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Hunan poverty alleviation tactics promoting the development of rural tourism

in the rapid development of the economy, although many areas of the economy has been greatly improved, people’s living standards have also been significant changes. But there are still a lot of regional economic backwardness, people’s living standards to be improved. This time, Hunan poverty alleviation tactics: promoting the development of rural tourism. From the beginning of 2016, Hunan province will be held every spring, summer, autumn and winter tourism festival, relying on the theme of the festival, leading the development of rural tourism. read more

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Lovers jewelry store to pay attention to what

jewelry store brand many, many friends want to open a shop of their own lovers. Lovers jewelry store has always been a big market. If the pavement is selected in the school or a large flow of people, the effect is better. So, if you want to open a shop like this, what should we pay attention to? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

funds need to be fully prepared. Lovers jewelry store, from the preparation to the formal business, the cost of expenditure are: one year’s rent, renovation costs, the first purchase and part of the liquidity. read more

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The marketing skills of clothing stores

ready to open clothing store you want to run a shop, it is very necessary to master the operation skills, such as shop skills, how to purchase, how to communicate with the customer, how to carry out promotional merchandise and so on, these are very important. The following analysis of the clothing store marketing skills?

clothing purchase by their own personal vision and preferences, lack of sales data analysis

clothing store management depends on the characteristics and personality to attract customers, the unique requirements of the goods is higher, in order to ensure the goods style and taste, sometimes need to personally pick, suitable to. It is very important to communicate with peers. read more

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Sweet style women’s shops can be what names

different business style, suitable for the name of the shop will naturally be different. As a store operator, only to find the true name of the store, the store will have a very big help to the latter. So what are the names of the sweet style ladies’ shops?

in a sweet girl style for selling women’s clothing store, when the shop name should also and store style echoes, to reveal the taste of sweet and lovely shop name is the best choice, here we take a look at whether you love the sweet style of shop names. read more

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Open home children’s paradise stores need to pay attention to what

grew up in the city of children on communication, entertainment has a strong desire, children’s paradise just to meet their needs, so very popular. Many entrepreneurs feel good to open a children’s paradise franchise, ready to carry out investment action. So open a children’s paradise stores need to pay attention to what? See below.

1, the opening of a children’s paradise stores need to pay attention to what? For the age of children is how much   0-6 years of age, or 3-10 years of age, need to consider the market? read more

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Henan examinee inside 13 years ago was a university the truth

world, now this society even Nothing is too strange., the university can be the impostor. Let’s take a look at what happened between Wang Nana and Zhou Yingying in Henan.

in late February of this year, some media reported that Wang Nana in Shenqiu County of Zhoukou city in 2003 to participate in college entrance examination is an imposter school incident, triggered public concern.

set up a joint investigation team in Zhoukou, the basic situation and relevant personnel to identify the responsibility, in March 19th, through the Zhoukou release official micro-blog announced the results of the interim treatment. Along with the continuous in-depth investigation work, the investigation group to further expand the scope of the investigation, investigation of chain extension, extensive collection of evidence, investigation to verify the relevant staff of more than 440 passengers, to identify the person directly responsible, Zhang Yingying found out the truth about the impostor Wang Nana Zhoukou Vocational and Technical College. read more

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What are the characteristics of entrepreneurial scam

countless people in search of business opportunities, but there are so many people specializing in deception, leading to the entire entrepreneurial market is extremely complex. In fact, as long as we are good at screening, nature will not be fooled. If we have enough understanding of the entrepreneurial market, the market will probably know the scam will generally meet the relevant characteristics. So, what are the characteristics of entrepreneurial scam?

high tech and most popular industry

most of the business strategy is a liar scam starting from popular high-tech industries, make up a false venture in the field to participate in financing activities, such as nanotechnology, 3D technology, biological medicine industry and public awareness of less investment, for most people, because these industries need higher professional at the same time with some business, so it is difficult to accurately judge the investment value, through a series of professional vocabulary in disguise after fraud, investors will soon fall into the trap of being defrauded funds. read more

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Gao Yafei Grassroots entrepreneurs spokesperson

in college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, there are a lot of grassroots entrepreneurs in Anhui County of Lixin province has such a special entrepreneurs – high yafei. He is the grassroots entrepreneurs "spokesman", led the people in my hometown of entrepreneurial wealth.

2016 the opening of the two sessions around the country, the twelve National People’s Congress, Anhui County, Lixin County farmers entrepreneurs Gao Yafei busy at the grassroots research. In 2006, Gao Yafei returned to his hometown of Lixin county established farms, become a "80" students swineherd. After 10 years of entrepreneurship, the high efficiency of the pig farm has become the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. NPC and CPPCC period, put focus on youth entrepreneurship, aquaculture development suggestions on the sub fly high. read more

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How to promote e commerce in Zigong

the current society is in a period of great development Internet plus, actively promote the development of local economy, cannot do without for the trend of the times closely combined. So, Zigong how to promote e-commerce into the countryside? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

(1) to build a pilot county as the starting point. In Rongxian issued the "Rongxian electronic commerce into the rural comprehensive demonstration project implementation plan", arranged 5 million yuan of special subsidies for rural electricity supplier, electricity supplier center has been completed and realized gradually settled in the county, the county’s electricity hub formation. At present, the county’s 27 villages and towns electricity supplier service stations and 30 village electricity supplier service points are stepping up the layout. read more

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How to open a profitable drink shop

if it is just a shop, which is not a strange thing in the current, however, it is precisely because of such an entrepreneurial background, leading to the fierce competition in all walks of life. Therefore, if you want to shop to make money, naturally need to grasp more skills. This does not, there is a little-known beverage shop in Tianjin, do not look at an area of only 20 square meters, but the profit is not low, a net profit of more than $500 thousand a year. To know a lot of peers, a net profit of about 200000 yuan a year, then what is the secret to make money to drink shop? read more

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New products listed on the need to do a good job of propaganda

after the advent of a new brand, if you want to make the market more quickly accepted, naturally also need to do a good job related to the promotion of manufacturers. After all, whenever a new brand of cigarettes on the market, the initial stage will always go through such a stage, wait and see, try, spread, spread. For each new taste, the public acceptance, how to taste? Good wine is also afraid of deep alley, we are sitting to wait for its customers to choose, or seize the opportunity to seize the initiative. This requires us to do these retail door publicity and patience to do the promotion. read more

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The website fangpian trick fanghen set

now with the development of science and technology, people continue to see the tipping point in which a new market wealth, that is our network business, network business can bring huge benefits to the majority of entrepreneurs, but there are many pitfalls, we have to be careful.

1, check the website registration information

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Remember how much money and investment pie

crisp skin with sesame fragrance, delicious pie will make people drool with envy. And remember the pie is one of the brand is relatively good to join the project. Today, and remember the pie is very welcomed by consumers, this also let the franchisee for the brand is also very concerned about, as a qualified franchisee, the first choice is the need to understand and remember how much you need to join the pie, the following Xiaobian introduce and remember the pie franchise fee is how much?

how much does it cost to invest and keep a pie? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a brief introduction: read more

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Break up the meal let you make millions of years is not a dream

now, a variety of specialty restaurants appear in people’s lives. Break up the meal, full personality, thoughtful service, with a party to operate the market. A lot of people in the modern world will choose to break up peacefully. Break up the meal, to provide special services for them.

, a small restaurant pavement savings Cheng Li was a pan under a building area of 125 square meters, and she took it as a meaningful name to "a good meal break up again". In order to make the meal more friendly and warm feeling, Cheng Li in the 15 rooms of the set, hired psychology, architecture and home economics experts from design, emotion temporarily fission couple, opened the "old place", "remember me", "not" for the rooms; the couple opened part company each going his own way, "Jinshengyuan", "hand in hand", "branches" and other rooms. After the completion of the

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