Far Fung Group help enterprises overall layout of the nternet business electricity supplier


of most of the traditional enterprises, the transformation of the Internet to break through many obstacles, not only to change the traditional way of marketing, but also to establish a supply chain system, traditional enterprises lack of professional and technical personnel, to the new electricity supplier technology is poorly understood, but also the lack of appropriate personnel to operate. Do electricity supplier is the most important thing to seize the time node, if the early spent too much time, it is likely to bring some pressure on the operation of the latter. read more

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Electricity business cat and dog war upgrade Ali Jingdong how to snatch the next tuyere

Wall Street Journal online edition today wrote that, as China’s two largest electricity supplier giant, Alibaba and Jingdong between the cat and dog war escalating. In addition to challenges from Jingdong, jumei.com, vip.com and other vertical electric business website leader has been applying pressure to the Alibaba. In this context, the Alibaba in order to further consolidate its leading position in the whole Chinese e-commerce market, began offering a "new weapon": signed an exclusive sales agreement with well-known brands. At the end of April this year, China e-commerce company founder of Alibaba group personally, to Asia’s largest clothing maker Fast Retailing head Yanai (Tadashi Yanai) lobbying. read more

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