Crown lawyer tells BC bail hearing convicted killer had time to kill

first_imgVANCOUVER — A Crown lawyer arguing against the bail release of a man already convicted of killing his common-law wife in British Columbia says Wade Shiffington had a 20-minute window of opportunity to commit the crime.Hank Reiner told B.C. Supreme Court that Shiffington went to an apartment in Richmond in September 1994, knowing the friend who Wanda Martin was visiting would be out briefly.Shiffington was found guilty of second-degree murder in 2001 based on a confession he provided to undercover police as part of a so-called Mr. Big operation that began five years after the murder.The federal justice minister is reviewing the conviction after an appeal by defence lawyers with Innocence Canada, which works to exonerate people believed to have been wrongfully convicted.Shiffington’s lawyers want him to be released on bail while the review is underway, likely for years, and are challenging the credibility of the undercover sting, which they say extracted a false confession.Court has heard Martin was shot six times and the couple’s young son was left with his mother’s body. The Canadian Presslast_img read more


first_imgAdvertisement Actor/filmmaker Farah Merani is a graduate of the Drama Centre London and has performed in Canada, throughout Europe and in Russia. She has appeared in Shadowhunters, Nikita, Lost Girl and The Listener. She is currently developing several TV series with her company, Lifeguard Productions.Little Pretty and the Exceptional is Farah’s Factory Theatre Debut. The play centers around a family opening a sari shop on Gerrard Street. It is a deeply moving story about the taboo around mental health issues in the South-Asian community, and the power of familial ties in the face of adversity.SDTC: What should we be paying more attention to? Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: FM: Grammar.What was the last Netflix series you binged on?BBC’s The Silk Road. Currently blitzing through Transparent.One new thing you learned this year?It’s hard to narrow it down to just one! (Spoiler alert) Through this play alone, I have learned so much about schizophrenia and mental health issues.Simple answer: Reiki. I just did my level 1 certification in LA.Fave food indulgence?Anything with melted cheese.What lyric/song/book is resonating with you right now?I always come back to Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet.What makes you laugh out loud, without fail?Cat memes.Best life advice?Ask your intuition and listen to it. Go where you’re wanted. Breathe.What is the best part of being your current age?Freeing myself from the insecurities and expectations of my twenties. Nobody cares if my legs aren’t shaved today but me.What word or phrase should we use more often?“Yes, and…” instead of “Yes, but…”Describe your perfect Saturday.A leisurely morning with strong coffee, cuddles and crosswords. Yoga. Sunshiney afternoon, trolling garage sales or flea markets. Dinner with friends. Seeing some theatre or music. And a dash of dancing for good measure.What one item would you be lost without (besides your phone)?My prescription sunglasses.Biggest theatre-related pet peeve?When people bin the programs after the show. At least recycle it, would you?!What trends are you loving right now?Women’s marches. Not that they’re technically a trend but that people are becoming more mobilized, and rallying together is amazing.Or:Sack dresses and platform patent leather oxfords.Who was your celebrity crush when you were a kid?Rio Pacheco. Who wouldn’t fantasize about running their hands through that glorious purple hair?!One thing you love about Toronto?Our pluralism. And all the good food!Little Pretty and the Exceptional runs April 1-30 on the Mainstage at Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst St).SOURCE SDTC Facebook Advertisement Twitterlast_img read more

Rankin Inlet garbage man says food at dump still good

first_imgAPTN National NewsRankin Inlet continues to be the centre of debate over hunger in the Arctic.It all began when APTN Investigates revealed people in the community are scrounging the town landfill looking for nutritious food.Part of the problem is the high cost of food and a program supposed to help called Nutrition North.APTN’s Kent Driscoll is in Rankin Inlet to learn more about the on-going scandal.last_img

UNbacked fund reaches over 2 million people worldwide with AIDS treatment

8 July 2009More than 2 million people living with HIV have been reached with life-saving treatment thanks to the United Nations-backed Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, marking a 30 per cent jump from last year. More than 2 million people living with HIV have been reached with life-saving treatment thanks to the United Nations-backed Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, marking a 30 per cent jump from last year.Results released today show that on top of the 2.3 million people receiving anti-retroviral medicines for AIDS, Global Fund-backed schemes have also provided 5.4 million people with effective treatment for TB, the leading cause of death among HIV-infected people. Further, the Fund reported success in the fight against malaria, with 88 million insecticide-treated bednets delivered to families, up from 59 million nets last year.“In less than eight years, the Global Fund has gone from a concept to a driver of change,” said Executive Director Michel Kazatchkine. “When we first began our work in 2002, few people in developing countries were being treated for AIDS or tuberculosis. Malaria was a neglected disease. Many countries simply did not have the resources to fight these diseases effectively.”But now, “the story is changing dramatically,” he said, adding that while greater efforts are needed, “real progress” against the diseases has been made.The information released today combined data from Global Fund-supported initiatives in 140 countries, and showed, among other things, that nearly 80 million people have been reached by HIV counselling and testing, almost 4 million AIDS orphans and vulnerable children have been provided with basic care and support, and 1.4 billion condoms have been distributed worldwide. read more

UN envoy urges compromise as Somalias parliament meets to endorse cabinet

A session of the parliament got under way today to consider the new cabinet proposed by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who was himself appointed by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed last month, following the resignation of his predecessor in September. “I trust that the period between the endorsement of the Prime Minister and now has been used productively to come up with a Cabinet that would meet the expectations of the Somali people,” said Augustine P. Mahiga, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s Special Representative. “I am confident that the honourable Members of Parliament will employ the same sense of responsibility and unity which prevailed during the process of confirmation of the Prime Minister,” he said. Mr. Mahiga reminded the parliamentarians that with just nine months left before the end of the transition period, Somalia needs a government that will prepare a “road map” to carry out the remaining priority tasks of the transition. “The people of Somalia, as well as the international community, are eagerly awaiting the establishment of a functional cabinet. I therefore appeal to the parliamentarians to bring the deliberations on the cabinet to a conclusion that will advance the peace process. “The United Nations and the international community stand ready to assist the new Government as soon as the Cabinet is endorsed,” said Mr. Mahiga. Somalia has lacked a fully functioning national government since the overthrow of the administration of the late Muhammad Siad Barre in 1991, following which the country plunged into anarchy with various armed factions in a state of protracted warfare. The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) was set up six years ago, but is pitted against insurgent groups opposed to it, and has struggled to extend its authority from the capital, Mogadishu, to the rest of the country. 22 November 2010The United Nations envoy for Somalia today urged the country’s transitional parliament to exercise the spirit of compromise in the debate expected to culminate in the endorsement of a new cabinet. read more

In Côte dIvoire Annan says reconciliation will foster further progress

“I am sure that when the political situation is calm, it will be possible to concentrate on economic and social problems,” Mr. Annan told reporters following his meeting in Abidjan on Saturday with President Laurent Gbagbo. “And I am sure that investors will come” to the country, he added.Asked about what the UN is doing to foster peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Secretary-General said efforts were under way to see how to expand the UN peacekeeping mission in the country. At the same time, he said, the UN would help the parties to implement the recently concluded Pretoria agreement. With proper action, progress would be possible on that front, he stressed.The Secretary-General’s stop in Côte d’Ivoire was the first in a series of official visits to six African countries, culminating with his participation at the high-level segment of the World Summit for Sustainable Development early next month in Johannesburg, South Africa. read more

Some MLB Teams Will Rise Some Will Fall But You Shouldnt Predict

After we broke down the voting data on ESPN’s MLB Forecast results last week, an alert FiveThirtyEight reader, Andrew Jondahl, pointed out something weird in the panel’s predictions. Andrew noticed that — from last season to this one — no team was projected to move more than one spot in its division.Such little movement would be highly unusual in the real world. Since 1998, when baseball moved to its current divisional format, nearly 30 percent of teams moved up or down by two or more spots from one season to the next. So why does the 2014 ESPN MLB Forecast panel call for so little movement? Is this a bug or a feature?If we assume the panelists are trying to maximize predictive accuracy, then it’s a feature. This is true for the same reason it’s better to predict no more than, say, 35 home runs for any player in a given season, even though we know the majors’ leader typically hits at least 45 homers (if not 50 or more).Why? We have no way of knowing which player will stray into the HR stratosphere, so it’s best to make regressive predictions for each of the dozen or so guys who could make a credible case for being the outlier; roughly half of the group will exceed their forecast, and half will fall short.The same goes for division forecasts. From 1999 to 2012, an average of 11 MLB teams per season moved zero spots within their division, 10 moved a single spot, six moved two spots, two moved three spots and one moved four spots. But if we tried to parcel out specific teams into each category, the odds are we’d be less accurate than if we just predicted no movement for any team.A great illustration of this principle comes every year around this time. In the NCAA basketball tournament, certain first-round upset combinations (like a No. 12 seed beating a No. 5 seed) are very likely each year. However, there’s a big difference between knowing that fact and being able to capitalize on it by identifying the matchup in which an upset will occur. It’s just as easy to wreck a bracket by chasing false positives — upset picks that don’t happen — as it is to pick a favorite who loses.A No. 12 seed has won roughly 1.5 times in the round of 64 in each tournament since the NCAA field expanded to 64 teams in 1985. But if we took the most likely No. 12 vs. No. 5 upset in the field (according to the teams’ pre-tournament Simple Ratings) and flipped a coin over whether to pick the second-most likely upset, we’d pick winners at a rate 9 percent lower than if we just picked the No. 5 seed to win no matter what.Now, maybe your NCAA tournament pool sweetens the deal by rewarding upsets enough to make chasing those No. 12 seeds a viable strategy, but the overall point stands. Just because we know the overall frequency of an event happening, it doesn’t mean we know whether it will happen in any specific case. The best we can do is be regressive in our forecasts, accepting that some will be wrong, but that the overall prediction will be more accurate in the long run for it. read more

Scientists make major step forward in predicting whether someone will get Alzheimers

first_imgSCIENTISTS HAVE MADE a ‘major step forward’ in developing a blood test to predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.The study, led by King’s College London, analysed more than one thousand people and predicted the start of the illness with 87% accuracy.The researchers identified a set of 10 proteins in the blood which can predict the beginning of the disease, which is one of the most common forms of dementia.The research gives hope for people with the degenerative illness which is often diagnosed late, meaning that treatment and drugs are also  given too late.Scientists say that a blood test that could identify patients in the early stages of memory loss could help find drugs to halt the progression of the disease.There is currently no effective long-lasting drug treatment for Alzheimer’s. An estimated 48,000 people in Ireland have some form of dementia, according to the Alzheimer Society of Ireland.“Alzheimer’s begins to affect the brain many years before patients are diagnosed with the disease,” said Professor Simon Lovestone from the University of Oxford who led the research.“Many of our drug trials fail because by the time patients are given the drugs, the brain has already been too severely affected.“A simple blood test could help us identify patients at a much earlier stage to take part in new trials and hopefully develop treatments which could prevent the progression of the disease”.MORE IN SCIENCE:  Read: Europe wants to spend €1.2 billion on brains (but scientists are angry about it) > Read: An airbag slammed into a 17-year-old’s eye before she had time to blink >last_img read more

Holidaying Brits complain about refugees in Kos

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The past week has seen the arrival of over 1,200 Syrian and Afghan refugees on Kos – much to the dismay of British holidaymakers who have made the island their regular summer holiday retreat.Having made the trek from Turkey on overcrowded dinghies to escape the ongoing terror in Syria, UK newspaper The Daily Mail preferred to focus on the Brits’ concerns over the refugees’ presence ruining their holiday.Journalist Hananah Roberts reported,”Anne Servante, a nurse from Manchester, had come to Kos expecting a relaxing break with her husband Tony, a retired plumber. Instead her summer break has turned into a nightmare as penniless migrants who are in Greece to claim asylum sit outside their restaurant and watch them eat.”The nurse went on to describe the scene as “disgusting”, “dirty” and “messy”, while another couple holidaying on the island with their grandchildren said, “We have never been before but we don’t like it. We won’t be coming back if it’s like a refugee camp again next year.”In the meantime, while tourists’ complain about their ‘ruined’ holidays, the refugees await the necessary travel documents to move on to mainland Greece and Europe in unsanitary conditions, staying in abandoned hotels and on the floor of a police station. Aside from Kos, hundreds of asylum seekers have arrived on Crete, Lesbos, Chios and Farmakonisi in recent weeks.As the main European entry point for people seeking asylum after Italy, the Daily Mail reported that in the past two months alone almost 6,000 migrants have arrived on Kos, with a total of 30,000 across the Greek islands.last_img read more

Rumors Fly on GOP Farm Bill Conferees

first_imgIn Washington today, rumors fly among ag circles that House Speaker John Boehner is close to naming the House’s team of farm bill Conferees. According to multiple sources, the GOP contingent will include Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma and Reps. Mike Rogers of Alabama, Randy Neugebauer and Mike Conaway of Texas, Rick Crawford of Arkansas, Steve King of Iowa, Austin Scott of Georgia, Martha Roby of Alabama, Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania, Kristi Noem of South Dakota, Rodney Davis of Illinois and Jeff Denham of California.In addition, Speaker Boehner is expected to name Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.), a non-Committee member who offered the amendment to the House farm in June to require able-bodied adults without dependents to work or be looking for work to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, formerly known as food stamps, which resulted in the defeat of the bill. Agriculture Committee Ranking Member Collin Peterson has stated that the Democrat conferees will all be Agriculture Committee members.Absent from the list of rumored House Conferees is Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-Ohio), a consistent proponent of ASA’s approach to decouple payments from current-year planting decisions in the bill’s Commodity Title.There appears to be disagreement on when the House conferees will be named. In an interview with AgriTalk earlier Thursday, Rep. Noem indicated that conferees would be named Friday. Chairman Lucas, however, suggested in an interview with CQ that conferees would not be officially named until after House leaders finished with negotiations on the debt ceiling, the timetable for which remains unclear.last_img read more

Yakima makes effort to keep baseball team

first_imgA Clark County analyst shares how she compiled her report in an entry on our local politics blog.A Yakima City councilman tried to rally support Tuesday to keep the Yakima Bears, but a co-owner of the team said Wednesday that doesn’t affect plans to try and move the team to Vancouver and play in a new stadium at Clark College.K.L. Wombacher said he was surprised the Yakima City Council voted 5-1 to approach two other towns — Union Gap and Selah — about a joint effort to build a new stadium. The vote was led by Councilor Dave Edler, a former Seattle Mariner who has always supported the Class A Bears, Wombacher said.Since the May 13 announcement that he and co-owners Mike and Laura McMurray want to move the team to Vancouver, Wombacher said he hasn’t heard many pleas of “please don’t go.” “The comments in the media have been disappointing. Not that we expected everyone to fight for us,” Wombacher said.The Yakima Bears’ stadium doesn’t meet league square-footage standards. When the Portland Beavers became the Tucson Padres, it left the Portland metro area as the largest market in the country without a professional baseball team.last_img read more

FBI arrests PSU student in BG for armor in locker

first_imgThe FBI arrested a Portland State University student Friday morning in his hometown of Battle Ground after school officials found body armor in his locker. When Christopher Rantila, 39, didn’t pay for the locker he rented for the semester, staff members opened it Wednesday evening to clear it out and found the body armor, according to university spokesman Scott Gallagher. School safety officers said they had had “issues with the student” and contacted Portland police, Gallagher said. The case was turned over to the FBI in Seattle. Thursday morning, Portland State University notified Rantila that he was wanted for questioning. He was arrested Friday morning on federal allegations of being a felon in possession of body armor, and was scheduled to appear Friday afternoon in Tacoma district court.last_img read more

Unpublished Parts of Malcolm Xs Autobiography Auctioned Off

first_imgBy Verena Dobnik, The Associated PressFor decades, scholars have wanted to get a closer look at unpublished sections of a towering 20th century book, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X,” including cut chapters that may have contained some of the most explosive thoughts of the African-American firebrand assassinated in 1965.They may get their chance after an auction on July 26, when a manuscript of an unpublished chapter, titled “The Negro,” was sold by Guernsey’s auction house for $7,000.Malcolm X waiting for a press conference to begin on March 26, 1964. (Photo/Marion S. Trikosko [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons )“We are like the Western deserts; tumbleweed, rolling and tumbling whichever way the white wind blows,” reads part of the chapter. “And the white man is like the cactus, deeply rooted, with spines to keep us off.”The buyer was The New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, based in Harlem. The Schomburg Center also acquired a 241-page early draft of Malcolm X’s autobiography at the auction for an undisclosed sum.The existence of unpublished chapters of the book has been known since 1992, when an entertainment attorney, Gregory Reed, bought them at an estate auction following the death of the autobiography’s co-author, Alex Haley.Some pages have been exhibited in a Detroit museum. An unpublished introduction was read aloud at an event in 2010. But mostly the sections of the draft that were cut before publication have been locked away from public view.Schomburg Center director Kevin Young said after the auction that the draft of the entire book is of immense value, beyond the historic, for the handwritten revisions and comments by Malcolm X and Haley.Their dialogue, in writing, reflects the human rights activism of the Muslim minister, who indicted White America for what he saw as criminal behavior against Blacks.Opponents including the U.S. government accused Malcolm X of inciting racism and violence. He was assassinated in Harlem by three members of the Nation of Islam, a radical religious movement, shortly after he had broken away from the group.The scribbled notes in the manuscript “are a very direct narrative that he’s crafting,” said Young, citing the image of racist cross-burning that Malcolm X’s mother described to him as a child. “And that’s what brings him into the world.”Loose fragments of Malcolm X’s writing-in-the-works suggest a question: Is it possible there are other chapters that were written but cut?“I examined them, and I don’t know what those are,” Young said. “It’s too early to tell. They look like they were probably stapled at one time or cut and pasted. Some are half of a page or just slips of paper. The best way to describe them is that they’re literal fragments and literary fragments.”It may take years before the story of the fragments is pieced together.“You see in these pages the history of Black people in America,” Young concluded. “And we’re bringing the sons and daughters of Harlem home.”last_img read more

With Blake Griffin gone the Clippers can go allin on LeBron

first_imgMalcolm Butler’s interception is the defining play of the Patriot dynastyNew England is headed to it’s 8th Super Bowl of the Belichick/Brady era, and even though there have been many memorable plays, the one Colin feels defines the 17- year dynasty had nothing to do with Tom Brady.Colin thinks Malcolm Butler’s game-winning, goal line interception in the Super Bowl against Seattle is the hallmark play of the incredible run. It’s the perfect example of preparation meeting situational awareness, leading to a game-deciding play.Even though Tom Brady is the player that defines the dynasty, this is the one play that perfectly defines it.Also:-The Warriors could win the title without Steve Kerr, this seasonGuests:Stefon Diggs – Vikings wide receiver joins the show to talk Eagles D; if there was an emotional letdown after the “Minneapolis Miracle”; and how the quarterback situation will play out.Kenyon Martin – 14-year NBA veteran is in-studio talking Blake Griffin trade; why he would love to play with Russell Westbrook; and if Isaiah Thomas can work in Cleveland.Tony Gonzalez – FS1 Analyst and former All-Pro tight end is in-studio explaining the difference in playoff intensity compared to regular season games, and why he was devastated after getting booed as a rookie.Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback joins the show to talk about his time as teammates with Nick Foles, and how he views his role in mentoring younger quarterbacks. With Blake Griffin gone, the Clippers can go all-in on LeBronBlake Griffin quickly became an NBA fan favorite because of his explosive athleticism and endless stream of highlight dunks, but Colin never bought in. He sees Griffin as a tremendous talent who hasn’t adapted is game to the more perimeter oriented current NBA, and thinks the Clippers were right to trade him to Detroit so they can re-shape their team.Griffin’s game would have dominated in the 90’s, but the game has changed, and now he’s nothing more than an overpriced, expendable piece. Now the Clippers can aggressively try to pursue difference making free agents, specifically LeBron James.last_img read more

Basilisk browser drops WebExtension support

first_imgBasilisk browser drops WebExtension support by Martin Brinkmann on January 21, 2019 in Internet – 126 commentsBasilisk browser, a web browser that is maintained largely by the Pale Moon team, won’t support WebExtension-based extensions going forward.The browser is based on the Unified XUL Platform, a forked version of the Mozilla Code Repository created before Mozilla’s switch to removing XUL and other components for Firefox and focusing on WebExtensions and Servo components.Current versions of Basilisk are seen as development software which means that users may experience issues when they use the browser and that things may change during development.Moonchild, lead developer of Pale Moon and Basilisk, revealed today that the web browser will drop support for WebExtensions going forward. Support for WebExtensions was experimental in the browser.The following reasons are provided:WebExtensions support in Basilisk was at odds with support for XUL-based extensions; XUL-based extensions can do anything that WebExtensions can do already and without the need to create specific APIs for functionality that is not supported by the default WebExtension APIs.WebExtensions may (and have already) introduce issues, security and otherwise, of their own.Disparity between supporting core WebExtension functionality and supporting XUL-based extensions.Interface modifications that are necessary to integrate WebExtensions in a XUL-based browser.It would require immense effort and manpower to keep up with Mozilla’s WebExtensions development. Moonchild acknowledges that the team does not have the manpower for that.The decision was made to focus on XUL and drop support for WebExtensions.Basilisk users who have WebExtensions installed may see them being removed automatically from the browser in a future update. The only option to avoid this is to stay on the current version (or the last version of the browser with WebExtensions support); that is not suggested, however, as updates may patch security issues and other issues.The number of users affected by the change is unclear; one of the main reasons for using Basilisk is that it supports XUL-based extensions.Users who require support for XUL-based extensions and WebExtensions at the same time may want to check out Waterfox. The browser supports both (WebExtensions to a degree) but has issues of its own.Now You: Did you try Basilisk or use it regularly?SummaryArticle NameBasilisk browser drops WebExtension supportDescriptionBasilisk browser, a web browser that is maintained largely by the Pale Moon team, won’t support WebExtension-based extensions going forward.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Torontos Trump Tower to be sold following low occupancy rates

first_img Friday, November 4, 2016 Travelweek Group Posted by Toronto’s Trump Tower to be sold following low occupancy rates Sharecenter_img TORONTO — The world has to wait another five days until the U.S. presidential election to see whether Donald Trump is a winner or a loser. But in Toronto, the outspoken Republican nominee may already have lost in a big way.According to Huffington Post Canada, Toronto’s Trump International Hotel and Tower went into receivership this past Tuesday after building developer and owner Talon International defaulted on a $301 million loan last year.JCF Capital ULC, which owns the debt, filed for receivership in order for the company to recover its investment. It will trade its debt for ownership if it’s not satisfied with any offers from potential buyers.The tower has encountered several major hiccups since its debut. People who invested in hotel units were told to expect occupancy rates of 55%, wherein reality rates only reached between 15-45%. Politico reported that less than half of the condos have been sold, with average room rates falling well below expectations.More news:  Visit Orlando unveils new travel trade tools & agent perksLast year, Toronto Mayor John Tory also demanded action following reports of the tower’s unstable antenna.In addition, during the height of Trump’s controversial run for the U.S. presidency, Talon tried to remove the Trump name from the tower. The Trump Organization went to court to stop that from happening. << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Donald Trump, Toronto, Trump Hotelslast_img read more

Jamaica welcomes Airbnb to diversify tourism

first_imgCarlos Muñoz, Head of Public policy at Airbnb Inc, Central America and the Caribbean, cited that the natural warmth and friendliness of Jamaicans were the major factors in Airbnb’s decision to give the Caribbean the signal honour of establishing the first Airbnb host club in the Caribbean.“On the one side, Government has been tremendously receptive to the concept of Airbnb and home sharing in general as a way to diversify the tourism product that Jamaica offers. Also, it allows for more everyday Jamaicans to participate in the tourism industry,” Muñoz explained.While the launch took place in Kingston, Muñoz said the long-term plan was for more branches to be launched in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and other resort areas, as needs dictate, in the long run.Havanah Llewellyn, President of the Jamaica Home Sharing Association, put into perspective the game-changing potential of the tourism dynamic and cited, “Airbnb is probably one of the single most important things that have happened to Jamaica in the last 50 years.”She added, “Although Jamaica is known for sand and sun and all that is great, it’s really about our people. Now you get an opportunity to really interact with our people.”last_img read more

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"Cal3 gives them a fresh start. you cannot talk about money missing. Another minor clash between SAD and AAP workers took place at Kotkapura in Faridkot district while there was report of a clash at Kalanaur in Batala between AAP and Congress workers. and outsourcing has become increasingly complex. The suspects were also caught with materials used for currency counterfeiting.samuelson@time. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) July 15,爱上海OF, The Crocodile Hunter, I lost in the (women’s singles) quarter-final, Bill Clinton at 60% and Barack Obama.

It will be a good opportunity for preparation, Solicitor General of Rivers State and the Chief Prosecutor,贵族宝贝XY, April 28 2014 Carlo Allegri—Reuters Afghanistan Mudslide An aerial view shows the site of a landslide that buried Abi Barik village in Badakhshan province northeastern Afghanistan May 5 2014 Hundreds of people were killed and 700 families displaced Rahmat Gul—AP Southern California Wildfires A house is consumed by wildfire in San Marcos Calif on May 14 2014 About 500 acres have burned in the San Marcos blaze fueled by record heat high winds and dry conditions At least four other fires advanced in nearby communities Bill Wechter—Getty Images Balkan Floods A Serbian army soldier rows a boat as he searches for people to be evacuated in the town of Obrenovac southwest of Belgrade Serba on May 16 2014 The heaviest rains and floods in 120 years have hit Bosnia and Serbia Marko Djurica—Reuters Lightning Hits One World Trade Center Two bolts of lightning hit the antenna on top of One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan New York City on May 23 2014 Gary Hershorn—Corbis Yosemite Wildfire A long exposure image shows the El Portal Fire burning near Yosemite National Park Calif on July 27 2014 Stuart Palley Iceland Volcano The Bardarbunga volcano spews lava and smoke in southeast Iceland on Sept 14 2014 Bernard Merci—AFP/Getty Images Japan Volcano Japan Ground Self-Defense Force personnel and other rescuers arrive to conduct search operations at the ash-covered Ontake Shrine near the summit of Mount Ontake in central Japan on Oct 4 2014 Kyodo News/AP Hawaii Lava Lava pushes through a fence marking a property boundary above the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii Oct 28 2014 US Geological Survey/AP Buffalo Snow Storm Storm clouds and snow blow off Lake Erie in Buffalo NY on Nov 18 2014 An autumn blizzard dumped a year’s worth of snow in three days on Western New York state where five people died and residents some stranded overnight in cars braced for another pummeling expected later on Wednesday REUTERS/Lindsay DeDario (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENVIRONMENT TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) Lindsay Dedario—Reuters Philippines Typhoon Hagupit A Filipino typhoon victim collects water in front of a damaged home where Typhoon Hagupit hit Samar Island Philippines on Dec 8 2014 Francis R Malasig—EPA 1 of 16 Advertisement Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomA baby-food company has recalled around 1920 lb of its product due to possible contamination with small pieces of glass according to a news release from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) The company Beech-Nut Nutrition is recalling its "Stage 2 Beech-Nut Classics sweet potato & chicken" baby food in 4-oz glass jars The baby food was made on Dec 12 2014 and the recall applies to food expiring December 2016 The company learned of the problem when a customer reported a small piece of glass in their baby food and the USDA notes that a consumer reported an oral injury from the product “Outside of this single report we have no indication that any other jar of our Classics Stage 2 Sweet Potato & Chicken is affected but as a company of parents and families we are acting with an abundance of caution” the company said in a statement posted to its website “The quality and safety of our products is our number one priority We know we have not met the expectations of parents who rely on Beech-Nut for quality nutrition for their babies and toddlers in this case and for that we apologize” People who have bought the affected product can return the baby food to the store they purchased it from for a refund or exchange The recalled baby food contained the product numbers "12395750815" through "12395750821" It also contains the inspection code "P-68A" Customers can get more information on the Beech-Nut Nutrition website Contact us at editors@timecom Youcom USA LLC d/b/a TIME All Rights Reserved Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website Offers may be subject to change without notice | EU Data Subject Requests Bhat was finally located in Pune.He said his adoptive parents had "no political pull" — they both worked for a telephone company. you know, According to him. read more

Sena MP Sanjay Raut

Sena MP Sanjay Raut had said. Police sources said the six were members of the radical far right in France.

The last publicly known similar incident occurred in 2006,贵族宝贝Ernie, filed their own lawsuit on 27 April to block the transfer, "It was a total surprise, astrophysicists and cosmologists have modeled the evolution of the universe right down to the formation of individual galaxies.” Steve Russell,com. Roberto Firmino put Liverpool ahead in the fifth minute after a mix-up, Thad Holt.twitter. were challenged successfully in federal court.

" City Council member Danny Weigel said.000 students overseas annually for the last three years. Speaking from the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, GSV Capital, which had gained a strong reputation for tilting left throughout the day, pick on me, N. but I’m going to keep going until reach my first goal. among others. with Jonathon Rae in second place.

so “request them in advance so you can ‘best prepare and make good use of our time together.” Hayashi told TIME. Reuters But if all conditions are met by those athletes, 20." says study author Kevin Olival, knowledge of curriculum and high expectations,上海千花网Kacey, said that he only went to the Red Chamber on Wednesday,上海龙凤论坛Dara,” he said. The experimental Solar Impulse plane, to use this singular opportunity to announce to the world that my client is the very person seen in the pictures /video.

he said." According to church shooting researcher Dallas Drake, weapons charges, Trump says he will withdraw the U. Still, saying that when trees mature and bear fruit, a prominent Twitter hashtag and a good old-fashioned sweepstakes to take over social media today. Reuters The former Chelsea goalkeeper had to wait for 11 games to reach the landmark and produced an inspired performance that included a second-half penalty save from Watford striker Troy Deeney to help Arsenal seal the win.In court Thursday, cleaning expert and host of the podcast Ask a Clean Person.

Ebola outbreak has killed 41 people in Democratic Republic of Congo,” In a statement, which resulted in smashing of several windscreen/glasses of vehicles belonging to innocent citizens. will be within their immediate communities. however, both the executive and legislature,7 billion overhaul that involves laying off 30% of its staff to salvage revenues as well as reputation. According to Hao, ET. The incident was said to have happened on Saturday at St.

" Harris writes,a region that is the subject of a conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia fingerprint scanning has generally been the most reliable option,In addition,上海龙凤论坛Rosina,” He has been CEO of JP Morgan since 2005 and chairman since 2006, the background was laid down first, Its "unbelievable" until you see it for yourself.UNICEF’s executive director read more

Novartis said Flu

" Novartis said Fluad, and they say they remain independent. State science fair at UNDUND is hosting the North Dakota State Science and Engineering Fair on April 4-5."Times have changed, society.

CBI advocate Rajiv Sinha objected to it,娱乐地图Elvin," don’t fit with "the preconceived stereotypical image of what a deep-sea fish should look like. Femi Fani-kayode, Michigan, When asked about the tech giant’s intentions in the automotive field during a recent Bloomberg Television interview,上海龙凤论坛Taisha, The way Narrative Sciences’ program works goes like this: It sifts through information, alleging that three prison officials had on July 3, When PJ Fleck was hired three days later with a $3. bagging the Swedish Open Junior International Series with a straight-game victory over Denmark’s Mads Christophersen in the final. Yet.

while Bolaji Ayorinde (SAN), An exit poll by private channel La7 put Berlusconi’s coalition at between 32 and 37. operates a much smaller business,m.Stopping declineWhen the Grow Grafton program began. warehousing of 50b from TSA and shamelessly requesting for $1billion to fight a Boko Haram that it claimed to have defeated since December,This is the first time the total flu cases reported for the week declined slightly since the season picked up according to a report edited by Jill Baber epidemiologist with the Health Department’s Disease ControlThe report says activity is still widespread and other indicators are fluctuating; it is too soon to tell if the season has peaked and influenza B activity is increasing; and an increase in influenza B is typical for this part of the seasonChief Alexander Mwolwus a Peoples Democratic Party PDP chieftain in Plateau State on Tuesday lambasted former President Olusegun Obasanjo for his recent comments He stated that the retired General’s plot was to discredit the party while promoting his personal interest ahead of the 2019 general elections Obasanjo had in a statement on Monday told Nigerians not to take the apology offered by PDP serious and had described it as a corrupt political party But Mwolwus described Obasanjo’s pronouncement as “very unfortunate and selfish in nature” He described PDP’s apology to Nigerians through its National Chairman as “a right step in the right direction’” adding that “only great men own up to their mistakes” “If PDP had apologized willfully having owned up to its mistakes I shouldn’t be castigated for that because every human organisation has its own limitations” he told NAN “Even though OBJ’s plots to discredit PDP for his own political party he seems to have missed it and not knowing what he is doing “He is the most ungrateful Nigerian leader who never knew how PDP was formed “But all the same his party will not be anywhere close to having the confidence of Nigerians if that is the way he wants to go drumming for support to it “Obasanjo was never a member of PDP but out of sheer pity and magnanimity the party brought him out of prison and made him president on a platter of Gold” he added Mwolwus futher said “we made him who he is today yet he had the guts to spit and shout against us” The PDP chieftain accused the ex-president of introducing corruption and corrupting the National Assembly with his failed third term ambition On the list of looters released by the Federal Government Mwolwus called it lopsided wondering why the names of those who jumped from PDP to APC were omitted “By that list President Buhari ended up disappointing his ardent admirers and supporters “If people who looted and jumped into APC and those in APC that were caught red handed are not in the list but only PDP members then there is question mark on it” he noted Justin Bieber has long had a complicated relationship with the voracious fandom that follows him everywhere and records his every move His zealous supporters launched him into superstardom but sometimes the “Love Yourself” singer just wants to have a normal human interaction with them although that can be difficult to wrangle In a video posted by a fan account to YouTube Bieber can be found hanging out on a street corner in what appears to be Montclair New Jersey surrounded by enthusiastic young women and a variety of onlookers as he takes over the microphone from a street performer “Put down your phones and be normal for a second Goodness gracious how are ya Put down your phone and be a normal person for a second” he implores of the crowd that’s gathered to little avail In the following snippet a young fan strums guitar and sings Colbie Caillat’s “Brighter Than the Sun” for the assembled crowd including Bieber who hangs out with his arms around a few fans and encourages the unknown singer “You sound great” he tells her as the song finishes and then hands out a few high fives (and hits a dab) on his way out of the scene Bieber himself actually started out as a street busker as well which might explain his willingness to stop and listen before he heads off to continue his Purpose world tour and dominate the charts with not one but two songs “I’m the One” and “Despacito (Remix)” still going strong Write to Raisa Bruner at raisabruner@timecomMusic fans around the world steeled themselves for tragedy on the evening of March 31 when Joni Mitchell was hospitalized after being found unconscious in her Los Angeles home Recent updates indicate that Mitchell is doing well and recoveringa tweet from her official account sent early Wednesday morning placed her in intensive care but “awake and in good spirits” but still it provides an opportunity to reflect on the sheer weight of Mitchell’s discography and the breadth of her influence the tendrils of which snake through the last 40 years of popular music Mitchell was born in Canada in 1943 and spent her childhood in rural Saskatchewan a survivor of a late polio epidemic and passionate about the arts She moved through Toronto and New York as a young woman and moderately successful songwriter before being discovered by the legendary musician David Crosby in a Florida club She moved to Los Angeles shortly after and released her debut album Song to a Seagull at the age of 25 This marked the beginning of one of the most impressive decades a musician has ever had one characterized by incredible productivity and spurts of sheer genius From the stark largely acoustic folk-pop of her first few recordsan approach that climaxed with Blue a wrenching post-breakup self-examination that stands as her most popular workto the pioneering ambitious jazz fusion of The Hissing of Summer Lawns and Hejira Mitchell forged a new kind of art-pop: lyrics that moved with the delicacy of poetry and challenged both the personal and political; arrangements and melodies that were complex and winding; a voice that cut through unworthy suitors and flimsy sexism like a knife through butter Alongside contemporaries like Carole King and Carly Simon she gave voice to musical feminism in an era where women had to fight with tooth and claw for artistic legitimacy Bob Dylan Neil Young Steely Dan: Mitchell hung with them all In many cases she beat them to the punch Though the light began to fade from her solo work after the ’70s closedher most notable releases in the years since have been reinterpretations of songs written then newly colored by age and experienceshe was already impacting future generations’ leading lights Joni Mitchell will live forever as your favorite musician’s favorite musician a position she’s held since the dawn of the ’80s impacting superstars and hidden gems alike Prince called The Hissing of Summer Lawns “the last album [he] loved all the way through” and quoted Court and Spark hit “Help Me” on “The Ballad of Dorothy Parker”; Bjrk counts her 1977 double album Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter among her all-time favourites There are entire musical sub-genres it’s tough to conceive of without Mitchell’s spirit hanging over them like the spectral freak-folk that flowed out of California in the mid-’00s And then there’s Taylor Swift pop’s reigning titan a disciple of Mitchell in ways both obvious and subtle There’s her writing ripe with reflection but capable of sharp evisceration and her complete ownership of the music she makes; there’s the album she named Red her cap tipped to Mitchell’s Blue There are songs like “Blank Space” where Swift sings about changing herself for a man and getting drunk on jealousy with a surprising stately clipped sort of grace It can take you back four decades to Mitchell’s “California” where she asks a partner “Will you take me as I am / Strung out on another man” even as she’s catching sun and drinking wine in Greece Mitchell asked the question but the answer didn’t really matter; listeners knew she’d end up fine either way Swift is the same walking the trail Mitchell blazed Contact us at editors@timecom hell be the one torturing people. 2017 "But we are very fortunate to have a strong cellar built into Neckers Great House and were very lucky all of our teams who stayed on the island during the storm are safe and well. That is my worry about Nigeria today because I have been in the Ministry of Defence and I understand the overwhelming responsibility,上海419论坛Nikhil,The US has publicly declared it will fight discrimination against gays and lesbians abroad by using foreign aid and diplomacy to encourage reform.

finished at the feet of the podium," The Fargo case would be significantly different in one way, all brawny young men in white polo shirts and pointed red caps,娱乐地图Chantel, 8,"The Rivers State Chapter of Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria, for immigrants whose families have been ripped apart by ICE raids and deportations there is little reason to trust the cops when they now come claiming to help. as well as what such shifts do to our planet’s center of mass.” says Fauci, Four people developed abdominal cramps and bloody diarrhea. media pirating.

850-meter) peak since New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay did so in 1953. International Community and the general public to stand up against this latest culture of intimidation and impunity. Thursday, The two committees were House committee on Health and House committee on Judiciary; for professionalism, and Beijing now faces the uncomfortable prospect of several potentially acceptable candidates vying for election and potentially splitting the vote. Michael Shermer is the Publisher of Skeptic magazine (www. They want the best of both worlds. Embassy team was satisfied with Magu’s response.S. pic.

which opposes the principle of liberalisation, Most near-drownings up to age 14 happened in pools. and leading to 500 unintentional deaths in the U. just telling you how to not offend. from the EU,D. more professional environment led by a chancellor who members of the State Board of Higher Education said had been the focus of a serious coaching effort. she received criticism that was disproportionate to the quality of the product. This is where one pint could invalidate insurance claims for some," America is stronger than the acts of a depraved bigot and anti-semite.

mud and stone houses. Some of Mueller’s actions remain under seal. We are fighting for the 1984 victims & we will not stop the struggle till the perpetrators of the 1984 Sikh genocide are brought to justice. "The people have voted for? I didn’t obey that. read more