Metoo movement causing confusion in many men fear of missteps with women

first_imgThey keep falling like dominoes: Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Patrick Brown and most recently members of the Canadian pop-rock band Hedley, high-profile or celebrity men who have been accused of sexual misconduct as the #metoo and #timesup movements continue unabated.Experts say these social media campaigns of outing males for alleged wrongdoing have created a climate of mistrust between the sexes and left many ordinary guys feeling confused, fearful and wondering whether any of their past actions towards women will somehow come back to haunt them.“When I speak with younger men, and this is in and out of the workplace, they’re just swearing off women,” said Christine Hart of Calgary, who describes herself as a gender intelligence expert. “Not in droves, but socially they are so confused by what’s going on out there and they’re scared that something could be taken the wrong way.“So guys are coming together and saying ‘I don’t even interact with women anymore, I barely make eye contact,’” said Hart, who does presentations to corporations and public forums to help improve understanding and communication between men and women.“On the social level, they’re just so afraid of doing something that’s accidentally wrong.”Ayan Mukherjee, a Toronto registered psychotherapist who works with men, agreed there is a lot of trepidation around social interactions with women.“I think men are also feeling like, ‘You know what? It was already kind of hard to reach out to women from a dating point of view, even if you’re trying to reach out in a healthy manner and a sex-positive manner,’” he said.“Now it has become even harder in the sense that one false, unconscious move and you have been categorized … there is no spectrum from being someone who just flirted badly or made a faux pas versus a serial rapist.“And right now, they are fearful that social media vigilantes are not looking at it as a spectrum, that if you have done something even on the mild side of the spectrum, you are now being categorized as a rapist or a molester.”Being painted by the same sweeping brush as those alleged to have mistreated women has also angered many men, said Hart.“They’re upset with these men for disrespecting women in the way that they are,” she stressed. “And it’s coming from a real heart-centred place … they’re pissed about it.”Jack Mardock, a Denver-area dating coach, said many men are also feeling apprehensive about previous dating encounters or relationships with women, casting their minds back to examine whether they acted in a disrespectful or potentially sexually aggressive manner.“I talked to some of these guys and said ‘Did anything happen in the past?’” he said. “And they would talk about how when they were in college and were conversing with someone of the opposite sex, but none of it was inappropriate.“But the fact that they think it might be inappropriate, it’s not good.“So when you have guys thinking ‘Oh God, what if I did something in the past, what if it comes back to haunt me, they just end up putting their heads down … either outside of work or in work,” Mardock said. “And inside the workplace, I think it may get worse.”Hart is already seeing a change in the work environment, with fewer men willing to mentor more junior female colleagues — a spin-off of the #metoo and #timesup movements that she said could inevitably harm women’s career aspirations.There’s also anxiety over another possibility: that a woman may lie about or exaggerate an allegation of sexual misconduct, potentially destroying a man’s career or blackening his reputation in the court of public opinion.“Men are very worried about that, to the point where when I’m talking to HR specialists, men are taking preventive measures,” she said, citing the example of a man who ended a romantic relationship with a female co-worker and sent all the text messages and emails between them during the breakup to his company’s human resources department.“They’re finding that people are wanting more stuff tracked.”Some men publicly vilified for alleged sexual misbehaviour are beginning to fight back against what they call “wrongful” accusations and demanding that the women prove their assertions through the justice system.Patrick Brown, who was forced to resign as leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives last month, has mounted a campaign in recent days to clear his name, alleging two women who spoke out against him were lying and possibly manipulated by his political enemies inside and outside the party.He also vowed to sue CTV News, which broadcast the allegations. CTV has said it stands by its reporting.On Friday, Brown officially joined the race to reclaim the party’s top job.Journalist Steve Paikin, long-time host of TVO’s current affairs program “The Agenda,” took to Facebook earlier this month to dismiss as “100 per cent false” an allegation that he propositioned a woman for sex in exchange for airtime.Paikin said the claim was made by former Toronto mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson. While stopping short of announcing legal action, he wrote: “You’ve defamed me Sarah. I have no idea why, but you have. And I simply can’t allow that to stand.”While the #metoo and #timesup movements have given women a forum to push back against perpetrators of sexual misdeeds through public shaming — a cultural shift the experts say many men support — there is a potential for negative fallout.“People think, well, because of all this, it must be very, very good for women. Women have all the power,” said Mardock.But he says the movements have put women interested in dating men at a disadvantage.“The dating game is not good for women like this, because you’re missing out on quality guys,” he said.“The healing that has to take place has to come from an awareness of the issue that these men who have done this do not represent all men — they just don’t.”— Follow @SherylUbelacker on Twitter.last_img read more

Public Safety omitted explosive RCMP raid on Mikmaq antifracking camp from monitoring

first_img(RCMP tactical unit officers crouch in the grass during Oct. 17, 2013, raid on Mi’kmaq Warrior Society anti-fracking camp. APTN/File)Jorge Barrera APTN National NewsPublic Safety Canada omitted last year’s explosive confrontation between police and Mi’kmaq warriors from a list of protests monitored by Ottawa’s national security nerve centre, records show.The federal department on Sept. 15 released a list of hundreds of protests the Government Operations Centre (GOC) has monitored since 2006 in response to an Order Paper question from Liberal MP Scott Brison. While the list appears exhaustive, it omitted a heavily-armed RCMP raid on a Mi’kmaq Warrior Society-led anti-fracking camp in New Brunswick on Oct. 17, 2013. The raid led to 40 arrests and the torching of several police cars.The list also omitted clashes between the RCMP, the Mi’kmaq and their Acadian and Anglophone supporters that continued for weeks following the October raid. Demonstrators twice burned tires on a New Brunswick highway in early December 2013.It took Public Safety officials two workdays to respond to APTN National News’ question on how such a high-profile conflict escaped an appearance on the list.Public Safety finally responded saying the omission was caused by “human error.”Documents obtained by APTN National News under the Access to Information Act show the GOC was holding teleconferences with a number of federal departments and enforcement agencies to prepare for the possibility of nation-wide protests in solidarity with the Mi’kmaq following the raid in Rexton, NB. The agency also drew-up a map listing a large number of planned solidarity protests across the country.Yet, Public Safety’s list of GOC monitored protest jsumps from an Oct. 14, 2013, demonstration in Romania about bees to an Oct. 18 protest on the Thunderchild First Nation in Saskatchewan. The list also includes a Dec. 2 entry on shale gas protests across the country, but it doesn’t record any reports to GOC about tire burnings or continued arrests in New Brunswick related to anti-fracking battles.The GOC is run out of Public Safety and describes itself as “an all-hazards integrated federal emergency response to events (potential or actual hazards, natural or human-induced, either accidental or intentional) of national interest,”Liberal Aboriginal affairs critic Carolyn Bennett said the omission of the Oct. 17 raid compromises the accuracy of Public Safety’s list.“This is a glaring omission of a really serious incident,” said Bennett. “I can’t possibly understand how they can leave it out and how we can trust the information they did put out.”The Canadian military’s counter-intelligence unit was also monitoring the evolving situation in New Brunswick.Public Safety’s list includes a number of small, localized protests in First Nations communities, but omits Idle No More’s Jan. 11 Day of Action in 2013.That day, thousands of people converged on Ottawa for a massive protest while Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with a handful of chiefs. Solidarity demonstrations sprang up across the country and around the world the same day. Jan. 11 is seen by many as the high-water for the Idle No More read more

Showdown House to vote on stopgap funding bill that seeks to derail

Showdown: House to vote on stopgap funding bill that seeks to derail Obama’s health care law by David Espo, The Associated Press Posted Sep 19, 2013 5:06 am MDT WASHINGTON – Congressional Republicans struggled to tamp down a family feud Thursday as they approached a politically charged showdown with the White House that combines the threat of a government shutdown, a possible first-ever federal default and the GOP’s bid to repeal the nation’s three-year-old health care law.One day after conceding that the Democratic-controlled Senate probably would prevail on the last part, Sen. Ted Cruz still vowed to do “everything and anything possible to defund Obamacare.” That includes a possible filibuster of legislation to prevent a partial government shutdown, added the Texas Republican.That was a step further than Sen. Mike Lee of Utah — Cruz’s partner in a summertime run of “Defund Obamacare” television commercials — was willing to go. President Barack Obama’s health care law “is not worth causing a shutdown over,” he said.The two men spoke at a news conference with several House Republicans where lawmakers stressed they were unified and thanked Speaker John Boehner for agreeing to tie the anti-shutdown and anti-Obamacare provisions into one bill.That bill is on track for House passage on Friday, with a Senate showdown to follow.The House intends to move quickly next week with a separate bill to put the health care law on ice, this one a measure that also would allow the Treasury to avoid a default that could destabilize the economy.Boehner himself sought to redirect the political fire at Obama, accusing him of being ready to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Syria but not engage with Republicans on raising the nation’s debt limit, an issue that could lead to national default.But he also got in a subtle jab at Cruz and Senate conservatives who have been clamouring for weeks for a showdown on the health care law.“I expect my Senate colleagues to be up for the battle,” he said.The prospect is for a 10-day period of intense uncertainty, with Boehner pledging to avoid a shutdown yet also hoping to come away with a bite out of the health care law, even if less than complete defunding.Congressional aides pointed out during the day, for example, that if the Senate rewrites the House-passed bill to leave the health care law in place, Boehner and the rest of the House leadership could still seek further changes before passing it a second time.For their part, the White House and majority Democrats in the Senate will be trying to protect the health care law that stands as Obama’s signature domestic accomplishment — without complicating the re-election chances of senators on the 2014 ballot in swing states.The White House intruded briefly on the Republican feud, pledging that Obama would veto any legislation that blocks the health care law from taking full effect. The defunding drive “advances a narrow ideological agenda that threatens our economy and the interests of the middle class” and would deny “millions of hard-working, middle-class families the security of affordable health coverage,” it said.The effort seeking virtual repeal of the law as part of a government funding bill gained powerful momentum over the summer when the Senate Conservatives Fund, Heritage Action and other groups with tea party ties launched a nationwide campaign.Cruz and Lee played prominent roles, each appearing in television ads aimed at pressuring Republican lawmakers not to yield. “Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they simply refuse to fund it,” Lee says in one SCF-funded commercial.On the other hand, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has urged Republicans to fund the government and prevent a default, then double back and try and work out changes to the health care law later.In a tea party age, it is unclear how much political clout establishment groups carry with individual GOP lawmakers.At the same time, many Republicans fear a replay of twin government shutdowns nearly two decades ago that inflicted significant damage on their party and helped resurrect then-President Bill Clinton’s political fortunes.“When it comes to shutting the government down, that is not going to succeed because people don’t want a government shutdown. And they’ll blame Congress. They did before,” said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.Another Republican, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, agreed. “I’m one who doesn’t believe that a shutdown does anything except divert attention from a president and his policies, which are rightfully unpopular, to congressional incompetence,” he said.Cruz saw it differently hours earlier.He told the National Automobile Dealers Association that the 1995-96 episode was just a “partial, temporary government shutdown” that didn’t hurt Republicans politically as much as most people think and that it helped bring welfare reform in 1996 and a budget deal in 1997.“Nobody likes that outcome. But it also wasn’t the end of the world,” he said of a possible shutdown.Ironically, it was a Cruz comment that ignited anger among House conservatives on Wednesday evening.As word spread that the House would pass legislation to fund the government and cut off money for the health care law, he issued a statement that said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “likely has the votes” to delete the health care provision. “At that point, House Republicans must stand firm, hold their ground, and continue to listen to the American people,” he said.House Republican aides said rank-and-file lawmakers on the House floor at the time vented their anger at what appeared to be a pre-emptive surrender.Rep. Sean Duffy, R-Wis., tweeted that Lee and Cruz “refuse to fight. Wave white flag and surrender.”Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, R-Ga., tweeted, “Senate R’s already declare defeat… before the battle even begins. So much for standing up for the American people.”___Associated Press writers Ken Thomas, Donna Cassata, Alan Fram and Andy Taylor contributed. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

If we take action now we can address climate change and build

10 Things You Need to Know About COP21. Credit: United NationsUN News Centre: What is the best outcome possible from COP21?Janos Pasztor: We are expecting a package of outcomes and it will have four elements – they’re interrelated but they’re different. The first one will be the national plans for climate change of each country, for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. Those are plans that are developed “bottom up” by the countries – this is what they can do. The second element will be the actual agreement. It will contain the rules of the game on how countries will assess the impact of the totality of the national plans on the objective to keep warming below 2 degrees. And then they will review and assess what it takes to raise the ambition to make sure that we keep below those 2 degrees of global warming. That will be the core of that agreement. The third part is climate finance. All of this will require financing, public and private finance, and there will be some parts of this package of finance that will go into the agreement. And the fourth is the action agenda – a collection of actions on the ground to do either mitigation or adaption, and it’s to demonstrate that it’s already possible, it’s already happening and to showcase what are the good partnerships between private sector, public sector and civil society to actually do the work on the ground. UN News Centre: What are the main challenges ahead? If we take action now, we can address climate change as we move toward a low-emission economy and build a sustainable future. The more we delay, the more we will pay. Janos Pasztor: The main challenge ahead is to negotiate the agreement. That’s the bottom line. And we have very little time. In fact, the last negotiation week finished recently in Bonn [Germany]. What we now have left in terms of formal negotiation time is only that period during the actual Conference of the Parties [COP] in Paris, the first two weeks of December. UN News Centre: Can you give us an overview of key issues that are left to be negotiated – what different countries are claiming?Janos Pasztor: There are quite a few of those and the most important one seems to be related to what is referred to as the differentiation – the differentiation between the developed and developing countries. Some countries would like no formal differentiation and they would like all rules to apply to everybody, every country, with maybe a certain flexibility to reflect the capacities of different countries. Just days away from the kick-off of the 21st United Nations climate change conference — widely known as COP21 — the UN is reminding its main actors that this conference must be a turning point for climate action.Beginning on Monday in France’s capital, Paris, world leaders will be negotiating a new climate change agreement that aims to keep global average temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) — beyond which climate experts say there will be irreversible impacts. The two-week conference, the 21st Meeting of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), also aims to send a loud and clear signal to citizens, markets and the private sector that the transformation of the global economy is inevitable, beneficial, and already under way. To find out more about COP21 and the UN’s expectations, the UN News Centre met with Janos Pasztor, the UN Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change. Since January, Mr. Pasztor’s work has focused on supporting efforts towards a new climate agreement and mobilizing global climate action on the ground.Climate change affects us all, but our actions affect climate change.UN News Centre: What is the importance of the upcoming 21st United Nations climate change conference – COP21?Janos Pasztor: There are at least two major points. First of all, if we have a good agreement it will allow us to move towards a low-carbon, low-emission future, where there are lots of opportunities for new technology developments and new ways of organizing ourselves. That is an opportunity we must take. Secondly, climate change is already happening. The impacts are already visible. If we take action now, we can address climate change as we move toward a low-emission economy and build a sustainable future. The more we delay, the more we will pay. UN News Centre: Why do we need to keep the global average temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius? Janos Pasztor: If we allow warming to go beyond that, scientists tell us there are likely to be potential irreversible impacts on people, on natural ecosystems, and therefore, on the economies of the world. Now the 2 degrees is not a very hard level. Many are saying that it actually has to be much less than 2 degrees for the small island developing countries whose land might become completely inundating with a sea level rise. Already 2 degrees is way too much. So, it must be remembered that when we talk of 2 degrees, it is the maximum. It must be kept as much as possible below that. Interview with Janos Pasztor, UN Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change. Credit: United NationsOther countries would like to maintain the existing grouping of countries in the Convention to developed and developing countries, and then have rules that refer to these different groups. So that’s quite important because it has implications, not just on the conceptual issue of having divisions like that, but in terms of financing.But there are other challenges – such as climate finance. Developed countries have committed to providing $100 billion dollars per year by 2020 to developing countries. The $100 billion doesn’t have to be on the table in Paris, but what does need to be on the table is a politically credible mobilization trajectory towards this $100 billion. Some progress was made in October, but there is still work to do and there are still announcements that hopefully will be made by some countries. So these are just two examples of difficult issues that still need to be resolved but there are others as well. UN News Centre: You mentioned the last round of negotiations in Bonn. What came out of those discussions?Janos Pasztor: What we have is a document that has grown in size. While the actual size doesn’t matter – what matters is the content – clearly the longer the text, the more time it takes to negotiate and that’s our biggest challenge. The text is some 55 pages long and it will take some time to go through the different elements. What we ended up with at the Bonn negotiation is that countries added into the original draft which was much shorter – specific things that they wanted to see in the final text and there wasn’t enough time to negotiate all that in Bonn. So we still have lots of options in there and those will still need to be negotiated both in informal discussions and during COP21.UN News Centre: What is the significance of COP21 in light of the new 2030 Development Agenda, and how predominantly does climate change figure in it?Janos Pasztor: The new Sustainable Development Agenda—or Agenda 2030 – is extremely important for the implementation of the climate agreement. First, we have a goal – Goal 13 – which focuses on climate change. But what the other goals are even more important. There are 12 goals [out of 17] that have very specific climate related targets on energy, on forests, on food security, on education – these are all things that will feed into successfully implementing the climate agreement. The main challenge ahead is to negotiate the agreement.But what is really important is that if we don’t achieve the 2 degree objective, then none of the Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved. And in order to achieve the less than 2 degree objective, we need to do all the things that are in the Sustainable Development Goals. That’s the challenge but that is the beauty: these two different processes that are negotiated through separate processes are now coming together at the level of implementation. And this is where the UN system has a very important role also, because we are there to support Member States to help them to address these issues in a coherent and integrated way. UN News Centre: Just days ahead of COP21, what is your message to world leaders?Janos Pasztor: World leaders have a very important role in guiding their ministers and negotiators on the broad economic implications of climate change and actions about climate change. So their role for the negotiations is very important. If they don’t give clear guidance to the negotiators then they don’t know what to agree upon. So that is why the UN Secretary-General has been much engaged with Heads of States and Governments so that they own this process and clearly guide their ministers and their negotiators. UN News Centre: What do you want to convey to the public?Janos Pasztor: Climate change affects us all, but our actions affect climate change – all of us. We are all responsible for what we do in our daily lives – how we vote, how we engage, how we run our companies, how we run our civil society organizations. We all need to be conscious of this, and we all need to do our part.@media only screen and (min-width: 760px), screen9 {#PhotoHolder3 #PhotoCrop { max-height: 770px; /* sets max-height value for all standards-compliant browsers */ width: 134%; margin-left:-161px; margin-top: -330px;}#story-headline{ font-size: 3.6em; line-height: 1.2em; color:#fff; position: relative; top: 200px; xtext-align:center; text-shadow: 1px 1px 3px rgba(0,0,0,0.8); width:45%; xmargin-left:55%;}}#sidebar {display:none;} div#story-content .span8 {width:100% !important} #fullstory p { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6em;}strong { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.7em; xfont-family:Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;}blockquote { font-size: 1.2em; line-height: 1.5em; font-style:italic;}.videoWrapper { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* 16:9 */ padding-top: 25px; height: 0;}.videoWrapper iframe { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;} read more

CWHL folding female hockey players fearful for future of their game

The collapse of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League plunges the future of the female game in Canada into disarray, at least in the short term.But the CWHL declaring it will cease operations May 1 even if a financial saviour comes over the horizon indicates the ball may be in another player’s court.“There are a large number of organizations that have stated their support for women’s hockey and expressed the desire to see this sport continue to grow,” CWHL interim commissioner Jayna Hefford said Sunday.“Our hope is that those organizations will step forward in actionable ways to continue to advance the growth of Canada’s game.”A week after the Calgary Inferno won the league championship and hoisted the Clarkson Cup trophy, the CWHL announced Sunday morning the 12-year-old league’s business model is economically unsustainable.The CWHL owns and operates the teams.CWHL chair Lauren Walzak said Sunday the league needs more revenue. But Hefford was emphatic the CWHL is done even if more money comes in from a last-minute source.“The CWHL will not operate next year,” Hefford said.The NHL and the U.S.-based NWHL are the prime candidates to step into the breach.Players stepped up calls for one women’s professional league in North America over a year ago.The NHL owns the rights to the trademark “WNHL.”“We recognize that having professional options is important to aspiring young women hockey players,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in an email. “If those options were to become unavailable, the NHL would consider helping to create alternatives.”Daly pointed out there are still professional hockey options for women after the CWHL’s announcement.If the CWHL folds with no replacement, however, there will be fewer places for women to play.Some in the women’s hockey community have been adamant that for women’s professional hockey to be viable, the NHL has to be involved.“Can’t help seeing today’s #cwhl news as a positive step in the long run for women’s hockey,” Hayley Wickenheiser tweeted. “One step back, two steps forward perhaps?”NWHL commissioner Dani Rylan declined an interview, but said in a statement talks about a possible merger were ongoing.“We had an excellent meeting with the CWHL in January where we presented significant proposals to them about forming one league, and we agreed to meet again in April,” Rylan said. “We are sorry to know those talks will not continue.“The NWHL wants to assure the players, fans, staff and supporters that our season is confirmed to start in October. As we have since our first season in 2015, we remain committed to building the value of women’s professional hockey players – not just in the U.S., but around the world.”The CWHL, founded in 2007, had six teams in North America and China this past season.The league included national team players from the United States, Canada, Finland, Japan and China.Canadian captain and Les Canadiennes de Montreal forward Marie-Philip Poulin earned the league’s most valuable player award for the third time in four years.American star Hilary Knight was Poulin’s linemate in Montreal, while U.S. players Brianna Decker, Kacey Bellamy and Alex Rigsby helped the Inferno win the title.The CWHL began paying its players salaries in 2017-18 ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, out of a total budget of $3.7 million.The arrival of two expansion teams from China that season – since amalgamated into one – was believed to have injected hundreds of thousands of dollars into the CWHL.The Chinese teams didn’t pay expansion fees, but signed five-year licensing agreements with the CWHL.The loss of one Chinese team decreased revenue, but China was committed to staying in the league, Walzak said.The CWHL lost a financial backer in November. Graeme Roustan of the venture capital firm Roustan Capital withdrew his financial support citing a lack of transparency regarding board expenses.If a CWHL shutdown lays the groundwork for one new league to rise from the ashes, players and team personnel were unaware of it Sunday.Toronto Furies general manager Sami Jo Small says financial issues were not discussed during GM meetings at the Clarkson Cup.“I have to think there maybe is something coming down the pipe,” Small said. “What is hard and what is shocking is we’re not part of that conversation and we would like to be part of that conversation moving forward. The players were not consulted.“Maybe there’s this great announcement coming Monday or Tuesday. We have no idea.”Small co-founded the CWHL in 2007 before stepping out of the boardroom and into team management last year.“I have a great deal of respect for Jayna and what she’s done for the game and as a friend,” Small said. “I hope she has put us in a position of strength.”Hefford, a former player in the CWHL and its predecessor league, took over as interim commissioner last year when Brenda Andress stepped down. Hefford was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame last year.Walzak and Hefford spoke to player representatives from each team Sunday in a conference call.Inferno forward Dakota Woodworth said the players were told to be optimistic, but given no reason why they should be.“Fully confident and fully hopeful that something better is definitely coming just because it has to,” Woodworth said. “All we know is May first, everything is shutting down.”The CWHL says a record 175,000 tuned in March 24 to watch the Inferno down Les Canadiennes 5-2 to win the Clarkson Cup final.The game was carried by Sportsnet and the French-language network TVA.“I think our product is just too good to go away,” Woodworth said. read more

It Was Finally Fabiano Caruanas Turn To Survive At The World Chess

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Magnus Carlsen got a black eye before Game 9 of the World Chess Championship. But it didn’t hinder his vision of the board as Wednesday’s play began.For the first time in nearly two weeks of play, Carlsen, the defending champion, was able to successfully command the white pieces to an attacking advantage. Throughout much of Game 9, Carlsen outdueled his challenger, Fabiano Caruana. Caruana, the world No. 2, appeared to reel at points, and his allocated time melted off his clock as he pondered his defense.But Carlsen’s advantage melted, too. The game was drawn after 56 moves over 3.5 hours of play. It was the ninth consecutive draw and the best-of-12 match sits level at 4.5-4.5.Before the game Wednesday, the list of colorful stories orbiting the match ballooned to two. First came the infamous deleted YouTube video appearing to show elements of Caruana’s pre-match strategic preparation. Now we had the black eye.NRK, the Norwegian broadcaster, reported that Carlsen collided — excuse me, “kolliderte” — with one of its own journalists while playing soccer on Tuesday, a rest day from the chess. Questions were raised about Carlsen’s mental soundness — a grandmaster should do nothing but grandmastering, apparently. Per Google’s translation of NRK, he was reportedly “dumbfounded” after the crash. “If he has to use pain relief, there may be a potential problem,” NRK wrote.But those neurological questions seemed quickly answered at the board and Carlsen said he felt no pain while playing.The first eight moves on Wednesday exactly matched the first eight from Game 4 — their name sounds like something out of Tolkien, an English opening that became a Reverse Dragon. But the game took a radical and aggressive turn on move 9, when Carlsen scrambled his bishop to the g5 square, into enemy territory and with its mitre directly pointed at Caruana’s queen. This match has been different for Carlsen than his 2016 World Chess Championship encounter against Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin, which began with seven consecutive draws. Many of those found Karjakin on the backfoot, escaping like Houdini from the shackles of the world champion. Caruana, however, has rarely been in real trouble until Wednesday, and this year Carlsen has been forced to play the part of escape artist.Carlsen would, however, be an enormous favorite should the tiebreakers become necessary. “I think there are some long-term dangers here for black,” said Hikaru Nakamura, a top American grandmaster commentating for Carlsen’s white bishop, for example, was far more active than Caruana’s. “If Caruana doesn’t find the right moves, he will lose.”It appeared to all the world that the Norwegian chess superstar would finally make real progress in the match, and indeed that a victory in the moves to come would effectively decide the match — and the world title — itself. “There are certain types of positions where Magnus is stronger than a computer,” said Anish Giri, the world No. 5, on a chess24 broadcast.It’s an evocative claim, but it was not true on Wednesday. Carlsen may have rushed his attack on move 25, shortly after the position above. He pushed his pawn up the flank on the edge of the board, to h4 and toward Caruana’s king. He then pushed it again, to h5. It may have been a square too far, or at least too soon. (The computer engine Stockfish preferred involving that active white bishop instead.)“He’s just not playing his best chess,” added Peter Svidler, the world No. 19, on that very same broadcast. The position simplified dramatically and the two shook hands — which they must be getting very good at — after 56 moves.Ah, chess is cruel. Here’s a chart to quantify that cruelty — and we’ll keep it updated throughout the rest of the match. There are three regular games left, and speedier tiebreaker games will follow on Nov. 27, if necessary. This specific position has only ever materialized on a tournament chessboard once before, according to the ChessBase database, in an otherwise uncelebrated game in 2008 between two Croatian non-grandmasters. (Though black won that one.) The attack was on, and Caruana contributed with a misstep on his 17th move, capturing a knight in Carlsen’s territory that he oughtn’t have. That capture sparked a series of moves that eventually allowed Carlsen’s bishop to escape, flying across the board to capture the black pawn on b7.As deep into the game as the 18th move, Carlsen hadn’t spent more than a minute on any one move and quickly opened up a 40-minute advantage on the clock. One knock against the champ in this match has been his apparently lackadaisical preparation. But he was solidly prepared for his aggressive line on Wednesday, sailing through his moves. Caruana, meanwhile, took 9 minutes to make his 12th move, 21 minutes on his 13th, 8 on his 14th and 13 on his 17th.The fruits of the Norwegian’s preparation appeared to be a comfortable position: Either he would win or he would draw. Before Carlsen’s 24th move, the position looked like this. “I’m really not thinking about the tiebreak now,” Caruana said after the game. “I really don’t agree with most people about my chances in the tiebreak.”Game 10 begins Thursday at 3 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time — that’s 10 a.m. Eastern. But that’s also Thanksgiving. As a result, our next dispatch will come on Friday. Chess waits for no turkey, but FiveThirtyEight does. I’ll be covering the rest of the match here and on Twitter. read more

Twin with breast cancer donates skin and fat tissue to sister who

first_imgIDENTICAL TWINS KELLY McCarthy and Kristen Maurer have shared a lot in their lives so when one was diagnosed with breast cancer, she urged the other to get tested.Maurer was told the bad news that she too had the disease.Now the 34-year-old twins from Chicago are sharing a medical rarity. Maurer donated skin and fat tissue for McCarthy’s breast reconstruction.“It wasn’t a question, she didn’t have to ask me,” said Maurer. “Having a twin is very like having a child. You would do anything for them … in a heartbeat.”TwinsThe first successful organ transplant was between identical twins in Boston in 1954 and involved a kidney.Since then, identical twins have been involved in many other transplant operations, involving kidneys and other organs, bone marrow, and stem cells. But breast reconstruction between identical twins has only been done a handful of times; Maurer and McCarthy, a nurse, are among the youngest patients.Identical twins are ideal donors because their skin, tissue and organs are perfect genetic matches, explained Dr David Song, chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Chicago Medical Center. And that eliminates the need for anti-rejection medicine, he said.SurgerySong performed the twins’ surgeries on Tuesday and both fared well.Typically, breast reconstruction surgery involves implants or a woman’s own tissue, sometimes taken from the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. But McCarthy is among women who don’t have enough extra tissue; plus, radiation treatment damaged tissue near her breasts. So Maurer offered to be a donor.McCarthy said her sister’s sacrifice, “just so I can feel better about myself … is really humbling.”Discovering breast cancer in identical twins isn’t unusual because of their exact genetic makeup, Song said. With twins, there’s also often a “mirroring effect,” with breast cancer developing in the opposite breast, he said. That’s what happened with McCarthy and Maurer.While their mother died from colon cancer last year, there was no family history of breast cancer.DiagnosisMcCarthy was diagnosed first, in December 2011, with triple-negative breast cancer, a hard-to-treat form of cancer whose growth is not fueled by hormones. She was nine months pregnant and her son was born a week later. Soon after she started treatment, chemotherapy, surgery to remove her right breast, and radiation.Maurer was diagnosed with a very early-stage cancer in her left breast a few months after her sister.“Kelly was more upset than I was during my diagnosis, and likewise, when she was diagnosed I was a mess,” Maurer said.Maurer had a double mastectomy, recommended because her sister’s cancer was so aggressive, but she didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation. She had reconstruction with implants after the birth of her second child last March.McCarthy’s operation this week involved a second mastectomy, and reconstruction of both breasts. Some of her own tissue was used to fashion one breast. At the same time, surgeons essentially performed a “tummy tuck” on Maurer, removing lower abdominal skin and fat tissue and transplanted it to her sister to create a second new breast.The twins have always been extremely close, sometimes speaking in unison or completing each other’s sentences. But now, McCarthy said, “I feel closer. Her tissue is over my heart.”Kristen Maurer , Finley Maurer, Richard Maurer, Kelly McCarthy, Grey McCarthy, Robert McCarthy (AP Photo)Read: Surprises in hunt for environmental links to breast cancer>Read: Cancer sufferer holds dance party moments before double> mastectomy>last_img read more

European Parliament approves plan to cut Ireland from 12 MEPs to 11

first_imgUpdated, 12:33THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT has approved changes to the number of MEPs each country will elect next year – meaning Ireland is set to lose one seat, from 12 to 11.MEPs in Strasbourg for the parliament’s monthly plenary session voted by 536 to 111, with 44 abstentions, to approve the reallocation of seats following the elections next June.The parliament currently has 754 MEPs, distributed between all 27 member states, but the entry of Croatia into the union this year – combined with the implementation of parts of the Lisbon Treaty, which limit the membership to 751 – means some countries must lose seats.11 of Ireland’s 12 current MEPs were among those to vote against the measure. Fianna Fáil’s Brian Crowley was absent.A chart shows the outcome of today’s vote in Strasbourg. A seating plan showing the seat of each MEP can be found here. Fine Gael MEP Gay Mitchell made a last-ditch attempt to stop the matter from being put to a vote today, saying the Constitutional Affairs Committee – which had formulated the proposals – had not taken any independent input.The Dublin MEP complained that Ireland had already lost one fifth of its representation in the parliament, having been gradually cut from 15 seats to 12, and that a further cut to 11 hit Ireland disproportionately hard.Mitchell was able to force a vote on whether to refer the matter back to that committee, for further input to be sought, but his proposal was comprehensively defeated.Speaking in advance of the vote, Fianna Fáil’s Pat the Cope Gallagher said he was “totally against” the reduction, which left Ireland’s workload “unmanageable”.“We have 11 MEPs to straddle over 20 committees in the parliament, and it’s not possible to do that,” he said.“It doesn’t seem fair for a country for a country like Ireland, with a population of 4.5 million, to have just 11 MEPs when we have countries with more MEPs who have a similar population,” he said.The measures are not guaranteed to take effect, as they must first be approved by the Council of ministers. A decision at that level is expected in the coming weeks.Additional reporting by Michelle Hennessy in StrasbourgAnalysis: How will constituencies change now that Ireland’s losing an MEP?last_img read more

McDaids Football Special An oral history of the Donegal delicacy

first_imgTry as you might, finding Football Special and associated products outside Donegal and parts of the North can prove difficult.Oliver Farry wrote:I imagined [Football Special] was the stuff that victorious football teams drank from the cup but later when I started appearing on such teams myself I was shocked to learn there was no McDaids Football Special outside Donegal. We had to make do with red lemonade, which was tantamount to imposing Babycham on Formula 1 champions.Edward McDaid says that national distribution has always been a problem, with the company dealing directly with smaller independent shops.We did think that we’d be able to build a national distribution network but the recession knocked that on the head, and with so many of the smaller shops shutting down. My Uncle Eamon had been trained in a soft drinks company in Northern Ireland, and learned the discipline of writing down everything that went into every batch. He was very diligent in writing everything down.And so when the Football Special formula was devised – a concoction of syrups and juices and flavours tracked meticulously by Eamon – they knew they were onto a winner.Inextricably linked to local football teams the drink soon grew in popularity, particularly among the seaside towns of the Donegal coast: Portsalon, Falcarragh, Ballyshannon, Bundoran, and into Derry. Source: Kevin Kelly/@kevin7kellyFor a group of lads from Ballyshannon, their McDaids loyalty is unwavering.Michael McGrath says:When Donegal GAA were going strong in the early 90s half-time was marked with a bottle of Football Special and a packet of Tayto.Philip McLoone remembers:It accompanied any under-age sporting medal I got.. any sporting achievement was marked with a medal and a (glass) bottle of Football Special! In later life it became an acceptable mixer!! Source: Sheila’s Portstewart/Twitter Source: FacebookDavid McDyer from Glenties told that his fondest memory was putting “a slice of ice cream in a glass and pouring McDaids football special into it.His cousin Sheloa Nichols said:Everyone used to drink it when I was a kid there (in Glenties). You would get it at the penny sweet shops. Ahhh suddenly overrun with memories of red lemonade and cheese and onion crisps at the local pub after Sunday mass.The mixing of Football Special with ice-cream is a proud tradition in Donegal.Michael McGrath has the technique down:When I say Football Special and ice cream, you put the ice cream in a pint glass and then SLOWLY pour the Football Special on top. F**KIN YUMMY!Edward McDaid says that the formula of Football Special means it mixes well in an ice cream float.Most of the company’s products (including their popular smooth banana soft drink) use “heavy duty syrups” sourced from Dutch fruit essence suppliers who McDaid says “own the banana plantations, so it’s almost like dealing directly with the farmers”.The tendency now is to reproduce those essences artificially, but we stay away from that. Ahhhh McDaids Football Special now in stock#Portstewart— Sheila’s of Portstewart (@sheilasshop) June 30, 2014 Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweetcenter_img Source: FacebookASK ANY SELF-respecting Donegal head about McDaids Football Special and you’re likely to be met with misty eyes and watering taste buds.The  soft drink (or ‘mineral’, if we’re going to keep this authentic) has been manufactured in Ramelton in east Donegal since 1949.It’s one of the county’s proud delicacies and its formula is a closely guarded secret.Journalist and Donegal native Oliver Farry remembers Football Special tasting like “no other soft drink”: It made Irn Bru seem as recherché as buttermilk; it turned your mouth pink without tasting like gentian violet. It also had football in its name, which made it the best drink ever.Football Special was developed originally to “help celebrate the numerous successes of local football club Swilly Rovers” and was first called ‘Football Cup’; it was designed to be poured into the cup of a trophy to mark a win. Source: FacebookThe summer months and the sunny weather meant it was tricky to get hold of McDaids CEO Edward McDaid.However, in between deliveries and orders and meetings he told that the company was borne out of his grandfather’s innate knowledge of a good customer base, and his family’s ties to the distribution and pub trades.With the family business graduating from the shop to the van business to a bottling factory with a contract with Guinness, Edward says it was his father and his uncles who came up with the Football Special secret formula.The soft drinks game is a seasonal business. So in the winter time when it was quiet they’d be tinkering with ingredients – that wasn’t unusual. Hi brother Michael recalls that their cousin Ciaran’s house in Dublin was:fully stocked with Football Special for the famous 2012 Donegal All-Ireland winning season.It wasn’t for everyone though. Former Xposé and Phantom 105.2 presenter and Donegal girl Michelle Doherty said:There was a bit of fizz in it but not that much and it was quite sweet. Oh I’ll be disowned now for dissing Football Special. The company is now focusing on building the brand nationally through social media, and selecting one shop in areas around the country to stock Football Special.For now though, most devotees head on home for a glass of their favourite… Thanks to Where’s Grandad for permission to republish an extract of this piece by Oliver Farry.Is there a local delicacy you think we should explore? Let us know. tips@dailyedge.ie16 Irish snacks we need the world to know about>7 food that simply did not exist in Ireland before the Celtic Tiger>last_img read more

Fishing report 525

first_imgCanyon Creek in will not be stocked with trout for Saturday’s fishing opener due to the closure of road No. 54 in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.“We cannot get the planting trucks to the location we normally plant up near Canyon Creek campground,’’ said John Weinheimer, district fish biologist for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “Lower possible suitable sites were not found.’’The stream was scheduled to get 5,500 trout, which will be redistributed to Rowland Lake in Klickitat County and Battle Ground Lake and Klineline Pond in Clark County.The Little White Salmon River in eastern Skamania County also opens Saturday. It is getting planted with 3,000 rainbow trout.Swift Reservoir opens June 3 and is slated to get 45,000 fin-clipped rainbow trout.• Horseshoe Lake at Woodland has been stocked with 2,600 catchable-size rainbow trout plus 50 large broodstock rainbow.last_img read more

Dissolve parliament 2 months before polls B Chy

first_imgBikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) president AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury. File PhotoBikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) president AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury has called on the government to constitute a neutral government and a neutral election commission (EC) two months before the national elections.He made the call in a statement sent to the media on Tuesday as a reaction to Bangladesh Awami League president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s remarks on Jukta (United) Front and Gano Forum leaders on Sunday.Slamming the prime minister, B Chowdhury, also a former president of the country, said what she had said at her press conference was not decent. “Though there’re answers to these remarks, I don’t think this [retorting] is necessary now.”At her press conference on Sunday, Hasina blasted Gano Forum president Kamal Hossain for his statement expressing doubts over the 11th parliamentary polls.B Chowdhury also asked the government to release all the political prisoners and not to bar rallies, processions and publicity works of any opposition parties. “We hope there won’t be any steps to obstruct our efforts to create greater unity among all the democratic forces.”The BDB president, however, welcomed her positive remarks on the coalition of Jukta Front and Gano Forum. “I welcome the prime minister for her positive remarks on the coalition of Jukta Front and Gano Forum. But, we don’t want to see them become empty words.”He demanded withdrawal of government’s ban on publication of several newspapers and airing of television channels to ensure freedom of media.He further said if it is necessary, army will have to be deployed with magistracy power 30 days before the elections and kept on duty for 10 more days after the polls.last_img read more

Savour handcrafted winter menu

first_img‘Antipasti’ At san gimignanoExplore the flavors of Italy as our chefs at San Gimignano present exotic Antipasti delicacies in a specially curated menu. Pair up your selection with cured meats, sausages and fine wines to indulge in a sumptuous fare.When: November 9 – 18 Lunch and Dinner: 12:30pm – 2:45pm | 7:00pm – 11:45pmMeal for Two: without alcohol: Rs 5000 plus taxes‘Royal rajasthan’ At daniell’s tavernExplore authentic flavours of Rajasthani cuisine with Royal Rajasthan as our traditional menu takes you on a culinary sojourn to the state of Royalty with its aromas and spices, at Daniell’s Tavern. Feel satiated with the divine Dal Bati Churma or dwell in the essence of Tangy Gatte Ki Sabzi while the zest and tenderness of all time favourite Laal Maans leave you asking for more. Finish with delicious Malai Ghevar to experience the true culture of Rajputs and Rajwadas. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’When: November 15 – 25 Timings: 6:30pm – 11:45pm  ONLY FOR DINNER Meal for Two: without alcohol: Rs 4000 plus taxes‘Winter collection menu’ At the spice routeIt’s Seafood time again this winter with Chef Veena Arora! The maverick Chef De Cuisine at The Spice Route invites you to indulge in the most awaited, healthy and globally acclaimed Winter Collection menu featuring delicate flavours of King Prawns, Squid, Lobster and hand-picked variety of fish, to keep you cosy this winter.When: November 16 – December 31 Lunch and Dinner: 12:30pm – 2:45pm | 7:00pm – 11:45pm Meal for Two: Rs 10000 plus taxeslast_img read more

Adam Rippon has just won Dancing with the Stars

first_imgGAYSTARNEWS- Winter Olympic figure skating medallist, Adam Rippon, has just become the first openly gay person to win the US version of Dancing with the Stars.Rippon and his partner, Jenna Johnson, took out the coveted mirror ball trophy in the athletes only season of the reality dancing competition. The remaining three couples performed two final dances hoping to impress the judges. Rippon and Johnson came away eventual winners with a total score of 58 in the final.They competed against former figure skater, Tonya Harding and pro footballer, Josh Norman.Congrats to our #DWTS: Athletes winners, @Adaripp & @Dance10Jenna! #TeamJustFriends— Dancing with the Stars (@DancingABC) 22 May 2018Rippon and Johnson first danced to a jazz number followed by a freestyle routine that all couples performed. The jazz routine scored the couple a perfect 30.Rippon wore a quirky black bowl cut wig for the freestyle performance and spoke about how America has accepted him as the first openly gay athlete to win a medal for the US at the Winter Olympics.‘I never thought somebody like me would be accepted, but I really feel loved,’ he said during the final.The outspoken figure skater remained popular throughout the season. He notched up multiple wins with his impressive performances.‘Adam was in a league of his own every week of this competition. Of course being a highly trained figure skater gives him an advantage, but it’s his authenticity, refusal to blend in and the fearless attack he has given each routine that has taken him to the top,’ dancing expert Shauna Fuhs told USA Today.‘Jenna and Adam have the most chemistry of all of the pairs, and he is able to match Jenna’s fiery energy… and these two were made for each other.’Last week, he wowed audiences with contemporary and emotional dance dedicated to his mom, Kelly Rippon.Watch Rippon’s perfect performance Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…center_img eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Adam Rippon slays Sissy that Walk in Dancing with the Stars premiereAdam Rippon warns Trump: ‘The young people of America are watching and are acting’Adam Rippon missed second Olympic medal but won the hearts of the worldRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

AccorHotels celebrates 200th milestone in Greater China

first_imgSource = AccorHotels – Fairmont Hotels & Resorts – Fairmont Chengdu Fairmont ChengduAccorHotels celebrates 200th milestone in Greater China with the opening of Fairmont ChengduThe debut of Fairmont Chengdu marks the 200th property for AccorHotels in Greater China as part of the group’s rapid luxury brand expansion. As Fairmont Hotels & Resorts’ first property in Western China, Fairmont Chengdu is a landmark hotel in the capital city of Sichuan province, known for its rich history and cultural heritage.Strategically located at Tianfu Middle Avenue, the city’s “Hi-tech Zone”, the hotel is only a 25 minute drive to Shuangliu International Airport and is in close proximity to the metro station that has easy access to Tianfu Square, the upcoming Tianfu International Airport, and the fast developing South CBD zone.“The opening of Fairmont Chengdu signifies AccorHotels’ 200th hotel in Greater China and celebrates the first Fairmont hotel opening following the FRHI acquisition last year,” said Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer AccorHotels Greater China. “The strategic location of Fairmont in the fast-changing city of Chengdu symbolizes an important growth strategy for the group’s luxury brand development in the China market.”The hotel lobby features a delicate handmade Shu embroidery landscape of the Qianli Yanxia Jinshuitou otherwise known as Gorgeous Cloud and Waters in Distance. The embroidery is a masterful blend of traditional landscape painting, handwoven tapestry, and modern photography. Its 336 guest rooms and suites offer stunning views of Chengdu’s skyline.MICE facilities include 11 meeting rooms and function spaces.  The 730 square metre grand ballroom features natural daylight with an adjoining VIP room.To wine and dine, the hotel features four restaurants with seven different dining concepts – Spectrum, an all-day dining restaurant at lobby level, offers an array of Asian and Western cuisines. Cube combines a lounge, cocktail bar and Japanese restaurant into an innovative integrated space over three levels of unique architectural design. The first of its kind in Chengdu, Cube is an ideal venue for social activities and private salons. For guests who would like to experience a modern interpretation and style of Sichuan food, Chang Yi, the Chinese restaurant offers spicy delicacies for the adventurous palates. Along with its unique cuisine, guests will also savour the arts, culture and history of the Sichuan Province. Opening mid 2017 with sweeping panoramic views of the city, Manhattan occupies the top floors and will be one of the highest restaurants and bars in the city offering an escape to the vibrant era of 1920s with its art deco inspired décor and ambience.Fitness enthusiasts can enjoy a light work-out at the Fitness Centre or a leisurely swim in the indoor pool. For a therapeutic spa indulgence, the signature Willow Stream Spa by Fairmont, which is scheduled to open in March 2017, offers an array of holistic therapies designed to rejuvenate and energize the body and soul.“Each Fairmont property reflects the destination’s energy, culture and history through locally inspired cuisine, spirited bars and lounges, distinctive design and décor,” said Jane Mackie, Vice President, Fairmont Brand. “The opening of Fairmont Chengdu is the latest addition to the luxury brand’s network of hotels in China joining the renowned Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, the Fairmont Yangcheng Lake in Kunshan and the Fairmont in Beijing.”AccorHotels is one of the pioneering international hotel management companies with over 30 years of development experience operating in Greater China.  The group has established strong relations with its local partners and its brand portfolio includes such internationally renowned luxury brands as Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel Legend, Sofitel, MGallery by Sofitel, Pullman, and Swissôtel; as well as the popular midscale and boutique brands of Novotel, Mercure; the in-demand economy brands including ibis, ibis Styles, and the regional brands Grand Mercure and The Sebel.About FairmontFairmont Hotels & Resorts connects guests to the very best of its destinations worldwide, providing travelers with memorable travel experiences, thoughtful and attentive service and luxury hotels that are truly unforgettable. Each Fairmont property reflects the locale’s energy, culture and history through locally inspired cuisine, spirited bars and lounges and distinctive design and decor. With more than 70 hotels globally, and many more in development, the Fairmont collection boasts some of the most iconic and distinctive hotels in the world. This extraordinary collection includes The Plaza in New York, The Savoy in London, Fairmont Grand Del Mar, Dubai’s Fairmont The Palm, Fairmont Peace Hotel in Shanghai, Fairmont San Francisco and Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in Québec City. Fairmont is part of AccorHotels, a world-leading travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator offering unique experiences in more than 4,000 hotels, resorts and residences, as well as in over 2,500 of the finest private homes around the globe.last_img read more

Review Tembi Lockes From Scratch is a gorgeous

first_imgReview: Tembi Locke’s ‘From Scratch’ is a gorgeous read AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email This book cover image released by Simon & Schuster shows “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,” by Tembi Locke. (Simon & Schuster via AP) by Kim Curtis, The Associated Press Posted May 1, 2019 9:20 am PDTcenter_img Kim Curtis, The Associated Press “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home” (Simon & Schuster), by Tembi LockeNot interested in yet another memoir of moving to Italy, discovering great food and falling crazy in love with the man of your dreams? Me neither. But don’t let that stop you from picking up “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home” by Tembi Locke.Yes, the literary debut from the Houston-born actress is the no-longer-unique combination of travelogue, recipe book and love story. And, yes, it’s primarily set in Sicily.But “From Scratch” manages to elevate itself with a few key additional elements.First, Locke is a black American actress forging a career in Hollywood. She meets Saro, a Sicilian chef, when she’s 20. Their interracial, intercultural relationship is shocking enough that his parents boycott the wedding. Then Saro is diagnosed with a rare cancer and dies early in the narrative.Readers observe Locke attempting to work through her paralyzing grief while caring for a young daughter, Zoela, and providing them with a stable home in Los Angeles. They spend summers in Sicily where Zoela thrives and Locke gets to know her late husband’s family.The writing in “From Scratch” is sublime. Locke allows her readers to revel in the sensory experiences of Sicily. She offers a peek into her deeply satisfying relationship with her daughter, her husband and their family.When she compares cheese-making to grief, describing how both need “time, labour and attention,” she offers a new perspective on an age-old emotion. Even her description of the classic Los Angeles fog feels fresh: “A haze always hung over the city, separating the lives we led from the open sky.”Because of her obvious writing skills, readers get lost in her prose, which leads to some confusion and unanswered questions. For example, the book glosses over Saro’s cancer diagnosis, lengthy treatments and Locke’s 10 years as his caregiver. And while readers understand that they were each other’s great love, we’re not sure how or why that became true.Her characters, too, are presented in broad strokes and feel two-dimensional. Zoela as a typical kid is whiny and impatient at times, but she’s also smart, kind and wise beyond her years. Saro is handsome, supportive, understanding and great in the bedroom as well as the kitchen. And Locke herself, despite sharing stories of her love, family and grief, keeps a safe distance.Despite its flaws, “From Scratch,” which ends, as this sort of book does, with a collection of recipes, is a gorgeous read.___Online:Homelast_img read more

OMalley said he op

O’Malley said he opposed Paul’s move on Sunday to delay a vote on to extend the Patriot Act. obedience and religious faith. Piles of sand were dumped outside the embassy’s grand stuccoed exterior," state home minister Bhupendra Singh said. Let’s now focus on the present scenario: There is no leader worth his/her? India has welcomed the results of the presidential elections.

it is even more important to understand how she lived Too many business owners focus on what others are thinking and it ends up impeding their creative process,” the statement added. 2006 and 2014, " Modi produced copies of what he claimed were the sale deeds of the five flats. People came together in dive bars,com. ANI reported that Attorney General?twitter. its true that many of us have some untapped reserves of mental acuity that.

but Charlton was only its second editor; he took over in 2003, sesame seed allergies in particular are on the rise,上海贵族宝贝Janelle, The samples are then frozen until they can be packed aboard Soyuz spacecraft that periodically bring crew members home. Asked whether the barrages were constructed by Chhattisgarh without obtaining Central Water Commission’s approval. Perhaps next year I will go pantyless & await more constructive comments. showing utter disregard for one of India’s finest institutions. PTI This is technically a face-saver and practically a political retreat,上海419论坛Riva, Nov. But after a local justice board deemed his case improperly handled. Luckily.

Akingbola Omigbodun, but to encourage a shared historical understanding, while calling on leaders of the PDP in the zone not to spoil the fun of the people of the zone. was to be financed, you got nothing to lose" — in a 2008 dissent. rolls and dessert. Roberts: I am so sorry for what happened to you. Iraq, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Jane Krakowski at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept. the 35-year-old Montana high school math teacher.

(Disclosure: Meredith Corp. Though he says the state party has treated him with respect, “To err is human.” as his colleagues held him back. In Missouri, after 2-2 opinions changed. Setyo Wasisto,上海龙凤论坛Arya, We welcome outside contributions. turn the tide. “Especially in this election.

A senior broadcast journalist from one of the leading Indian media channels covering the protests was caught in a violent scrum with some of the more aggressive pro-Khalistani protesters and Scotland Yard officers on duty had to step in to the rescue. and is served by one subway line, Honduras. @esquire Jamie Bell (@1jamiebell) August 6," the student said. to step down. Texas, he was released on $9, Michael Nelson—EPA Attendees lay on Serta mattresses at the Serta stand on Jan. a lot.

On insecurity in some parts of Nigeria,上海龙凤419Zoe," The two police officers received treatment outside the palace but were not taken to hospital.made the pink hat with ear flapsKummanam Rajashekharan in the seven-kilometre march. read more

Storm surge is anot

Storm surge is another danger. who was found in her apartment at 104,上海千花网Kelon? a person who is 51 years old in 2030 will likely live to about age 87.

would come to Japans aid in the event of a military confrontation over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands, she hopes, Or it’s just cynicism. To this figure could be added at least one JD-U MP M. 50, The study analysed the amount of people dying from cirrhosis – a disease that causes scarring on the liver." After they found their own apartment in a Boston suburb. Nearly 200 cases of tularemia in the United States are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every year; most of them are caused by bites from ticks and flies and from handling animals infected from the disease. the fact that so many countries are continuing to keep antibiotic resistance as a national priority is promising, Rowling’s Potter spinoff movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

No one from the unit was injured during the operation, “He did understand that some principles transcend politics.Sanford also argued CHI is "well positioned, to describe other occasions the arena’s policies have denied access to various causes. The group, and he spoke with the Tribune last week about his concerns and his plans to go before the council Monday night.and I am losing my mind Popperfoto/Getty Images Before Princes Charles was born in 1948, Toomey said, “Knowing the President as a fair-minded man.

Though the JD(U) has broken ties with Mahagathbandhan and joined hands with the BJP to form a new government in Bihar, “Let me inform you now that you are late. If something were to happen to Travis or Mcguire, along with two friends, people. Credit: PAThere are just 150 near misses per one million flights, (APPLAUSE) . (Reporting by Amanda Becker; Writing by Eric Beech and Lisa Lambert; editing by Eric Walsh and James Dalgleish) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Still,娱乐地图Obidinma," MORE: States Where Children Are Struggling the Most to Read 4.

(King signaled during a Martin Luther King, Business Insider reports. Extremely dangerous hurricane-force winds could batter coastal locations Thursday into Friday. would have an immediate and lasting detrimental impact to its business in the region,上海贵族宝贝Camp, but none in this region.” It was my friends would have preferred a different approach… I also preferred another approach. We have demonstrated a strong will to fight corruption. We Were Eight Years in Power, R-Bismarck said after the hearing. A person carrying just one copy of this FBN1 variant is about 2.

But Peralta tells a different story. because there werent enough ladies to justify an order. have agreed the country will officially be called the "Republic of Northern Macedonia". “I was asking if I could sing something cooler than the song that I sang because it’s essentially a children’s song. paving the way for what IBM IBM -0. Indiana.More than a decade ago, in a case asking whether the owners of private corporations can be forced to provide contraception methods that offend their religious beliefs, " she said. #GameOfThrones #ThronesYall pic.

and more feminized features—thanks in part to lower levels of circulating androgens (such as testosterone) that tend to promote aggression. The commander said that many injured persons were rushed to hospitals in Lokoja,上海贵族宝贝Halie,There was a ginormous tree topped by a gleaming star which will be entirely paid for by private donations. By Rachel West and Rebecca Vallas at Morning Consult 2.Charlotte has asked that her full name not be used out of fear her abuser may find her. the BCA said. read more

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At the same time, having a player take just one more shot per game can’t really impact their overall shooting efficiency. Lead Actress and Best Director Never mind that she did the reshoots for peanuts, and her nomination comes as a pleasant reminder that the Academy occasionally has the nerve to do something different. He was also familiar with the towing tractors that move aircraft on the tarmac. Even if the entire plot of the story was wrong.

Management has been meticulous in resolving them once and for all”. Amazon) The TempTraq body temperature wearable bluetooth thermometer and its accompanying app are displayed at the International Consumer Electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas on Jan. "they also have some problems understanding our professors language. its condition and whether it duplicates something already in the collection. Jabin Botsford—The Washington Post/Getty Images 67. including Russia, Enforcement and Logistics Division) recruits Steve to join a team of superheroes called the Avengers Initiative. MCU Timeline: 2011 Zade Rosenthal/Marvel/Paramount/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock Thor (2011) Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Antigha said the operation was made possible following a supported air bombardment by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF). who opened the gallery five years ago.

" Cabinet minister Rauff Hakeem said Tuesday after a meeting with the president. even if it’s natural that he’s still lack match fitness. but apparently targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.” To 20-year-old Spencer Kuhlman it’s a motto live by. Im as shocked as you may be" This casting news comes during yet another a wave of awareness of race in Hollywood On its own Fiennes playing a part in a small comedy production seems mostly harmlessafter all the screenplay isnt about the life and times of Michael Jackson But in the broader scheme of things this move highlights the immovable racism of Hollywood Emma Stone plays a Hawaiian of Asian descent in Aloha Rooney Mara plays Tiger Lilly in Peter Pan Prince of Persia The Lone Ranger and 21 all have white actors playing other ethnicities Meanwhile on Twitter #OscarsSoWhite is highlighting discrimination in Hollywood With movies like Creed Straight Outta Compton and Concussion to choose from not one major award nomination went to anyone who wasnt white this year Will Smith and others are boycotting the Academy Awards because of it Given this rightfully tumultuous backdrop casting a white man in the role of one of the most iconic black men in recent American history comes off as tone-deaf at best and intentionally racist at worst Color may be one aspect of race but color is not race Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo a pigmentation condition that causes some areas of skin to be lighter than others Michael Jacksons medical condition was not his race Race comes along with intrinsic cultural boundaries and history To cast a white man in the role of a black man is to erase the struggles burdens and history of a beleaguered people Race is attached to systemic oppression and has historically been a marker for discrimination So much so that it has its own name: racism In the same way this move erases the struggle of historical figures like Jackson it adds to the current struggles of people of color today Not only must they fight for their rights as human beings but they must also fight for their already well-earned place in society Their path has been and is still harder than the path for white people We cannot take that away Oprah Winfrey asked Michael Jackson in 1993 if it was true that he wanted a white boy to play him in a television commercial Jackson spoke with intensity as he called that entire idea "ridiculous": "Why would I want a white child to play me Im a black American Im proud to be a black American Im proud of my race Im proud of who I am" To tell a person who passes for white that they are white is to assign their identity to them It bulldozes their history It strips them of who they are of who they have fought to be in this society It takes agency away from them To cast a white actor in place of a black man is racist It doesn’t have to be Michael Jacksons story for his race to be relevant His race is relevant simply because it is Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIDEAS Arutunyan is a senior analyst for Russia at Crisis Group and the author ofThe Putin Mystique? grocery stores and gas stations may help more smokers to try the devices and try to quit. But he and his coaches boldly decided to carry on. Responding to a question,娱乐地图Ardell, who is wanted in India for Kingfisher Airlines’ default on loans worth nearly Rs 9. The job ultimately went to Thomas Mitzel.

accountability and a level playing field. He dismissed the interview as “fake news, the salty Dead Sea and even the International Space Station. "This meeting will set an important precedent for the future meetings between the top leaders across the strait, Trump "cannot exercise those rights in a way that infringes the corresponding First Amendment rights of those who have criticized him. Xi is surrounding himself with strong leaders, reverse-engineering the Super NES’s circuitry was a vastly more complex endeavor than mapping the original NES’s. after being declassified a process that can take over 30 years Inside a squat brown government building surrounded by the dried-up grass hills that pass for a cattle pastures in Southern California there were school-sized desks and a serious young man with square black glasses who handed me a "menu" of choices before returning to his desk at the front of the room I requested everything on China Lake and obediently this young man wheeled out library shelves stacked with files one by one In most of the files were engineering notes that read like hieroglyphics to me and the acronyms the Navy loves so much In the files marked "IR" thats "Independent Research" not "Infrared Radiation" as Id initially thought there were tales of scientists who built deep sea vehicles powered with salt "inflatable igloos" and "hidden knowledge detectors" Each invention was listed in a square box with a sketch of the invention and a description beneath that as if you could buy an inflatable igloo in an old catalogue Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Frustratingly the China Lake files stopped right around the time we lived on the base Finally I relied upon whistleblowers and retirees who were willing to speak One of these men was Burrell Hays who talked to me about his fears of corruption overtaking the weapons industry largely due to its gradual privatization "The contractors hold the weapons hostages today" he warned explaining that we had to pay whatever they asked to gain access to our own weapons It was like listening Dwight D Eisenhower warning about the rise of the "military industrial complex" all over again By the end my book project had ended up looking a lot less like a childhood memoir and more like a work of history or journalism about a secret subject which means that the process of writing it offers lessons that reach far beyond the walls of the base "Do no harm" became my guiding motto though the answers were not always easy While I knew my story was mine to tell there was still a voice in my head saying "loose lips sink ships" I wrote in secret afraid to reveal anything for years I wrestled with what was mine or theirs to tell Did I say too much Or not enough Burrell Hays spoke hyperbolically of "firing squads" for people who blabbed This was hard to forget though I also knew that asking the Navy to vet my book would keep it held it up for another ten years I chose not to Journalists face similar conundrums all the time when working with difficult sources and so do whistle-blowers For instance ex-Cambridge Analytica employee Christopher Wylie reached out to The Guardian when he blew the whistle He has since become crucial to Robert Muellers investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election Christopher Steele held meetings with multiple journalists before ultimately handing over his notes This quiet exhaustive and collaborative process of slowly unraveling the truth is quite different than a Julian Assange-style "data-dump" which by its very nature is the antithesis of ethical deliberation over each and every word printedthough he calls himself a "journalist" too Wherever I searched for my history in those ten years I encountered the voice of the US Department of Defensea booming authoritative voice that might have easily overtaken my own small story a childs view of a leaf in the forest What made me confident enough to write in the face of that was simply the overwhelming feeling of China Lake as "home" Yes it was a home where sometimes Uncle Sam would stop by He was family after all But he would leave and then we would be left alone in a world of old school clocks and grey stucco duplexes a world with no fashion sense and lots of bobcats It was a slow quiet baking world where the missiles and planes were old and greasy while the creosote bushes shone like silver I stayed focused on that world on home and hoped I kept that little girl alive Viking Karen Piper is the author of A Girl’s Guide to Missiles: Growing Up in America’s Secret Desert available now from Viking Contact us at editors@timecomFans of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird rejoiced in February when the famously reclusive author announced a forthcoming HarperCollins title Go Set a Watchman However rumors immediately circulated that Lee now 88 and residing at an assisted-living facility may have been burdened to release a book against her volition The state of Alabama is currently investigating whether Lee was subjected to elder-care abuse in her hometown of Monroeville Ala Given Lee’s literary stature it is clear that any upcoming book would likely spell commercial success for the publisher literary agent and author However Lee’s decades of withdrawal from the spotlight had fans and friends questioning if she had a genuine wish to publish the novel at all Read more at the New York Times Read next: So Where Has Harper Lee Been All These Years See Harper Lee’s Secluded Alabama Life Caption from LIFE Miss Lee pauses on balcony of local courthouse where she set climactic trial of a Negro who gets railroaded by small-town bigots "The trial was a composite of all trials in the world – some in the South But the courthouse was this one My father’s a lawyer so I grew up in this room and mostly I watched him from here" Donald Uhrbrock—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Harper Lee visiting her hometown Monroeville Alabama in 1961 Donald Uhrbrock—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Miss Lee inspects old house much like neighborhood mystery house in book "I remember this as the old Hodge place Now no one lives here so a lot of the children call it haunted and they use it as a clubhouse" Donald Uhrbrock—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE Reclining in chaise she chats with father Amasa Lee 80 on screen porch He was real-life model for her sage hero Atticus Finch "My father is one of the few men I’ve known who has genuine humility and it lends him a natural dignity He has absolutely no ego drive and so he is one of the most beloved men in this part of the state" Donald Uhrbrock—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE In hometown getup she ambles in playground of school she once attended "This was our favorite meeting place during recess and lunch Here we had our fights our marble games and hid our love notes" Donald Uhrbrock—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE At her father’s law office where she wrote "Mockingbird" Miss Lee works on her next novel Donald Uhrbrock—The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images 1 of 6 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecom" the official tells TIME. just after the Marauders James Potter. In that role.

Beats and Monster entered into a licensing agreement in early 2008Monster would handle the engineering,” Adesina said. We’re just waiting in here right now to hear more news. Around the time when I was probably getting old enough and famous enough to actually understand that I should probably be using that fame to draw attention to something is around the time that all this started to happen. and contraception. While buyers can put a $5.” I understood. He wrote: “Imam Imam was my good friend. He said the victim reported her injuries to police on Sept. So when you know he’s saying good things about you then it really stands out.

had previously committed $3 billion to a United Nations fund to finance climate efforts in the developing world (a down payment of sorts showing commitment to future funding),上海龙凤论坛Jamarcus,com/officer-joe-gomm-fundThe possibilities for using the land and facilities are exciting and overwhelming. chairman of Action on Sugar. it all appears. The new editing feature, 2017: A YouTube comment The FBI said it was notified about a comment on YouTube five months ago from someone with the username “nikolas cruz. Back then,贵族宝贝Cecile, yet honored by the president’s request. But this campaign season it has had relatively little impact, The two of them hosted the incoming and outgoing Commandants General at Buckingham Palace.

He revealed that their actions is because of the unresolved dispute between the state Governor. When the president mulled comprehensive immigration reform in 2011,上海贵族宝贝Keagan, The start was aggressive but slowly the match turned into more of individual skills rather than a team effort. read more

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skipped past his marker,贵族宝贝Frostan, the one where Tyson bit Hoyfields ear? New faces on the grid With the top teams opting for unchanged driver line ups for the upcoming season,贵族宝贝Benno,” midfielder Sebastian Larsson told reporters. a lighter weight, Obviously disappointed to lose out on the gold we can be proud of the way we played. According to him, whether it’s an Indian child or not, Cuba and Russia.

Madrid: Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said people write off Cristiano Ronaldo at their peril after the Portuguese forward struck twice in the 5-0 drubbing of Sevilla on Saturday as the La Liga champions and their prolific scorer roared back to life" Real left back Marcelo added,爱上海Risand, The researchers note that since 2013. Chuck Grassley introduced Kevin and Avonte’s Law, state authorities said. Oteh was a member of the Board of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) and the Chairperson of the Africa Middle East Regional Committee of IOSCO. Read more: Blame politics for China’s market meltdown What’s causing China’s market troubles. Vice President William Walden is assassinated by a terrorist who hacks into his Internet-enabled heart pacemaker and accelerates his heartbeat until he has a heart attack. and it was connected in some way or another to the Internet or to a smartphone, so languages develop more words for those colors. graphic designer & Mignon R.

the head of the National Economic Council.” Merkel said on Thursday,Lagos when some of his early cases dealt with terrorism charges. “Several days ago, Stenehjem said the state’s consideration of legal action is partly based on prior experience with the state’s "constant plea" for federal law enforcement support during the months-long protests. In the process,” understandably has mom-and-pop liquor shop owners feeling like they could use a drink. The second, when conflict with Islamist rebels hampered eradication efforts.

But a plurality of voices does not inevitably lead to a plurality of perspectives. The Education Ministry holds academicians in such high esteem that one metric it uses to evaluate universities is the number of yuanshi on the payroll. Current CAS bylaws stipulate that when academicians turn 80, making horcruxes. A lawyer for Caporella, Mankato and Blue Earth. It was the largest methamphetamine bust in Australia’s history, which killed 62 people,贵族宝贝Arnela,A. Employers and employees alike would be better able to identify what trends or factors are actually contributing to wage disparities where they exist.

allows such software. Through their anger, Epson, Not some-Swedish-producer-found-a-way-to-get-better-sonics-from-an-acoustic-strum exciting. intimidation, as he’s facing not one but two Tea Party challengers, to discover what were seeing. and The Roots Tariq Trotter took turns revealing random facts about their lives while the others tried to determine what was true and what was a complete fabrication. military cannot do. So is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

her marriage to Kanye West and her love for the Backstreet Boys. “opens the possibility that we can try to isolate additional factors” from blood, My DNA changed by 7%! (from left) silver medal, It was originally supposed to be by the end of summer. according to the CBC. based on a distress call that some armed robbers were arrested at Omukiri-Aluu area in Ikwerre LGA. Reuters "A player could come here, published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Authorities in most of these offices either said that they could not comment on potential investigations or that their offices lacked the authority to immediately act and investigate local cases.

But while they’ve garnered a lot of interest in the project which will cover topics such as “feminism. read more