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Online shop propaganda methods so that you earn enough

1, with similar shop do link

in order to enhance their online popularity, increase traffic, in preparation for the shop when it should pay more attention to some of their online content related or similar websites, especially those high flow gas Wang, but be careful away. After his shop built, you can talk about the link with their things. Of course, built early, others may be because your site does not flow and ignore it, which requires you to put down the attitude, talk with them a matter of conscience, as long as the heart plus your already in the shop to their site links, believe that your site will soon appear on their site. Mutual propaganda. read more

Discussion on the development model of renting network

rental network development model

as long as you search it, I saw the local information network is a number of categories, such as real estate network. For example, the classification of information networks, really profitable it? Classification information involved in the content so widely, including:

housing Qiuzu housing rental housing purchase housing sales office shop facade sale job recruitment dating service life education and training investment cooperation and other information,

so much information, professional degree is not enough, do not have their own characteristics, why should others on your network classification? If I find room, I will be on the real estate network, buy second-hand computer, secondhand computer network, looking for work on the talent network, classified information is not into the chicken ribs? The problem has been bothering me. So I decided to do, I do professional site, such as real estate network. But the real estate network, for a personal webmaster, there is no extensive interpersonal relationships, the relationship between the sale of the building is not closely linked. It’s a hard thing to do. So I thought, why not engage in a rental network? Now houses are young people, the basic will be online, but the rental housing is also easy to find, easy to rent out, and compared with the real estate network, but also more professional and characteristics. read more

The implementation and reflection of local marketing and O2O by data marketing

big data marketing is the new field and the concept of the Internet, the hype is greater than the significance of the actual operation. Many webmaster and Internet people all seems to be played as cheerful as a lark, chicken, and forget what countless concepts before being piled bones model. For the new, we must fully understand its essence, rather than the surface of the concept of obsession.

, in particular, the combination of local and regional portal data marketing play, in fact, is not a distant concept, in fact, there are rules to follow. The real big data marketing, have a certain strength, is generally difficult to match the small website, but based on the data of marketing is to do, these two points need to pay attention to the difference between the two. read more

Diary serial Student webmaster site of five

where the weak survive, there must be "water thinking", to be soft in Dagang, Shun in reverse. As shown by the Taoist philosophy: hold the male and keep its female; embrace the Yang, keep the Yin; embrace the honour, and keep its humble. The retreat, Qiao Tai chi. Do traffic is not in a day. Days and months multiplying. But to gather a large number of loyal fans in a day, it is not so difficult!

The bombing of

1 ad, overnight campus a riot of colour, blossom everywhere.

student webmaster, lack of experience, lack of judgment on the market, the lack of planning for the development of the site. But we also have our unique resource advantages – campus. 2 hours, spent only 10 quick money, but I brought a IP of 5000, and long-term effective. read more

Thoughts on the planning of cruise tourism B2C website

Yi Wen company is located in the north of the Bund, now in northern the Bund, the construction of a day in and day out like a raging fire, World Expo in 2010, foreigners will disembark from here.

Kyw go to work every day after a row of 2008 Asian cruise conference billboard, let me think: can you do a cruise B2C website?


what is a cruise ship is a luxury cruise ship, sailing in the ocean, Titanic is the most famous cruise.

what is cruise travel cruise tourism is a cruise along the way sightseeing. On the way you can play on the cruise, to the port on the dock 1~2 days, enter the port country play. Cruise vacation is currently the most relaxed, most free, most casual holiday travel, this way you can enjoy the enjoyment of its high quality and. read more

Wang Qiang on local news website localization strategy

  local news website localization, local news website is the Internet according to local conditions, to rely on local play, the local characteristics tend to localization services, the implementation of the localization strategy to become the local foreign propaganda window. China Information Port

as a local news website, it relies on the traditional media is heavily influenced by the region, so the local news website in addition to local news has irreplaceable originality, uniqueness and timeliness, such as domestic and international, financial, social, entertainment and other kind of news are not from,, Central News the website reproduced from the scale and time could not with these news website competition. Therefore, make great efforts to do outside the local news is a thankless task, bigger and stronger local news waycan. Moreover, the provinces, cities, the focus of the news site is actually a portal or a representative site in the region, the pursuit of localization, local characteristics is the overall positioning of the target or positioning trends. read more

Xu Liping on the promotion of network promotion

we all know that the network is very important to promote the network, and the promotion of cooperation is through the form of exchange of resources to achieve the promotion of the effect of such a promotion. Because each individual or enterprise website has its own resources, this resource can be expressed in a certain amount of IP, registered user information, valuable content and function, network advertising space, etc.. The use of resources and partners to cooperate to achieve resource sharing, the purpose of expanding revenue. read more

How to carry out network marketing of health products cosmetics

to the development of the Internet now, online shopping is a very common thing, talk about the network marketing of medicines, health products and other steps to promote, and should pay attention to, of course, now Baidu has not put drugs for advertising, but health care products and cosmetics is still possible.

first talk about what products on the network marketing effect is better:

one, the choice of product properties

1, for intractable diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, freckle, rheumatism and other products. read more

WeChat group carefully without thinking it will harm their own mass

today morning, received a continuous mass skincare micro friends, the mass content is the product of the price list with low price marketing content… Although I understand that some people have problems such as not many fans attention is not high, but because the number you gave me the message frequency is too high, I can only silently to remove, and delete in time and told him "this group you are sure they want to see"


group: as the name implies, everybody knows to send a message to many people. He can use to holiday greetings, Activities Notice, and other purposes. But little attention will have the opposite effect. That kind of think little of mass, without considering the user experience of the user group is bound to be the exclusion of.. read more

Experience and skill sharing of Weifang life network operation local classification information stat

Weifang life network, officially launched in December 2009, now the operation skills and experience the local classification information station do you share are summarized my Weifang life network operation problems, and to share and discuss together, write something more complex, hope everyone can come to me.

is the first choice of the domain name, from a local station do ideas began to focus on the status of the domain name, hometown of Weifang, now the domain name was found in a domain name query, but also com, it has been concerned about this domain name, domain name expires until deleted, delete the day also hesitated and shall register the domain name, remove the second days I registered the domain name, the domain name now think should be good, because I registered second days after someone asked me this email domain name sale is not read more

Tell you the truth of the nternet thinking not only change the pattern

did you find that in 2012, the word is fried up the Internet, but by the year 2013, the Internet is not willing to stir up the people, I feel that this is the Huang Taiji fried low. Thus, a gang of traditional enterprises began to fry, such as home appliance manufacturers, retail enterprises……

this year, the word is still speculation, they mostly do O2O. What is the truth of the word in their eyes through the network form, open up the barriers in the middle of the business, reducing the cost of playing tricks is the truth of the Internet thinking. read more

4 months to do garbage download station distance and experience

When the

at the end of 8, had registered the domain name (the YAHOO download it, has been sold) began my garbage download station away, this station is nearly 3 months, during the period of PR greatly rose to the PR2 Baidu update, included soon, only. That is why I sold the station early SEO is not good, do I look on the station to gather more than 8 thousand software, what the title did not change not to mention the website itself. So for 600 dollars for 3 months of hard work, I can also make online most of the time, oh and because I tell the students, the family made a stand to sell 600 pieces, they are very surprised, from the beginning I have no money to buy space now, then you make a few more, sold… (there are so simple thing. So ha) first burst.. read more

n the Orioles medical angel investment

July 9th, "emergency room Superman" Orioles announced the acquisition of Lenovo star investment, will set up a GP group, the Orioles medical.

Yingying medical is a general practitioner group led by the emergency department of women in the Ying Ying ying.

Ying Ying is now the United States and the United Nations Comprehensive outpatient center CEO, who was a physician in the emergency department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, micro-blog has millions of fans. 2013, Ying Ying from the union hospital. In 2015, Ying Ying and the United States and the United States and cooperation, the establishment of the United States and the United States and comprehensive outpatient center. read more

Wedding merchant website promotion steps

website promotion, network marketing is part of marketing, is the core of e-commerce, and the promotion of network marketing is the most important, many businesses have a special wedding website, set up electronic commerce department, to carry out the business on the Internet, how to promote their own websites, have what good, below I together with you share experiences.

first, the promotion of wedding business website search engine

1, search engine login

According to

analysis a large number of small web traffic comes from search engines, some more than eighty percent website traffic from search, website construction good after the wedding businesses can log on to the major search, the majority of customers can be in the Baidu search on the search to the wedding business website. read more

Beware of the Christmas promotion quickly build 500P figure

to write this article before have to thank my friends: 121101681, a Fa Shanshan he helped me to find this small program. Although he is useless, but this small program, I have a very good promotion. Very welcome.

is not that far away, I go directly to the theme, I do not love the people saying, if not more, but also something absolutely true. Because the day after tomorrow is Christmas, the promotion method may also be helpful to everyone.

the following is my use of Christmas to send blessings to create a map of IP, real, perhaps there are a lot of friends in use, but the effect is not necessarily my good read more

srael venture company closed Li Jiacheng had invested 3 million 500 thousand


technology – Beijing morning news on October 25th, Israeli startup last week suddenly announced the closure. The company had received more than 35 million U.S. dollars of investment, including investment in Spain Telecom, Mozilla, Germany, Horizons, and new Ventures investment.

Hongkong Regal Li Jiacheng’s investment company Horizons Ventures in 2012 to invest $3 million 500 thousand to development of Android starter, provide more functionality for intelligent mobile phone. The founder of the company has confirmed the closure of the company. He said that’s installed capacity has reached 15 million, and is still growing, but the team can not find a sustainable business model. read more

How to do marketing enterprise website

traditional network company for small and medium enterprises to create a lot of useless or not see the website. The reason is that they do not stand in the marketing point of view to make the enterprise website, resulting in the production of the site is not a marketing type website, that is not able to bring business directly to the enterprise.

so how to create a marketing enterprise website


answer: stand in the perspective of potential users, from the marketing point of view to make.

specifically how to operate it? read more

Too much emphasis on creativity is the reason you write bad

"what do consumers care about in this era?" I mentioned, the speed, expression and impression we care about in this era. What we have become to pay more attention to personal interests mentioned copy, than those seemingly incomprehensible but creative business objectives, and guide the direction of the statement is not catchy.

is now communicating with consumers has changed the way people get along with people are changing.

copywriter is a tool to communicate with consumers, but many of the writer’s way of thinking is still left ten or twenty years ago. read more

Owners do not be easy to trust marketing lost his eyes

can edit today and A5 webmaster network chat, an article on the topic is written: easy letter, it is only a "baby" some webmasters are going to hurt it. The main exchange is easy letter marketing this thing, easy to believe in the marketing of it?.

speaking of the Internet, more and more friends talk about network marketing, network marketing is a good word, a lot of friends look very is too profound to be understood. There are also some network marketing practitioners summed up Sanershi kind of network marketing way, for most beginners to see these contents have been confused and disoriented, at this time the WeChat marketing boarded the stage of history. WeChat can marketing it?. However, easy to believe just launched a few days, on the network throughout easecredit marketing tutorial, even shouting easecredit will be a blow to WeChat, this is really read more

Website promotion before three suggestions

for the novice, the promotion of the site is to be done after the station is also more difficult point. It is practical for a period of time, but always feel that there is a certain difficulty, always seems to be something to stop, then we should break through the bottleneck, so as to truly do handy. Finally, where is the breakthrough point, then the author put forward some views on this topic, we can refer to.

first, relax mentality

in the promotion process we should do to keep optimistic attitude. The author of the article in front of you have always told everyone in the station must maintain a normal state of mind. But do not promote the same, we must remain optimistic. The correct understanding of the importance of promotion, rational choice for you to promote the method, the method can be used to make you get twice the result with half the effort. read more