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China electricity supplier industry integrity community established in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Beijing, July 31 (reporter Zhao Xiaoyan) Alibaba group, announced the joint venture in Hangzhou, announced the establishment of a total of 8 enterprises in China, the electricity supplier integrity community of 31. It is understood that this is the first good faith community electricity supplier industry, the community aims to build a platform, resource integration, data sharing and other ways to promote the electricity supplier industry enterprises to strengthen the integrity of the compliance system construction, and jointly safeguard the integrity of the electricity supplier ecosystem environment. read more

Taobao mall announced 11 double data transactions for 1 hours 439 million

news November 11th, official data showed Taobao mall, Alipay turnover of 439 million yuan in November 11th day of 1 hours, 96 businesses millions, of which JACK&JONES exceeded 10 million.

data show that just over a minute, there are 3 million 420 thousand users flocked to Taobao mall. November 11th zero 8 minutes Alipay Taobao mall turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, 21 minutes, 32 minutes to break 200 million super 300 million. After 1 hours, Taobao mall turnover directly jump to 439 million yuan. read more

Taobao customer first quick guide to share

this period of time I recently made Taobao and has earned money to sort out the experience to share with you, but also willing to make more friends. In fact, this is my rookie level, you can see Ali mother’s income rankings, a weekly income of tens of thousands of expert is a lot there, I will do every day hundreds of.

the first step: how to choose high-quality promotional products

reference to the main parameters: the promotion of high profit merchandise 30 days to promote the amount of credit rating of the store buyers. These are the details of things, for example if you choose the user evaluation evaluation commodity pages are different, will affect the customer’s desire to buy, or even abandon the purchase, master wasstressed details. read more

On the development of nternet advertising in the past 07 years

      according to the contact alliance, propaganda Yi advertising alliance is a relatively early brand advertising alliance, has been committed to the development of Internet advertising and sophisticated new operation mode and reputation in the past 6 years has been recognized by the people! Its good development can not be separated from the team’s core applications and market supply and demand survey! In the Chinese Internet network advertising media, publicity has been easy to maintain a leading technology and marketing concepts, and steadily develop the pioneer of China’s online advertising market. In today’s world of Internet advertising is growing every year, how to grasp the network advertising market share, this is all about the problem, we first look at the growth of online advertising data every year:
     . Japan: according to Japan’s Kyodo news report said that in 2011, the total amount of Japanese Internet advertising may in 2006 363 billion yen ($1 about 119 yen) doubled on the basis of growth to 755 billion 800 million yen. 5 years average growth rate of about 15.8%, of which, in 2007 will grow by 24.9%, after the growth rate decreased year by year, to 2011 was 9.6%. Dentsu research believes that in the Internet field, fixed advertising displayed on the web and e-mail is still in the future will be the main growth, the total amount of advertising in this area is expected in 2006 from 231 billion yen to 400 billion 900 million yen in 2011 growth. The same period of mobile advertising for mobile phones will grow 3 times, from an increase of 39 billion yen to 128 billion 400 million yen. Study of Dentsu Institute of research shows that in the next 5 years, according to different users search related advertising content and display will increase, the total amount of advertising will increase from 93 billion yen to 226 billion 500 million yen.
      2 Korea: in 2005, the total income of Korean online advertising market reached $690 million, an increase of 30.8% over the previous year. Survey report released by the Korean broadcasting advertising company 15, said the Internet advertising company after more optimistic about the development of online advertising, online advertising spending growth is expected this year, South Korea can reach 35% to 860 million U.S. dollars, the report said, in 2003 the total income of South Korea’s online advertising market for $390 million, then gradually expand. Analysts believe that, due to the convenience of online advertising directly to the special consumer groups, and can easily calculate the audience size, so the future of online advertising will play an important role in the media advertising market.
      3 United States: according to foreign media reports, the U.S. industry organization "Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB Interactive, Advertising Bureau) on Wednesday released a report, 2006 U.S. Internet advertising market. read more

The perception and reflection of traditional enterprise O2O transformation

o2o today, the Internet is the real economy and the traditional economy in harmony, a new chapter of conflict and communication development. From the perspective of business management, I would like to talk about some of these years of reflection and reflection.


in my eyes

2010 Americans AlexRampell proposed the concept of O2O: the Internet as a front line trading, other delivery and experience in the physical completion. In the course of practice, the meaning of O2O has been far beyond this simple content, the future of the cloud is the business, that is, the shop may also be on the street in the computer, may also be on the phone. In the end the store should be where I think the shop is in your heart, when you want to find a place to be able to appear at any time, this is the future scenario. read more

How to do fresh fruit electricity supplier The 3 values you must master

now, it is an era of information, social networks are constantly changing people’s way of life and mode of production, but also changing the way the industry’s marketing and service.

as a social tool, WeChat gave commercial reconstruction space full of traditional enterprises, taxi cross-border technology companies, by birth (combined with the Internet business line), misty with WeChat public tweets, fans mad received…… A social marketing play is being staged.

fresh fruit brand should be how to play the social marketing? Three micro cloud as a mobile application provider, through the following case here together with you, to discuss how to play the enterprise brand marketing, social marketing. read more

Xinhua bookstore shop Taobao excellence Dangdang status is difficult to shake

recently, the Phoenix Xinhua Bookstore Taobao flagship store officially opened on the first day of sales of 20 thousand yuan, is to let the general manager Hu Xiaojun shouted accident. At present, Anhui Hua Lun bookstore, Sichuan Xinhua winshare online bookstore, Zhejiang Xinhua Bookstore, Beijing Bookuu books audio and video shop, Shandong Xinhua Book franchise, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Bookstore flagship shop 6 Xinhua Bookstore branches opened a flagship store in the mall Taobao, now replaced by veteran issued the "new" to what is the read more

Taobao shop process 2015 Taobao shop cost details

looked at others by Taobao to earn pours, how much some people want to immediately put into Taobao, but seemed to hesitate to do Taobao, thought: so many people, now do Taobao can make money? For a while and think: don’t do, like really late. When deciding to do, but also want to find where the source ah?

life is a lot of opportunities in such a hesitant to miss, perhaps now a lot of people began to think: if I do a Taobao earlier, and now can be how. A few years ago to do it? A lot of successful people insist on doing one thing, perhaps not to see hope to do, but because it will continue to see hope. read more

Price increase Jingdong freight adjustment improve the free shipping threshold for weight fees

later in the Jingdong to buy things to be extra careful, because their freight and quietly adjusted.

the biggest change is, as long as the order is less than 99 yuan, will be charged based freight 6 yuan, while the weight exceeding 10kg, exceed the weight by 1 yuan /kg plus heavy expenses, see is for all users.

Jingdong official statement shows: all users choose orders come from Jingdong, to buy import goods orders the total amount of less than 49 yuan, 3 yuan for every single bear based freight; over 49 yuan free of freight. All the user orders, single order total amount is less than 99 yuan, 6 yuan for every single bear based freight; over 99 yuan free of freight. read more

Last year China’s e commerce transactions close to 6 trillion yuan

from February 29th to March 1st, the national e-commerce conference held in Shenzhen, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Jiang Zengwei said that in 2011 China’s e-commerce transactions close to 6 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of GDP has risen to 13%; from 2007 to 2010, the average annual turnover of e-commerce transactions were more than 30%. By the end of 2011, China’s online shopping users reached 194 million people, the total retail network has more than $750 billion, in the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for more than 4%, effectively promote the growth of consumption. read more

The internationalization of Jingdong ten 20 days ago didn’t say me

July 21st news, New York time on July 20th afternoon, following the French Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Japan Pavilion, Australia Museum launched one after another, the Jingdong global purchase "American Museum" also today officially launched, the goods will cover the wine, IT equipment, toys, clothing, bags, baby, beauty, sports and many other categories. Held in New York, the United States Pavilion launch ceremony, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong delivered a speech, and after the media questions and answers, a number of aspects of the layout of the Jingdong in the international business ideas. read more

1 trillion of the positive energy Taobao Tmall or on the next floor

we are very lucky, can this coincides with the era of the Internet, to witness and participate in the Internet and e-commerce has brought to our society a surprise and change." This is Ma Yun yesterday, Alibaba group announced that as of November 30, 2012 at 9:50 PM, Ali’s Taobao and Tmall’s total transaction volume has exceeded 10000 yuan, said a word.

1 trillion of the qualitative influence what, what brings

Ma Yun extends the Empire of Ali

Alibaba, from a single market development, extended to the construction of the entire electricity supplier ecosystem change. Taobao mall has since changed its name to Tmall mall, breaking the shackles of Taobao’s second, become an important battlefield of Alibaba’s B2C platform. Taobao’s retail break billion, the entire Internet is also a revolutionary refresh, sworn e-commerce is about to embark on a mature Road, this business model is the more mature. read more

Taobao VS WeChat mobile business card battle broke out

22 PM, following the WeChat blocked links, the phone Taobao has also been screened for WeChat. Currently, the phone Taobao has shut down from WeChat jump to Taobao goods and stores channel, click on the link from WeChat’s Taobao products and stores to enter, will jump to the phone’s Taobao download installation page.

to shut down WeChat channel for mobile phone, Taobao said, WeChat channel is closed because of a large number of recent users, WeChat through their circle of friends or marketing number sent to the link to click into the fake Taobao shop, two empty money fall into the trap, what is more, some users mistakenly enter contains shopping information "fishing links", directly taking away buyers payment account number and password, the stolen bank card money. Mobile phone Taobao, WeChat shut down the channel is to protect the safety of users demand angle based decisions by closing the WeChat channel, can avoid the maximum deceived consumers, eliminate bad business fraud. read more

QQ online shopping officially changed the name of Jingdong online shopping part of the commodity lin

QQ online shopping officially changed the name of Jingdong online shopping part of the commodity chain jump Jingdong mall

[TechWeb news] September 2nd news, the original Tencent’s QQ online shopping has officially changed its name to Jingdong online shopping (, and Jingdong online shopping home page marked Jingdong’s shopping website.

click Jingdong online shopping home channel and part of the commodity category jump to Jingdong mall, some of the goods will jump to pat network. But there are still some cosmetics and other commodities remain in the original QQ online shopping page. Pat Network relevant responsible person said, in the course of the QQ online shopping Jingdong, welcome businesses settled Jingdong POP platform or pat platform. But what exactly is the future development of online shopping Jingdong, the company did not disclose. read more

E commerce development planning

it is understood that the "planning" is to implement the "2006 ~ 2020 national informatization development strategy", "the general office of the State Council on accelerating the development of electronic commerce" several opinions of major initiatives, "planning" clearly put forward the overall goal of the development of electronic commerce in China 11th Five-Year "period: 2010, development environment, e-commerce support system, technical service and application of the coordinated development of the basic pattern of the formation, the e-commerce service industry has become an important emerging industry, national economic and social development level of e-commerce application in various fields is greatly improved and achieved remarkable results. read more

Taobao open shop agent how to do Need to pay attention to what

if 5 years ago, someone asked you, where the first pot of gold in your life? You may answer, do not hesitate to Taobao! And now 5 years later, if someone asked you, would you like to go to Taobao to earn your first pot of gold? Maybe, your answer has already become a: pro, Taobao has out, WeChat faster. What’s more, Taobao has been done bad, the chance of survival is too small.

but is that the case?

I don’t want to deny your answer. I just want to tell you what I think.

ask, if Taobao now have burst table, why there are many people diligently to the Taobao shop, shop agent to do? In fact, the reason is unwilling to act and not action is the biggest motivation. read more

CPS advertisers reading the world online

. The advertiser names: reading the world network (

* advertisers: reading the world’s original digital newspaper websites, online newspapers and periodicals as an important front-end,

has signed a contract with 200 magazines to provide thousands of copies of the magazine’s original magazine for reading and online sales.

automation of the newspaper publishing system, you can achieve the same time every day and the print version of the original digital update newspaper, read more

On the road to be cautious about the temptation of big orders

start on the road, we will encounter many seemingly good opportunities, many of them have large orders, the temptation, and as an entrepreneur is the choice of a swallow, or risk factors, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities, comprehensive consideration after the implementation of the action.

two days ago, and friends chat, talking about a large enterprise in Zhejiang. The product brand in the Zhejiang area, and the country is now the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival for having heard it many times. read more

Economist think tank 70% mainland Chinese women online shopping

41% Asian women in their online shopping will be out of guilt for the family to buy something. Yesterday, by the Economist Intelligence Agency EIU commissioned by independent research done in the rise of the Asian women’s online shopping power, the report reveals the female shopping psychology. The report also said that compared to the store, 70% mainland Chinese women prefer online shopping.

report content, compared to the next line of physical store shopping, 49% of the respondents agreed or very much agree with their favorite online shopping experience. This figure is higher in mainland China, compared to offline shopping, 69% of mainland Chinese women prefer online shopping. read more

Biography Baidu led the baby electricity supplier honey bud D round of 150 million financing

[Abstract] honey baby official official of Tencent technology, said honey bud financing is still in progress, if there are major issues settled, will be the first time to inform the media.


technology news (Le Tian) September 8th news, today there is news that the imported maternal electricity supplier honey bud "has completed the D round by Baidu led a $150 million investment and financing, including the party with the cast a number of U.S. private equity fund and honey bud the first few rounds of investment, nearly $1 billion valuation. read more