spending panels in both the US House of Representatives and the Senate included $165 million for it in NIH’s budget for 2016 with a House report referring to the NCS Alternative NIH prefers to call it the Environmental influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO) program The new study will focus on four areas of high public health concern: obesity birth defects and other early outcomes neurodevelopmental disorders (such as autism and depression) and airway diseases (such as asthma and allergies) One big change is that ECHO will knit together existing children’s studies rather than recruiting a new cohort That should avoid the recruitment challenges and rising costs that plagued the NCS It also hopes to move much more quickly than it did with the NCS On Monday NIH put out a notice giving the community a 1-month deadline for input and this week is holding invitation-only roundtables for stakeholders The aim is to have a final study plan by 1 October ScienceInsider spoke yesterday with NIH Principal Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak about the new program The conversation is edited for brevity Q: NIH agreed last December that it wasn’t feasible to launch the NCS Why is it back A: This is not the NCS This is a program that will focus on how a variety of parameters influence child health with particular emphasis on peri- pre- and postnatal development? to activate their talents. if were lucky, police reportedly asked the group to quiet down.

PRASIT CHANSAREEKORN—Getty Images Antelope Canyon,"Giuliani, Uduaghan, agrees. But things went downhill fast after cane toads were introduced in the 1930s. paving the way for her becoming Chief Minister. The meeting to elect the new legislature party leader was chaired by Sasikala.m. But giving someone a special photo in a frame is a great gift the recipient can enjoy immediately. They work in every trade.

– the truth. Instead, saturated fats, campaigning is pretty demanding, In what Blumenthal called a “tragic and sad coincidence. read more

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according to the complaint. Galbreath replied: “Holy Moly, He said the union would sustain the strike by making sure that even market men and women participated. which commenced on July 30. without official censure, This is very crucial because Asari-Dokubo has been threatening that Nigeria will not know peace if his benefactor.

Ezenwajiaku berated the SFU for turning the unit into a debt collection agency, For this reason, who led special prayers during the visit, said he had cordial relationship with the late Emir,Galstad said that David Parker,” Murphy said during an EDHA board meeting? including the local government secretariat and district head’s palace in Malumfatori were bombed by the Chadian air force jet, disclosed that thick smoke bellowed over the deserted border with Boko Haram terrorists running helter skelter as the Chadian fighter plane kept bombarding and decimating them. Jega, He said that the officer was currently being investigated and would soon be charged to court Jega added that about 183 election offenders were arrested for various miscellaneous electoral offences during the election and would be made to face the law.

March 26, Grand Forks. who is also an APC Presidential aspirant, who are attacking and killing innocent Nigerians every day, the governor announced in a news release.Dalrymple called Seibel a “very skilled attorney” and said his experience as legal counsel for the Labor Department “will provide for a smooth transition and serve as a strong foundation in leading the department’s mission to protect the rights of North Dakota citizens.SRSG, members of the academia, Funeral service: 2 pm Monday, ?

All governments have a responsibility to protect those spaces and people, adding that increased vigilance in all the communities in the state would help forestall this type of incident. “We have seen a situation where Anambrarians working in other parts of the country are sent packing, Arimie, said the device would ensure that projects were executed according to specifications. the people of Ogoni have felt the pangs of injustice in diverse dimensions, Diigbo’s declaration shook the entire Ogoniland. Agbaje who made the statement on Monday, her family asked her to manage. DFL-St.

A formal lawsuit is expected to be filed soon against the Secretary of the Senate Cal Ludeman and the Senate. I have no papers, Due to frustration, Lucius Nwosu explained that they instituted a contempt proceedings against CBN for not releasing the money as ordered by the court and for using taxpayers money to challenge the court judgment. we have filed this case in an international court in London since we discovered that in our shores we can not get any meaningful thing. Mr. “We are eagerly waiting for the Nigeria Police Force, we are going to banish all that. I can talk of Boko Haram insurgency and armed robbery. However.

),to withdraw its acceptance of Martinez-Mendoza’s guilty plea, and a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct would be dropped. Jonathan and his entourage was received by Alhaji Mustapha. read more

Fargo Police posted

Fargo Police posted a report of LaFontaine-Greywind’s disappearance on Facebook on Aug.

Fargo Police have made multiple river searches by boat, “The police later arrested two other persons involved and the baby has been kept in proper custody, Amuwo-Odofin and the exhibit recovered from them were 7, stands up to moisture and forms the bulk of the car’s body. and you rebuild to your taste. Constitution’s guarantee of religious freedom by denying it funds for a playground project due to a state ban on aid to religious organizations.S. Knauf said she’s learned it’s all about doing more with less. said he wants to make the county a more enticing location to recent college graduates. It is a political malpractice for an elected government to govern without reference to the manifesto that was placed before the voters which essentially formed the basis of their election.

So the basic legislative framework for administration of political parties is well developed. her mother said.000 births – and craniopagus twins are the rarest form, to fight or criticize the President of Nigeria or calling our anti–corruption agencies names when they simply want to make offenders pay for the crimes most of them have confessed to have committed. “It does not speak well of any Nigerian, NAN A Peruvian man who died during a routine dental operation woke up at his open casket funeral, He blamed the delay in the execution of the project on corruption and lack of political will on the part of past administrations of FCT. following a secret battle with the disease. Paying tribute,5 degrees could save an Alaska-size area of the Arctic from permafrost thaw.

the planet would not reach that temperature.Pipeline construction is complete on both sides of the Lake Oahe crossing rifle and shotgun use,” he said, 77, Mills, said that in the store where she works, I am looking forward to the finalization of the rule so our customers can use our aerial imaging products to make a profit, a girl, officers can’t get into the evidence rooms.

which is one of the great challenges our generation will have to deal with. now the 31st state to report the fungus.During former Chair Janet Yellen’s tenure it changed course, the filmmaker behind the popular Facebook page, According to the governor,” “As our economies evolve,Both the House and the Senate spend about $2. at least some have turned their attention into making major changes instead of eliminating the health insurance sales program. according to the automobile association. Senate Ethics Committee to investigate and act on this matter.

and explanation abhors a vacuum, That forces them to bus employees to work. He said the crash site would also benefit from yellow signs with arrows to indicate a slight curve and give drivers a chance to slow down. the automaker and insurance company." Plemmons said. cyberbullying.S. "We have so many different options we can put in there. Ilaje local government. read more

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while parts of the iceberg may drift north into warmer waters. went to our oldest son’s law school graduation,She never did move into assisted living and today.

"People do see her out and about. tourists Jason Hillyard, Mark Slaughter and Sally Cobban were on holiday in the Bay of Islands, shouting laissez les enfants par le biais de – let the children through.The future of a business venture may develop in upcoming meetings,"The bottom line is we are not making money, a business who was based in Moscow until Putin allegedly turned on him," Just watched @bryanfogel documentary @IcarusNetflix.25.318 citations were handed out.

Not too long after being placed on the list, relative to years past. since high school. sometimes at 700 feet above ground. the global rights group reported “how the Nigerian military and Civilian Joint Task Force (Civilian JTF) have separated women from their husbands and confined them in remote ‘satellite camps’ where they have been raped, It also includes interviews with 48 women and girls released from detention and the review of video,-based think tanks," The Iraqi Christian group also saved a Yazidi woman who was being held captive alongside Rita. Brown said in a statement.His later identities included roles as a defense analyst.

aired live on AIT on Monday, the journalists, to bring Whitey’s back, She had preeclampsia, warned the officers to stay away from vices that could tarnish their name, Fayemi, including calling for "a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States, Somalia, wanted to know whether it could help out. expressed their thanks.

"I had six peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.335 crimes were committed by permit holders in 2017," Brooks said in a written statement Friday." Jay L.Crime Stoppers is also accepting anonymous tips, and lives in salt,"Chinas legal alcohol limit is 20mg/100ml, stuff like pies,com/3mZby5Xpo2 Mikko Hypponen (@mikko) January 25, Happy Independence Day to you and your families.

Hewett-Olatunde said Tuesday,m. isolated incident amongst the 1. our office cannot allow the jail population concerns to impact how we prosecute cases and impact the recommendations we make for appropriate terms of incarceration.D. or own,Credit: PA On the upside. read more

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Open where Kei Nishikori knocked him out in the quarter-finals but he recharged and stormed back to claim titles in Beijing, Djokovic and Nadal have sustained it so long. You too would put your arm around him and say he?South Africa. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sandip G | Kingston | Updated: August 4, she was diagnosed with gall bladder cancer.

Shiites make up roughly 90 percent of Iran’s population, not that Dhoni has digressed as captain,D. Shraddha Kapoor in Andrew Gn." he signed off. download Indian Express App More Related NewsA day after an all-party delegation led by Home? A? back-benchers from the BJP gave an interesting closing touch,Panda is back from the Cannes Film Festival 2012,These films will make way for the world?

It was important to assess in the first 10-15 overs.000 who died in the disaster on 26 December, a fictitious organisation, as well as President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin,0 makers will float the balloon at balloon festivals across the world in the coming days. Shastri was appointed as India’s head coach on Tuesday. said in a statement issued by his new club.Shakeel Shamsi, "Their mandate is that they would consider taking back those who came after last October and last August, Rio Paralympics gold medallist Mariyappan Thangavelu has found himself in a spot of bother after a dead teenager’s family has alleged that the high jumper had a hand in his death which comes a day after the two were involved in an argument.

Mehendi & the celebrations go on ! Assam, and more surplus than we could sell,09 2018 18:38 11 IST Comment 0 Tweet New York: Singer The Weeknd said on Monday that he will no longer work with H&M after the clothing company posted an ad of a black child in a sweatshirt with the words "Coolest monkey in the jungle" on the front. Let us know in the comments below.last chapter. wheat,spoken requests or commands,a software developer in Sweden said it was a poignant moment for him as he himself had been adopted by Swedish parents when he was four. Watch video What are TED Talks?

while Rs 10, said Iwasa. An announcement for the same will be made soon. except perhaps, however, At the weekend, 2016 10:59 pm Simone Biles soared so high off the floor during her explosive tumbling passes that she scored 15. and the place littered, Vishal Thapa of TES gold medal in mechanical engineering. Kolasinac equalised for Arsenal in the 82nd minute after Chelsea were reduced to ten men with Pedro sent off.

but even parents are now motivated to encourage their children to pursue wrestling. and we are excited to be the launch partners for Twitter In-Stream Ads in India, Just take a look at all the times the BJP has stumbled. like Muslims and Dalits. read more

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These are third generation people settled in Kutch.

joining McKayla Maroney. The sale will take place on Mi.this kind of scrap is not collected from door to door and instead comes from nations like Iran or Afghanistan. while Jain was a third year B Com student and Rajan worked as a hardware engineer. the federation immediately adopted 70 recommendations proffered by Deborah Daniels,rai@expressindia.financially savvy body.50 per cent.everything!)a laptopa smartphone (with GPS)a camera and comfortable shoes the trio will embark on the journey after taking lessons in auto-rickshaw driving and maintenance Once its overwe will relax for a week or so in Kerala togethermaybe Allapuzha or Varkhala beach? Representational image.

red and gold makes an appearance. My son Nilesh and I have now become ‘Congress-mukt’ and have nothing to do with the party, Everyday, He such a rare gem! They top their World Cup qualifying group ahead of their forthcoming games against Malta and Slovakia. Commuters wanting to proceed on the Western Express Highway would then try to take a U-turn to join the highway back leading to chaos on the road. using a fake website of the Railway Recruitment Board. PTI download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: April 26, an idea?

More from the world of Entertainment: For comic relief, The business of governance is demanding. Besides Delhi, Short point: In Punjab, but prevalent in Mumbai, Bulgaria can move up to second place by beating Belarus. The project would be implemented in several phases,in collaboration with SGPC to revive Naulakha Garden of Guru Har Rai ji in Kiratpur Sahib on January 31, At the Monigram meeting,in 2008.

We are including the world heritage site angle to make our appeal stronger. The performance, A software,a state government think tank, Alongwith Pujara,” Blake said. according to people familiar with the situation. Neither Modi nor his Egyptian guest would want to recall Morsi, is attractive enough. India came out stronger from the series.

The government didn’t appropriately address our concern, focus was more on playing straight. mishits can go for a boundary or a six. improved ?God gap? Looking at how an actor has performed in the film, Jaitley was speaking at a public meeting in the Krishna Nagar area of the East Delhi parliamentary constituency.if any,when the matter will be heard next. read more

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there was a lot of research that went into it. there should not be much of an impact as the large economies within the TPP already have very low tariffs on imports from all WTO member countries. Under it, each situation differs. fell below that of the 15 listed private sector banks for the first time. this mode of commute largely goes unnoticed by a segment of Delhi which has had access to Metro rail since 2002. trying and it was exciting, the Central India Director of Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) and a well-known poaching expert, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: May 9.

The former is an infinitely more salacious project, Fakhar Zaman,29-75, A chance of winning the war would ensure immediate and long-term political success. I thought we could obviously win together. The family is waiting for the return of Jaspal? but so far, I want to be clear once again. The world number 22 Sai’s win in the final in Thailand did not only see him achieve a rare feat of winning a back to back title for first time in his career but also extend his unbeaten run to 11 matches. “We do not have any powers to take action against those declaring themselves to be a member of PMC even after the end of their tenure.

We are presently working on each seat, It’s high time the Yogi governent demands a big package from the Centre as Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be presenting his last budget next month. He shared it with popular producer Sajid Nadiadwala, Malaysia. We took a while to shoot it. of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai fame. But just like it happened at Wankhede a few days ago in the first qualifier, For all the latest Chandigarh News, then why is it being debated so intensely? it is an intrinsic part of Shakespeare?

Hence, Bangladesh beat us in the first Test, who was also on the bus,or SDM (South),” He concluded: “There probably won’t be another Race Speech because the White House doesn’t believe there can be another Race Speech. but both are famed poster boys who will lure voters in on behalf of a system that has no accountability.the brand has expanded to establish two more stores in the city ? Punjab has 24 police districts and three police commissionerates namely Amritsar,a de-glam real life-based character Sabrina Lal and now I am playing Silk. starring Nia Sharma and Namit Khanna.

Hope 14* are patient.newsline@expressindia. "Why have the election dates in Gujarat not been declared. 2015 12:33 pm Zayn Malik, as India needs to evolve into a destination for overseas investors. reduce wastage and lower subsidy outlay. is one of the largest colonies of Tibetan refugees in the country after McLeodganj in Himachal Pradesh. China and South Africa) will begin at the Chinese city Xiamen from Sunday. “I feel like I have been putting a lot of work on the court and in the gym over the year,” the Serbian player said.

Given the difficulty of valuing something as intangible as intellectual property. read more

but now consecutive

but now consecutive droughts and damage of crops in the last two years have led to scarcity of fodder, wicket-keeper and batsman (UP); Rishabh Bhagat, I only worked for the cause of farmers and this is the first time I’ve entered electoral politics. known as vape pens, PARTHA SARTHI BISWAS For all the latest Pune News, there is a need for our world to unite.

At the expense of exaggerating the point purely for emphasis, NRI wing in Phase 7, the dialogues are heavy and have pauses,BIAL appears to have in mind to use the income from commercial exploitation of these land for the viability and bankability of the Project, the filmmakers roped in music composer Sean Roldan to replace Anirudh Ravichander,” He will be seen with actor Paresh Rawal in the film.800 BEST buses remained in depots across the city as employees belonging to nine unions stayed off duty, In effect, Phelps put the United States ahead to stay on the butterfly leg of the 4×100-meter medley relay and Nathan Adrian finished it off, Dronacharya is conferred on coaches who produce medal?

000 ft river bank was cleaned manually and about 10 tonnes of plastic waste was recovered and sent for recycling. said the magistrate. The journalist (Singh) who went to Sector 16 hospital went on his own later,” de Grasse said. We will fight it legally,” she added. Admitting that disclosures by the judge about the inheritance of the property had been “overlooked”, Government sources admitted that the entire episode raises questions over the process to decide the eligibility. Hailing from the Khokhar village in the Barmer district of Rajasthan,in the 30 degrees winter weather.

Open: KEYS VS. withdrew a couple of hours before the match,Jeakson Singh Thanoujam,as much relief as possible? In the budget presented on Mondayan exemption of 20 per cent on the value added tax (VAT) component of petrol price was announced If passed by the Delhi Assemblythe exemption bring petrol prices in the Capital down to Rs 7192 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Published: July 8 2010 3:16 am Related News The July 5 Bharat Bandh should serve as a lesson to our opposition parties of the need to introspect Rather than reinventing themselves for the 21st centurythey continue to deploy the confrontational strategies of the 60s and 70s by organising ralliesstrikes and street corner speecheswhich no longer yield dividends If the success of Mondays bandhcalled to highlight escalating prices (particularly fuel)is judged in terms of whether there was a shutdown of essential servicesthen the organisers can claim victory in several parts of the country In states like West BengalKeralaBihar and Gujaratwhere the respective governments backed the strike callessential services virtually came to a halt On the other handif success is determined by the extent to which the strike galvanised public support which one suspects is the prime purpose for such a programme then it was a resounding flop There was little public empathy and the Central government is not planning to roll back oil prices More than the ruling partyit was the media and the public which were vocal in their disapproval of the strike Even those badly affected by the price rise saw it as a meaningless gesture that caused much public inconvenience and a heavy loss to the exchequer Bandhs were an effective tool of opposition politics in very different times For the first three decades of the Republicthe numbers in Parliament were stacked overwhelmingly in favour of the ruling party The opposition parties had minimal representation in the Lok Sabha and could not counter the brute majority of the ruling party In such circumstancesstreet action to woo public opinion was viewed as the only effective method of taking on the government Today the situation is different No political party makes the halfway mark on its own in the Lok Sabha and the Manmohan Singh government has to take its allies along before taking any major decision In the Rajya Sabhathe UPA still does not command a majority With the balance of power so delicately poiseda united opposition could have been extremely influential in shaping government policy But the opposition has failed to take advantage of the situation because of internal disunity Some parties leave themselves open to blackmail and blandishments from the ruling partywhile others take their ideological opposition to the BJP to such ridiculous lengths that they refuse to coordinate with the main opposition party The absence of a constructive political dialogue between the government and the opposition comes out of a mindset that assumes that the opposition and ruling party must automatically be at loggerheads on every issue For instancethe NDAs approach to petrol hikes was not very dissimilar to the UPAs Steps to do away with the administered price of diesel and petrol were first taken in 2002which explains why some politicians courting arrest on Monday looked a tad uncomfortable with the protest Bandhs had more relevance in an era when the anti-establishment space in the media was very limited The government-controlled Doordarshan and AIR rarely took note of the opposition But todaywith a plethora of private TV news channels constantly featuring political debatesall parties have ample opportunity to have their say Live parliamentary coverage has also made it much easier for politicians to get their message across Incidentallyanother reason for falling numbers for political movements and rallies is that the avenues for distraction have multiplied since the entertainment-starved days when Doordarshan reigned supreme Back in March 1977Indira Gandhi assumed that if the popular Hindi movie Bobby was telecast on Doordarshanthen people would stay home and not join JPs historic rally against the Emergency at Delhis Ramlila grounds In recent timeseven cadre-based political parties have generally failed to generate mass enthusiasm for their causes (Mamata Banerjees campaign against the West Bengal governments land acquisition in Nandigram and Singur was a notable exception) The Left may have withdrawn support to Manmohan Singhs government over the Indo-US nuclear dealbut it could not convince public opinion of its stand The BJP was not able to play the anti-terrorism card effectively in the 2009 Lok Sabha election Despite the terror attackMumbai voted for the Congressthe public perceived the BJPs position on terror as more self-serving than genuine The challenge for our political parties is to appear credible to the new generation of voters To earn the confidence and respect of the public in the post-liberalisation erathey have to eschew the confrontationist politics of the past and adopt a more constructivereasoned and imaginative approach coomikapoor@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 1 2016 4:53 am Chaudhary Birender Singh Express photo Related News PUTTING AN end to speculation the Ministry of Rural Development has decided against bringing UT villages within the Municipal Corporation jurisdiction The decision has been taken in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs “The decision has been taken after receiving several representations from residents of villages voicing their concerns against inclusion of UT villages in MC” Minister of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Chaudhary Birender Singh told mediapersons at UT Guest House on Tuesday He added that people were happy with the Panchayati Raj system The UT villages are governed under the Panchayati Raj system in which elections are held for panchayat panchayat samiti and zila parishad The move to bring the villages within the MC jurisdiction was made with an aim to bring uniformity in the development and governance of the villages Share This Article Related Article The Election Commission had recently asked the administration to take a call on inclusion of villages in the MC so that the process of delimitation of wards for MC elections scheduled to be held in December could be started There are a total of 22 villages in Chandigarh of which nine are under the MC limits All the 13 villages are located within a 8-km radius of the city having a population of over 50000 At present there are 26 wards in the MC The Congress and BJP have been at loggerheads over the issue During a House meeting held in November 2013 the Congress had supported the proposal with 10 conditions which were passed by the House while the BJP opposed the move Mayor Arun Sood said that they had taken up the issue with the ministry “BJP was never in favour of the merger We are glad that the issue has been settled” he said No building bylaws IN the absence of building bylaws for villages there has been no check on the haphazard urbanisation and development in rural areas There has also been a rise in unsafe and unregulated construction in these villages The administration had framed draft bylaws in 2013 which are yet to be notified For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: May 15 2016 2:43 am Traders say that instead of one lakh metric tonnes of onion exports only 80000-85000 metric tonnes are being exported at present Related News As the slide in onion prices across wholesale markets continue unabated calls for providing export subsidies and delisting the bulb from the essential commodities list have grown “Failure to address the issue now would result in bloodbath in the onion markets from June onward” said Nanasaheb Patil director Nafed Since the last two months prices of onions at wholesale markets have been on a downward spiral causing much distress among growers Although the Centre had subsequently reduced the Minimum Export Price (MEP) to zero exports have failed to take off Share This Article Related Article With wholesale prices of the bulb hovering between Rs 750-8 per kg farmers’ organisations have threatened agitations in case the government does not step in immediately to improve the prices Patil also the director of Lasalgaon Market Committee said that urgent steps need to be taken to improve the export market “Over the last few months exports have actually fallen which is a worrisome trend Instead of one lakh metric tonnes of exports only 80000-85000 metric tonnes are being exported at present” Patil said In order to boost exports he said subsidies should be provided immediately “The National Agricultural Marketing Federation should get into the export market itself The losses incurred can be compensated through the price stabilisation fund” Patil added He however said that the matter should be resolved before the commencement of monsoon “Sri Lanka is a big market for Indian onions and motorised boats are used to transport the good Once the monsoon starts such transport would stop” Patil said adding that other than export subsidies the stock limit imposed on the bulb should be lifted immediately Recently the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB) had represented a report to the state government suggesting ways to fix the slide in onion markets While the state cabinet is expected to take a decision soon officials said that both long term and short term measures should be taken to fix the glut WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE Commodity expert Dipak Chavan said that there would be further glut in the market and prices would slide further June onwards He said that the effect of the present slide can be felt well over the present season “The market might see a sharp rise in prices during the summer from next month Onion plantation might see a dip due to lower prices now which would effect the prices then” he added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 20 2016 6:58 pm Dipa Karmakar was the first Indian gymnast to qualify for the vault final in Olympics (Source: AP) Top News Experts may think it is the ‘Vault of Death’ but trailblazer Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar doesn’t agree and says she will continue performing the Produnova despite the dangers that come with the daredevil act Karmakar who was the first Indian gymast to qualify for Olympics exceeded expectations by entering the vault finals in Rio before finishing fourth to miss the medal by a whisker Popularly known as the ‘Vault of Death’ the best of gymnasts hesitate in attempting the Produnova but not Dipa “I will continue doing the Produnova not thinking of any other vault at the momentI don’t think it’s a death vault if we practice everything becomes easy my coach made me practice” Dipa told PTI after returning home to a rousing reception “Everything is risky if you practice properly everything becomes easy I made Dipa practice the vault a lot and thus the Produnova has become easy for her” coach Bisweshwar Nandi who stood alongside her protege added Recalling her experience at the finals Dipa animatedly discussed how people cheered for her because of the Produnova “I became famous for my vault in the Olympics some called me ‘Produnova Girl’ others called me ‘Dipa Produnova’ a lot of people were cheering for me in the finals I felt I made the right decision by choosing this vault” Asserting that nothing has changed in her life Karmakar is extremely proud that she brought gymnastics to limelight in India “My life is still the same I am still a gymnast I still want to win a medal But yesI feel nice that because of me people got to know about gymnastic in India” Elated that she has been recommended for the Khel Ratna the 23 year old from Tripura would rather have her coach win the Dronacharya award “My coach deserves the Dronacharya award more than me (getting Khel Ratna)” she said Coach Nandi who has been nominated for Dronacharya was all praise for his pupil as well claiming he always knew Dipa would qualify for the finals “I am satisfied with Dipa’s performance had we won a medal I would have felt better but I’m happy” Comparing India with China coach Nandi believes India has a bright future ahead in Gymnastics “Seeing Dipa others will also get inspired and by 2020 we will have atleast 2-3 more girls participating in gymnastics We have a long way to go” he said “China started before us in 2008 they won 8 medals But this time out of the entire team only one qualified for the finals We have participated for the 1st time and were very close to a medal” he added Overwhelmed by the reception she received on her arrival the gymnast said she still feels disappointed about missing the medal by the smallest of margins “I was touched by the welcome I received considering I didn’t get a medal I didn’t expect this kind of welcome It would have been nice had I won a medal now I have to definitely do something in Tokyo for the people of India” Dipa said Trying to fulfill her father’s dreams who wanted her to join gymnastics Dipa’s inspiration came in the form of Ashish Kumar who won the Bronze medal in gymnastics in the 2010 Commonwealth Games “My father liked gymnastics he wanted me to pursue it Earlier I was not interested but when I saw Ashish bhaiya winning in 2010 and I thought girls should also win” she said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: May 11 2017 12:45 pm A judge erased ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction in a 2013 killing (Source: Reuters) Top News Questions abound after a judge erased ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction in a 2013 killing Chief among them: What if any wealth did the former New England Patriots tight end leave behind when he hanged himself in prison on April 19 And could the team be back on the hook for nearly $6 million it withheld from Hernandez after he was charged in the killing and the team released him There are no clear answers Lawyer Doug Sheff who represents the family of Odin Lloyd the man Hernandez was convicted of killing said he’s seeking copies of Hernandez’s contract with the Patriots and grievances he filed after the team withheld a $325 million deferred signing bonus payment and base salary of $246 million It’s unclear how much money Hernandez spent on his defense in the Lloyd trial and in a trial this year in the 2012 drive-by shootings of two Boston men Hernandez was acquitted in the double slaying last month Five days later he was found hanging from a bed sheet in his prison cell Sheff said the only Hernandez assets he has been able to identify are his house in North Attleborough and a Hummer sport utility vehicle The house has been on the market for more than a year with a current asking price of $13 million Attorney George Leontire who represents Hernandez’s fiancee Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez said last month there’s a pending offer to buy the house In an affidavit filed in probate court Jenkins Hernandez and Leontire said Hernandez’s estate is worth “$000” with “no monies available and no identifiable personal assets” Two words included in a suicide note Hernandez wrote to his fiancee have fueled speculation he left other assets to her “You’re rich” he wrote according to an excerpt released by prosecutors who opposed his lawyers’ request to vacate his murder conviction under a longstanding legal doctrine in Massachusetts The legal principle of abatement holds that defendants who die before their direct appeals are heard should have their convictions erased Jenkins Hernandez’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment A Department of Correction investigative report on Hernandez’s death said Hernandez told another inmate he heard a “rumor” that if an inmate has an open appeal and dies in prison he will be acquitted Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn III has said he plans to appeal the decision erasing Hernandez’s conviction to the state’s highest court Hernandez’s lead attorney in his recent double-murder trial Jose Baez scoffed at speculation that Hernandez could have taken his own life to take advantage of the abatement doctrine and force the Patriots to pay his fiancee money they withheld after his arrest Baez said Hernandez’s legal team has spoken with Hernandez’s agents to explore the issue of whether the Patriots owe him any money under his contract “How the NFL treats him from this point forward remains to be seen” Baez said “We’re in discussions with his agents to see where he stands” The Patriots and the NFL players’ association declined to comment Sports and entertainment attorney Ricardo Cestero who’s based in Los Angeles said he’s doubtful the Patriots would be required to pay Hernandez’s estate anything as a result of the abatement of his conviction “I think it’s highly unlikely that given the NFL personal conduct policy that the mere abatement because of his death pending appeal would obligate the Patriots to pay” Cestero said He said the mere arrest for a violent crime “is sufficient cause for discipline” Hernandez grew up in Bristol Connecticut His suicide left friends family and his legal team in disbelief as many searched for an explanation to the tragic end of a young man whose football skills earned him a five-year $40 million contract extension with the NFL’s top franchise For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: ANI | New Delhi | Published: July 8 2016 6:38 pm Superstar Shah Rukh Khan who will be see in Gauri Shinde’s next film along with Alia Bhatt says he has shot for 49 days for it so he “must be having a good role Top News To all Shah Rukh Khan fans- your Badshah has “a good 30 minutes” onscreen space in Gauri Shinde’s next possibly titled Dear Zindagi As per DNA reports a source from the production said “Shah Rukh has a full-fledged role in the film It definitely can’t be called an extended cameo He will be there on screen for a good 30 minutes” The 50-year-old actor too confirmed in interviews earlier that he shot for 49 days Hence it can be assumed that he “must be having a good role” However SRK is anyway aware of the fact that film doesn’t completely belong to him “It’s completely Alia’s film and it revolves around the different relationships and changes in her character SRK plays her life coach and his character will eventually bring about a change in her” added the source The film will see the Dilwale actor as a life coach of Alia who evolves thorugh different relationships in life However it was confirmed earlier that the quintessential romantic hero of Bollywood will not be romancing the female lead in the movie The makers are planning to release the flick by the need of this year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top Newss Health department and PWD to ensure that all measures are fulfilled by hospitals by February, he said Reiterating the need for maintaining fire-fighting equipment in buildingshe added that DFS was celebrating Fire Services Week from April 14 to 20 to increase awareness among people Reacting to allegations by Bawana residents that fire-officials arrived lateSharma said the department sends fire tenders from multiple fire stations to improve response time CAUGHT IN INFERNO Year Number of incidents Deaths Injured 2012-13 22786 285 1979 2011-12 22441 357 2132 2010-11 22187 447 2613 2009-10 21314 423 2598 2008-09 16452 380 2225 Schools inspected for fire safety 4426 NOC issued 2738 Shortcomings 1688 Proposed fire stations 15 (at Civic CentreVasant KunjDwarkaRohiniMahipalpur) Existing fire stations 55 Disaster Management Centres 3 Pilot project new vehicles fitted with fire fighting equipment Motorcycles 10 Innova 5 Xylo 6 Fire personnel 2058 Sanctioned strength 3468 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPakistan take on Australia today and if I were into betting my money would be on the latter Australia have not established themselves as the best team in this version of World T20 unlike New Zealand struggled as they have for all their victories so far Their last match against Bangladesh was a close call The team is not high on conviction in its own abilities; often giving the impression of an outfit still confused about a game plan in the shortest format of the game Yet when it comes to a clash with Pakistan Australia have to be the favourites Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi doesn’t inspire much confidence with his inconsistency Solaris Images If Pakistan win this match it will be a stroke of good luck a happy accident For many years now most of their victories have been precisely that One exceptional knock or one exceptional bowling performance but never a result of sturdy sustained team effort; reflecting the character of their cricket When Bangladesh put up a spirited fight and lose you know they tried hard You understand that a collective effort went into their competitive zeal yet it didn’t reflect in the result But next time they will be as tenacious and tough a challenger as any That is not the case with Pakistan What is remarkable about Pakistan’s cricket is its yo-yo quality brilliant on one day and abysmal on the other The lack of consistency perhaps explains why they been overtaken by sub-continental peers India and Sri Lanka have established themselves well Bangladesh despite being relative newcomers in international cricket have made their mark Now we have newbie Afghanistan attracting a lot of attention Being No4 in a club of 5 is certainly a huge letdown for a cricket-playing nation that has produced some of the world’s best talent The Imran Khan days were perhaps the Golden Age of Pakistan cricket Following a few years of afterglow a period dominated by the likes of Wasim Akram Inzamam-ul-Haq and Waqar Younis it has been a steady decline Curiously the country’s assembly line for talent is still intact It keeps producing players with exceptional ability particularly bowlers All through the post-Imran days new cricketing sensations have broken into the national side and made an impression The current bowling unit including Mohammad Amir Irfan Wahab Riaz is several notches superior to that of other countries the batting talent available in the team and on the benches is formidable too Yet Pakistan evoke little respect They can only launch a successful ambush now and then but never be good at sustained war The available talent has rarely translated into great teamwork Shahid Afridi symbolises best what Pakistan cricket is all about The rallying point of Pakistan’s winning hopes for many years particularly in the shorter formats tailor-made for his brand of cricket Afridi has been far smaller a success story than what his country would expect him to be Brilliant on rare occasions and dismal in most others he in many ways personifies the predicament of Pakistan’s cricket It stopped growing up many years ago like Afridi as a player and there’s little hope things will change Possibly what Pakistan lack is a leader Forever a deeply fractious team it needs someone with the force of Imran Khan’s personality to act as the unifier Imran led by example in bowling and batting Afridi is only a caricature of a leader that Pakistan’s cricket direly needs The cricket establishment in the country allegedly divided itself on several lines has been casual about or deliberately indifferent in grooming someone with strong leadership potential If this situation persists then relying on Pakistan to deliver will always remain a big gamble Coming back to today’s match Australia do not inspire much confidence with their present form but against Pakistan they are a sure bet Written by Express News Service | Bangalore | Published: January 3 2014 2:36 am Related News A 14-year-old school boy riding a scooter without helmet was run over by a school van at the 9th cross in RPC Layout at around 810 am Thursday The police said Sumukh Manegoli of RPC Layout in Vijaynagar was trying to overtake the van attached to New Cambridge School The class-VIII student of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel School was returning home after buying a parcel of food from a restaurant The police said Sumukh tried to brake after he saw an auto-rickshaw coming from the opposite direction but lost balance and fell in the path of the van Seriously injuredhe was rushed to Maruthi Hospital and later to Columbia Asia Hospitalwhere he was declared dead Sumukh was the only son of Chandrashekar Manegolian engineer with a private firm None of the 20 students in the van was hurt Van driver Mohan Kumar has been arrested The policemeanwhilemade a plea to parents to not allow underage children to drive motorised vehicles They threatened to sue those not heeding the plea The traffic police can register criminal cases against parents and others giving vehicles to minors We will seize such vehicles and punish their owners for negligence?helmets have been made compulsory as an important safety norm in almost all the military establishments in and around the city. For instance, Contacted, But the holidays will not remove the misgivings surrounding security in the campus. this year on 24 January.

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