Study shows pigeons like to gamble

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. A bird’s eye view of art Pigeon ( — A new study of pigeons shows that, like human gamblers, they love to gamble on the off chance they will win big rather than taking a smaller, but more certain payout. © 2010 More information: Maladaptive choice behaviour by pigeons: an animal analogue and possible mechanism for gambling (sub-optimal human decision-making behaviour), Thomas R. Zentall et al., Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Published online before print October 13, 2010, doi:10.1098/rspb.2010.1607 Research by psychologists Thomas Zentall and Jessica Stagner of the University of Kentucky in Lexington found pigeons given a choice of a light that would deliver three pellets of food every time or one that gave them a big “win” of 10 pellets 20 percent of the time consistently chose the latter. When averaged out, these results meant the pigeons were preferring a payout of two pellets for each peck rather than three.Zentall said similar results had been observed in monkeys, and the reason may be that the larger payout is a surprising change from their expectations, and we learn from these departures from the norm. The same motivation could explain why some humans gamble, ignoring their losses and focusing on the less regular, but more surprising big wins.In humans many other factors are involved, such as the atmosphere of the gambling location, with colorful and noisy surroundings, and by the possibility of losing what you already have. By using pigeons Zentall and Stagner could study the phenomenon without at least some of these added complications.The researchers trained eight pigeons to peck at keys that caused a vertical or horizontal light to be displayed on a screen in yellow, blue, red or green colors. In return they received food rewards. If they pecked at the key that presented a horizontal line (yellow or blue) three food pellets were dispensed each time, which therefore represented a non-gambling option. If they pecked on the key for the vertical line, it was one color (say green) 80 percent of the time, in which case no food was delivered. The remaining 20 percent of the time the line was the signal color (say red), in which case 10 pellets were dispensed. The vertical line therefore represented a gambling option. (Color combinations were changed for different birds to avoid any bias.) After Zentall and Stagner had trained the birds to understand what the lines and colors meant they then carried out many trials to see which the birds preferred. The results were that the pigeons chose the riskier 10 pellets or nothing option in over 80 percent of the trials, even though on average they would receive 50 percent more food if they chose the other option.In a later experiment they trained seven new pigeons, but this time both red and green colors triggered the release of 10 pellets 20 percent of the time and nothing the rest of the time. The yellow and blue colors still resulted in three pellets being released. In this case the pigeons chose the yellow/blue option for a sure payout of three pellets. Zentall said the findings suggest the pigeons in the first trials put excess weight on the excitement on the windfall that resulted from a red light, and evening out the odds on red and green detracted from the excitement. He commented that in human gambling watching a winning pattern appear on a slot machine, for example, precedes winning the money, and suggested gamblers would not wager as often if there were no signals for their winning — so slot machine players could not see the wheels, and roulette players could not see the ball.Zentall said if the pigeons were hungry they tended to gamble more than if they were already satisfied, despite having more to lose, and this has parallels in human gambling studies, which have shown that people who are dissatisfied with their lives and have less money tend to gamble more than those who are wealthier and more satisfied. The paper was published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Citation: Study shows pigeons like to gamble (2010, October 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore furtherlast_img read more

Method to entangle thousands of atoms could lead to record clock stability

first_img The scientists estimate that, if realized, these clocks will have an order of magnitude greater stability than today’s best atomic clocks. Superstable clocks are critical for measuring astronomical effects such as gravitational waves and, potentially, dark matter.The scientists, Peter Kómár et al., have published a paper on the proposed quantum network of atomic clocks in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.Currently, the most accurate atomic clocks have cores that are made of ytterbium or strontium atoms. Their “fractional frequency stability,” which is a measure of the time difference between ticks, is just 10-18. That means that these clocks are stable enough that, if they started ticking at the beginning of the universe (13.8 billion years ago), today they would be off by less than a second.In general, the larger the number of atoms in an atomic clock, the more stable it is. In the new study, the researchers showed that entangling the atoms in a clock further increases the clock’s stability. Their proposed protocol consists of five steps, which involve using single-photon pulses to entangle the atoms within each individual ensemble, and then interfering the pulses from two neighboring ensembles to entangle the ensembles. Eventually, entanglement spreads to all ensembles in the network, resulting in a fully entangled state of many thousands of atoms.”Our work shows that utilizing remote entanglement to improve the accuracy of measuring time is within the reach of current experimental technology,” Kómár, a physicist at Harvard University, told “This result will most certainly encourage further efforts towards constructing a prototype atomic clock quantum network, finding even better implementations and discovering new use cases.”The researchers showed that it should be possible to experimentally realize this network of atomic clocks using neutral ytterbium atoms. Even when accounting for errors and physical imperfections, they predict that the entangled atomic clock network will have significantly better stability than non-entangled clocks, making them capable of measuring relativistic effects in the passage of time. “Superstable atomic clocks allow scientist to measure minuscule changes in the speed of passing time,” Kómár said. “Although local time always passes with the same rate for the local observer, time often passes with slightly different rates at different locations. Many physical phenomena can cause the passage of time to slow down or speed up, all of which are tied to large masses and gravity.”By taking advantage of this relationship between mass, gravity, and time, researchers can use it for practical purposes, such as searching for underground oil reserves or gravitational waves in space.”If the rocks under a particular spot are denser compared to the rocks under another spot, then time passes more slowly at the former location,” Kómár said. “By installing two superstable atomic clocks at the two locations, and comparing their signal, one can measure this small difference in the rate of the passage of time—and, in turn, discover hidden ore or oil deposits beneath the ground. “Gravitational waves is another phenomenon that causes time to pass at different rates at different locations. A formation of satellites, each equipped with superstable atomic clocks, can be used as a very precise ‘space-seismograph.’ As the gravitational wave passes through the region occupied by the satellites, their clocks pick up a tiny time difference with respect to each other. This provides a way to detect gravitational waves through the distortions of time as opposed to distortions of space, the method LIGO relies on, providing complementary means of detection.”In the near future, the researchers plan to pursue some of these applications of the entangled network of atomic clocks.”There are already theoretical proposals and drafts on their way assessing the sensitivity of atomic-clock-based gravitational wave detectors,” Kómár said. “Although these require the network to be constructed in space, near future experiments will most likely focus on lab-based and ground-based implementations. Only when the design is perfected will the clocks go on board of satellites.” More information: P. Kómár et al. “Quantum Network of Atom Clocks: A Possible Implementation with Neutral Atoms.” Physical Review Letters. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.060506Also at arXiv:1603.06258 [quant-ph] Theorists propose globally networked entangled atomic clock Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Schematic of two entangled atomic clocks that are part of a larger entangled network of clocks. Each clock here consists of three ensembles, with each ensemble containing hundreds of entangled atoms. Entanglement is generated among atoms within each ensemble, then between ensembles in the same clock, and then between clocks. Credit: Kómár et al. ©2016 American Physical Society Journal information: Physical Review Letters © 2016 Physicists have proposed a method for entangling hundreds of atoms, and then entangling a dozen or so groups of these hundreds of atoms, resulting in a quantum network of thousands of entangled atoms. Since small bundles of these entangled groups can function as atomic clocks, this design is the first detailed proposal for a quantum network of atomic clocks. Citation: Method to entangle thousands of atoms could lead to record clock stability (2016, August 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Hard computing problem might be solvable only by quantum computers

first_img Explore further (—Researchers have introduced a new computing problem and shown that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a classical computer to solve, but in theory it could be efficiently solved using quantum techniques. The problem, which is called Gaussian boson sampling, is a new version of boson sampling, which is a similar computing problem that was introduced a few years ago with the goal of demonstrating the potential advantages of quantum computers over classical ones. More information: Craig S. Hamilton et al. “Gaussian Boson Sampling.” Physical Review Letters. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.119.170501Also at arXiv:1612.01199 [quant-ph] Citation: Hard computing problem might be solvable only by quantum computers (2017, November 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Scientists pinpoint the singularity for quantum computers Journal information: Physical Review Letterscenter_img © 2017 The Gaussian state in the computing problem is characterized by a matrix. Credit: Hamilton et al. ©2017 American Physical Society The researchers of the new study, Craig S. Hamilton et al., from the Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of Paderborn in Germany, have published a paper on Gaussian boson sampling in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.Overall, the Gaussian boson sampling problem is very similar to the original boson sampling problem, which was proposed in 2011 by Scott Aaronson and Alex Arkhipov. In both problems, the task is to find the probability of measuring certain patterns of photons emerging from an optical system, given a certain input configuration of photons. In complexity theory, boson sampling is conjectured to be a #P-hard problem, which makes it extremely unlikely that it could be solved by a classical computer.Although no quantum computer currently exists that is capable of solving the boson sampling problem, several research groups have attempted to implement and solve the problem using quantum optical experiments. One of the biggest challenges for these experiments is generating a large number of single photons. Since perfectly deterministic sources of single photons are not currently available, all of the experiments performed so far have used photon sources that are probabilistic rather than deterministic. The downside of using probabilistic photon sources is that the cost of generating the photons scales exponentially as the number of photons increases. So far, the largest number of photons used is five, which is not enough to demonstrate conclusively the advantage of using quantum computers. (Further emphasizing the difficulty of demonstrating a quantum advantage in this area, a recent study has shown that classical computers can simulate the boson sampling problem using 30 photons, suggesting that the quantum methods have more to prove than previously thought.)In an attempt to make it easier to achieve larger numbers of photons in boson sampling experiments, the researchers in the new study looked specifically at boson sampling using Gaussian states. Although Gaussian states have already been used experiments, their Gaussian nature was never specifically investigated. These states have the advantage of being less costly to produce in experiments. “The single biggest advantage of our protocol is the ability to use more of the generated photons from our input states,” Hamilton told “This means, if photon number is the main obstacle for experimentalists, it should be easier to demonstrate a quantum advantage using Gaussian states.”One of the main results of the new study is that, despite being easier to implement experimentally, Gaussian boson sampling is still a #P-hard problem and so, like boson sampling, also has the potential to serve as a platform illustrating the advantages of quantum computing. Specifically, the researchers show that Gaussian boson sampling is related to a matrix function called the Hafnian, a problem so difficult that currently no classical computer can efficiently approximate a solution.Overall, the results suggest that Gaussian boson sampling may have several experimental and theoretical advantages over general boson sampling, and will likely provide researchers with another tool to investigate where to draw the line between quantum and classical computing. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

An artist in the making

first_imgHer dainty hands were putting strokes of color on paper, when kids her age dawdle at learning alphabet. By 4, she had made friends with paintbrush and canvas. With leaps like that, feats are accomplished early on in life. It is Ahaana’s moment of limelight as she holds her first art exhibition, ‘Ahaana at 5’ in All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society.This week long exhibition showcases 30 paintings made by Ahaana over the past one and a half year. She has put her art forward through an eclectic range of mediums using water colors, oil pastels, acrylics, and mixed media in a variety of pictures. As a student at Art Kendra, she explored her inherent talent by working on her paintings rigorously, at such a nascent age. Her parents exclaim with pride that their daughter loves to draw and paint all the time. The little artist wants to dwell in painting but dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up. Those big dreams have to wait for a few years; for now, it is time for her step into Class 1.DETAILWhere: AIFACS (All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society), Rafi MargWhen: 1 April to 7 Aprillast_img read more

Master of the winds

first_imgIf you like instrumental music or have an inclination towards performing arts then Sangeet Natak Akademi is the place for you to be. Hosting an array of plays and music recitals to mark their annual dance and drama festival, Sangeet Natak Akademi also has a treat for instrumental music lovers in the Capital. Every year the festival is organised to celebrate various genres of performing arts. This year, the musical treat comes in the form of renowned flute artist Srinivas Satapathy, who will be performing accompanied by other artists.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Trained by veteran flute artist Mohini Mohan Patnik, Srinivas has performed in various music festivals in country like Sangeet Pratibha in Patna and Bhubneshwar Music Circle among others. On the international stage he has wooed music lovers in Belgium, Spain, Holland and the USA. He has accompanied various eminent dancers like Sujata Mohapatra and Aruna Mohanty on their performances. He was also awarded by Sangeet Natak Akademi, Ustad Bismilla Khan Yuva Puraskar in the year 2011. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe Akademi is determined to work towards building up structure of support for the practice of music, dance and drama in country. The dance and drama festival is another innitiative to support budding artists and acknowledging the veterans. The support encompasses traditional and modern forms of art in urban as well as rural environments. The Akademi functions as the body of the performing arts in the country to preserve and promote the vast cultural heritage of India expressed in music, dance and drama. The festivals of music, dance and drama presented by the Akademi are held all over India. Don’t miss it!last_img read more

Shilpa to pen book on nutrition and health

first_imgThe book, which Shilpa has been working on for the past 7 months, will highlight everything that the 39-year-old actress has learnt so far about fitness and living a healthy life.‘I am writing a book on nutrition and health. All what I have learnt so far, I am going to put that in the book. It’s all in the mind. You have to train your mind to loose weight. You have to make a lifestyle modification. With a positive approach you can achieve anything,’ Shilpa said. Also Read – A fresh blend of fameThe Baazigar star said she also makes sure that her two-year-old son Viaan, who she has with husband Raj Kundra, maintains a healthy lifestyle.‘There are a lot of people who don’t understand the meaning of nutrition. I have seen mothers who force their kids to eat more and more. I am also writing the book as a mother.My son is very lean but he eats healthy. Me and my son both take ghee in our meals. I don’t believe in dieting and fasting,’ Shilpa said.last_img read more

You dont mess with Sonakshi Sinha

first_imgThe ongoing row over the controversial AIB Roast show saw another twist with filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt first questioning why actress Sonakshi Sinha’s name didn’t surface in the FIR and then expressing admiration for her ‘sane’ and ‘mature’ reaction to his statement.Dabangg actress Sonakshi, who appeared to be calm and not flustered by the allegations, responded with a series of tweets. ‘I don’t remember my father questioning them as to how or why so. I do agree with u however, if these FIR’s Are filed on 2-3 members of the audience, why not the other 3,998. Lets not give these ppl the attention they so desperately seek And as far as my memeory serves me, nobody EVER went to jail for laughing. (sic),’ she tweeted.last_img read more

South Bengal to get rain respite heavy downpour to continue across North

first_imgKolkata: The intensity of rainfall in the city and South Bengal districts will reduce, while North Bengal districts will continue to receive heavy to very heavy showers in the next 24 hours.The Regional Meteorological Centre at Alipore predicted that the rain condition will improve in South Bengal districts in the next 24 hours. Meanwhile, there will be continuous heavy downpour in North Bengal. A moderate rainfall lashed the city and its adjoining parts on Sunday afternoon resulting in the slow movement of traffic in some thoroughfare. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeThe Met office said that various North Bengal districts including Cooch Behar and Alipurduar may witness heavy to very heavy rainfall. According to the weather office, a low pressure trough currently hovering over Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh is bringing more rain in North Bengal.North Bengal districts have been receiving heavy rainfall for the past two days. Due to heavy rain, many important roads and other areas in various North Bengal districts have gone under water. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedSouth Bengal districts like North & South 24-Parganas, Nadia, Murshidabad and Hooghly received a huge amount of rainfall on Saturday. The condition has marginally improved on Sunday. The Met office said that the districts like Purulia, Bankura and West Midnapore also recorded heavy rainfall in past few days, while East Burdwan, West Burdwan and Jhargram have recorded moderate to heavy rainfall in last couple of days.The Alipore Met office also predicted that people in South Bengal may experience hot and humid condition in next few days after it stops raining. The discomfort level may go up in the city and also in some of the South Bengal districts. The city on Sunday got its share of scattered rainfall. The temperature has remained normal in the city and some South Bengal districts in the past few days due to continued rainfall.A cyclonic circulation over North Bay of Bengal and its neighbouring areas turned into a low pressuretrough bringing heavy downpour in the state.The situation was further aggravated as a low pressure trough formed over North Odisha and adjoining parts of Bengal gained strength, contributing to more rainfall in North Bengal and also in some North East states as well.last_img read more

Savour handcrafted winter menu

first_img‘Antipasti’ At san gimignanoExplore the flavors of Italy as our chefs at San Gimignano present exotic Antipasti delicacies in a specially curated menu. Pair up your selection with cured meats, sausages and fine wines to indulge in a sumptuous fare.When: November 9 – 18 Lunch and Dinner: 12:30pm – 2:45pm | 7:00pm – 11:45pmMeal for Two: without alcohol: Rs 5000 plus taxes‘Royal rajasthan’ At daniell’s tavernExplore authentic flavours of Rajasthani cuisine with Royal Rajasthan as our traditional menu takes you on a culinary sojourn to the state of Royalty with its aromas and spices, at Daniell’s Tavern. Feel satiated with the divine Dal Bati Churma or dwell in the essence of Tangy Gatte Ki Sabzi while the zest and tenderness of all time favourite Laal Maans leave you asking for more. Finish with delicious Malai Ghevar to experience the true culture of Rajputs and Rajwadas. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’When: November 15 – 25 Timings: 6:30pm – 11:45pm  ONLY FOR DINNER Meal for Two: without alcohol: Rs 4000 plus taxes‘Winter collection menu’ At the spice routeIt’s Seafood time again this winter with Chef Veena Arora! The maverick Chef De Cuisine at The Spice Route invites you to indulge in the most awaited, healthy and globally acclaimed Winter Collection menu featuring delicate flavours of King Prawns, Squid, Lobster and hand-picked variety of fish, to keep you cosy this winter.When: November 16 – December 31 Lunch and Dinner: 12:30pm – 2:45pm | 7:00pm – 11:45pm Meal for Two: Rs 10000 plus taxeslast_img read more

Smartphone usage raises webdependence anxiety

first_imgSmartphones have given us unlimited access to the internet, but also made people over-dependent on it, to the extent that loss of connection while travelling may lead to irritation and anxiety.According to a new study, a greater dependence on internet leads to the development of web-dependence anxiety. Young people and the better educated, or simply the more information literate, tend to have a greater “smartphone web-dependence,” which can significantly increase without reliable and fast access to the internet, says Hui-Jen Yang from National Chin-Yi University of Technology, in Taichung, Taiwan.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’They also relate to attachment theory, which proposes that a person or a group of people have the psychological tendency to gain safety by seeking closeness to another person. They feel safe when the other person is present but anxious when the person is absent. For instance, children and parents alike become anxious when they lose sight of each other in a crowded place, the researchers noted. The study suggests that separation anxiety is just as real for people and their smartphones, although the problem is obviously a one-sided issue.last_img read more

4 in 10 Indians want ban on tobacco PUBG

first_imgNew Delhi: Amid the controversy over restrictions on the popular mobile game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in Gujarat, a new study has found that about 40 per cent of Indians want a complete ban on cigarettes, marijuana, e-cigarettes, violent video games and online betting. While 68 per cent respondents endorsed social media use in moderation, 62 per cent approved consumption of packaged salty snacks in moderation, 57 per cent urban Indians were fine with intake of sugary soft drinks in moderation, according to the survey by market research firm Ipsos. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf”Vices are largely defined by social taboo and the survey validates what is socially acceptable and what is not. And the rules of the game are not likely to change,” researchers said. The results are based on a survey of over 1,000 people in India conducted between November 26 and December 7, 2018. “Moderation is the watchword even for chocolates, salty snacks and sugary soft drinks. While people enjoy them, over consumption can lead to adverse impact on health, in terms of obesity, blood pressure and diabetes,” said researchers. “Some of the popular violent video games have been banned in India. And our survey validates that most Indians reject them, as they are interpreted as vices,” they added. Only 36 per cent Indians feel that marijuana has medicinal value and only about 39 per cent Indians agree that marijuana should be legal for medical usage, the study said.last_img read more

Tribute to living legend Pandit Debu

first_imgUstad Mushtaq Ali Khan Centre for Culture the reputed Cultural organisation of the country popularly known as UMAK Centre for Culture will be holding the event ‘Abhinandan 84’ on the occasion of the 84th birthday of internationally renowned sitar maestro Pandit Debu Chaudhuri, Padmabhushan Awardee. The event will be held at 6:00 pm on June 1, 2019, in Meghdoot Auditorium no. III, Sangeet Natak Akademy.Pandit Devabrata Chaudhuri is one of the senior most ‘Living Legends’ of instrumental music of the country. He is a recipient of the prestigious Government award of Padmabhushan and National Sangeet Natak Akademy Award for his special contribution in the field of music. He received his early training from the late Panchu Gopal Datta and later for 38 years from the senior most traditional exponent of Sitar Maestro Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan of ‘Senia Gharana’. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfPand Debu Chaudhuri, in addition to being a top-class artist of India, is also a top-class academician, which is a rare combination found in any artist. He was the former Dean and Head, and Senior Professor, Faculty of Music and Fine Arts, University of Delhi. He is the Founder Chairman of ‘Delhi University Culture Council’, Former Executive Committee member of various colleges of Delhi, Secretary, UMAK Centre for Culture, Member of the Advisory Board of the Music Audition Board of AIR, Expert Committee member of the UGC, Ministry of Culture and many other places and also the ‘Visitors’ nominee at Central Universities. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsivePandit Chaudhuri is the Creator of eight new ragas namely Bisweswari, Palas-Sarang, Anuranjani, Ashiqui Lalit, Swanandeswari, Kalyani Bilawal, Shiva Manjari and Prabhati Manjari (his late wife Manju). ‘Abhinandan 84’ will especially showcase and give a befitting example of how the oral tradition of our Indian Classical Music is being passed over to the next generation, who are ready to carry on the mantle of Indian Classical Music further. This will be shown through the musical presentations and concerts by Panditji’s students, disciples, and artists of India honoring the great legend with their performances. It will feature a Kathak Dance Recital by Rayana Chaudhuri, ‘Sitar Recital’ by Little Adhiraj Chaudhuri. This will be followed by a Sitar and Hawaiian Guitar Jugalbandi Concert by Professor Ravi Sharma (Sitar) and Neel Ranjan Mukherjee (Hawaiian Guitar). Later, a Trigulbandi Concert of 2 Sitars and a Flute by Uma Shankar P D Singh (Sitar), among others will enthrall the audience. The highlight of the event and the grand finale will be the eminent Sitar Recital by the Eminent Sitar Maestro of India Pandit Prateek Chaudhuri.last_img read more

Kolkatas restaurant count reaches 38838

first_imgThe National Restaurant Association of India’s Kolkata Chapter along with NRAI India Food Services Report 2019 (NRAI IFSR 2019) was launched by the Addl Chief Secretary, Home Industry, Commerce and Enterprises, and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Textile, Alapan Bandopadhyay on July 2.NRAI IFSR 2019, released once every 3 years, is the 4th edition of National Restaurant Association of India’s study to map trends, opportunities, and challenges of India’s food service sector. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfTalking about the contribution of the restaurant industry in the economy, as well as the formation and launch of NRAI, Dr Amit Mitra, Finance Minister of State, said, “Restaurant industry is the third largest after retail and insurance in the service segment. It has been a significant contributor to the country’s overall economy in many ways. The industry engages millions of people, both directly and indirectly. The employment covers a full range of unskilled, semi-skilled and fully skilled people.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveMitra also mentioned the industry figures for the Kolkata market. “There are a total of 38,838 restaurants, in Kolkata, 7994 of which are in the organised segment. There is a huge scope in Kolkata for the growth of non-home cooked food and foodservice market, compared to cities like Delhi and Mumbai. It is towards this purpose that NRAI has launched its Kolkata Chapter,” he added. It is to note that market size of Kolkata’s organised food service sector is estimated at INR 5,049 Crore for 2018-19. The industry in Kolkata currently generates direct employment for 66,234 people and stands fourth in comparison to Mumbai (4,28,358), Delhi (3,01,715) and Bengaluru (1,17,660). Sagar Daryani, Chapter Head of NRAI Kolkata and CEO, Wow! Momo speaking on the occasion said, “NRAI Kolkata Chapter has put forth Restaurant Industry’s concerns with respective Government departments and it is very encouraging to receive a positive response from the State Government and a warm welcome from the fraternity members.” Mentioning that this is the only industry that offers multiple opportunities for various job roles/levels with varying education and skill levels, he said, “We will assist in conducting soft skill and food safety training of youth in rural areas and later provide them with employment opportunities in the sector. We also plan to provide training infrastructure for hands-on-training on food safety, hygiene, and soft skills for existing and to become a platform for training and creation of new workforce ready to operate resources in the food service sector”. The mega launch was attended by the who’s who of the F&B fraternity. NRAI IFSR 2019 is a comprehensive compilation of data gathered from in-depth interactions with over 130 restaurant CEOs and 3500 consumers across 24 cities in India. Kolkata specific pull-out provides extensive data on a variety of parameters like average monthly spend per person, popular hangouts, employment and consumer’s eating out behaviour and trends.last_img read more

Twelve fading Indian handicrafts on display at Delhi exhibition

first_imgA set of 12 ‘languishing’ crafts, including Akola and Nandana hand block prints, Mashru, Rangkat and Garad Korial silk weave, Rogan paintings and Chamba Rumal art, is the focus of a new exhibition, which opened at the Central Cottage Industries Corporation (CCIC) Emporium, here on August 1. The exhibition was inaugurated by Shantmanu, IAS Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Chairman CCIC, Ministry of Textile, Govt of India. These are among the 55 handicrafts and handloom arts identified by the Ministry of Textiles as endangered with limited practitioners and craftspeople. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe exhibition ‘Kala Sampada’ focuses on 12 of these crafts – five handicrafts and seven handloom styles – that are fading into oblivion due to changing consumer tastes and new generations of skilled artisans shifting to other occupations to earn a living. “For our national awards each year, we keep five awards reserved for these categories. We also conduct guru-shishya camps for expert artisans to train new entrants. Stalls at exhibition places, like Dilli Haat, are also reserved for them.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsive”To boost sale and marketing, the exhibition at this emporium will help to attract craft lovers and buyers,” said Shantmanu, CCIC Chairman and Textile Ministry Development Commissioner. Other showcased crafts include Matka Noil silk, Patan Patola, Nagpuri Cotton, Lashingpee, silverware, wooden toys of Odisha and Sanjhi craft. For the handloom section, the exhibits are in form of everyday wearables, like sarees, dupattas, men’s clothing, quilts and table mats. The 10-day exhibition-cum-sale is on at the Jawahar Vyapar Bhavan. Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd. (CCIC), a Public Sector Undertaking under the Ministry of Textiles is engaged in the promotion and retail marketing of best of authentic Indian Handloom and Handicrafts products through its showrooms in New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Secunderadabad, Patna, and Varanasi. CCIC sources its merchandise directly from, weavers, master weavers, craftsperson, and master crafts person, Shilpgurus, National Awardees and Clusters. CCIC is dedicated to the development of India Crafts and Craftperson thus providing a unique Platform for showcasing and marketing of handicrafts & handlooms products globally.last_img read more

Kobe had a greater impact on basketball than Tim Duncan

first_imgColin says:Colin is bummed that the FBI called off the D.B. Cooper investigation.The length of baseball games isn’t the problem, the lack of activity inside the game is.Concentration of power in small towns is bad news.Guests:Rob Manfred – MLB Commissioner joins the show to talk about the All Star Game, finding ways to make the game appealing to the younger generation, and moving the game forward while still embracing the past.Tom Verducci – SI MLB Writer discusses the MLB All Star game, the state of baseball, promoting young stars, and his insomnia due to Colin’s giant billboard.Chris Myers – FoxSports host called in from the road to provide inside details in the D.B. Cooper investigation.Mark Medina – Lakers beat writer for the L.A. Daily news talks about the Kobe/Duncan comparison, big Vegas Summer League crowds, and Russell Westbrook to the Lakers possibilities.last_img read more

With Blake Griffin gone the Clippers can go allin on LeBron

first_imgMalcolm Butler’s interception is the defining play of the Patriot dynastyNew England is headed to it’s 8th Super Bowl of the Belichick/Brady era, and even though there have been many memorable plays, the one Colin feels defines the 17- year dynasty had nothing to do with Tom Brady.Colin thinks Malcolm Butler’s game-winning, goal line interception in the Super Bowl against Seattle is the hallmark play of the incredible run. It’s the perfect example of preparation meeting situational awareness, leading to a game-deciding play.Even though Tom Brady is the player that defines the dynasty, this is the one play that perfectly defines it.Also:-The Warriors could win the title without Steve Kerr, this seasonGuests:Stefon Diggs – Vikings wide receiver joins the show to talk Eagles D; if there was an emotional letdown after the “Minneapolis Miracle”; and how the quarterback situation will play out.Kenyon Martin – 14-year NBA veteran is in-studio talking Blake Griffin trade; why he would love to play with Russell Westbrook; and if Isaiah Thomas can work in Cleveland.Tony Gonzalez – FS1 Analyst and former All-Pro tight end is in-studio explaining the difference in playoff intensity compared to regular season games, and why he was devastated after getting booed as a rookie.Alex Smith – Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback joins the show to talk about his time as teammates with Nick Foles, and how he views his role in mentoring younger quarterbacks. With Blake Griffin gone, the Clippers can go all-in on LeBronBlake Griffin quickly became an NBA fan favorite because of his explosive athleticism and endless stream of highlight dunks, but Colin never bought in. He sees Griffin as a tremendous talent who hasn’t adapted is game to the more perimeter oriented current NBA, and thinks the Clippers were right to trade him to Detroit so they can re-shape their team.Griffin’s game would have dominated in the 90’s, but the game has changed, and now he’s nothing more than an overpriced, expendable piece. Now the Clippers can aggressively try to pursue difference making free agents, specifically LeBron James.last_img read more

Sprint 4G Broadband A Business Primer

first_img 4 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Brought to you by PCWorld March 26, 2010 Sprint has been aggressively promoting its expanding 4G wireless network at the CTIA show in Las Vegas this week. Verizon and AT&T are also pursuing 4G or LTE broadband , but Sprint–true to its name–is sprinting ahead to deliver 4G in more markets ahead of the competition.Existing 3G wireless broadband is a quantum leap over 2G, but for businesses to rely on wireless broadband it needs to be significantly faster, and more consistently stable. Let’s take a look at what 4G wireless broadband is supposed to deliver, and how 4G broadband can impact your business.Current pilot tests and implementations of 4G networks offer broadband speeds significantly faster than existing 3G networks, but fall significantly short of the established goal. The technologies used today represent the first generation effort to achieve mobile broadband rates of 100 mbps, and stationary wireless broadband speeds reaching 1 gbps.A Sprint press release declares “With 27 markets already equipped with 4G and more being planned for this year, Sprint is fulfilling its promise to light up major metropolitan areas with speeds that are up to 10 times faster than 3G.”The press release goes on to claim “And unlike ‘concepts’ and ‘lab tests’ from other wireless companies, Sprint is the first national wireless carrier to actually test, launch and market 4G technology.”Iyad Tarazi, VP of 4G Wimax network development for Sprint, took PCWorld’s Mark Sullivan for a test drive of the Sprint 4G capabilities around Las Vegas. Sullivan witnessed consistent broadband download speeds of over 10mbps, but ran into some technical difficulties that showed less-than-stellar results for the upload speeds.While it’s a fraction of the projected 100mbps that the next-generation wireless broadband promises, Sprint’s 4G network raises the bar so that customers can get wireless data speeds comparable to middle-ground wired broadband speeds, and allows businesses to expand the tasks and functions that are possible over a wireless network.Sprint outlines some business scenarios that are made possible by the faster 4G broadband speeds:Real estate agents can conduct virtual property tours.Construction teams using 4G in the field can save valuable time by sharing schematics with engineers online.Insurance companies can speed their claims management through real-time communication with on-site adjusters.Health care professionals can improve their ability to remotely monitor patients.Emergency first responders can rapidly assess and coordinate disaster action with real-time on-site video and audio.Photojournalists can instantly transfer high-resolution images to the newsroom.Those are just a few examples. Because the 4G wireless broadband is capable of speeds comparable to most wired broadband solutions today, it opens the possibility that businesses can consolidate services and drop wired broadband completely. Just as mobile phones have enabled many customers to eliminate the traditional land line, 4G wireless broadband will enable customers to eliminate the traditional broadband network.That said, it is worth pointing out that wireless providers are already struggling to keep up with data demands, and the FCC is working aggressively to recapture wireless spectrum to head off an impending crisis of bandwidth. AT&T–sole purveyor of service for the Apple iPhone–has had a particularly difficult time keeping the speed and reliability of its 3G data network consistent.The bottom line is that 4G wireless broadband promises to expand the scope of what is possible over remote, wireless data networks, but the technology is still nascent and the wireless bandwidth will probably fold quickly under the pressure if there is any sort of mass exodus to drop wired broadband in favor of 4G.Tony Bradley is co-author of Unified Communications for Dummies . He tweets as @Tony_BradleyPCW . You can follow him on his Facebook page , or contact him by email at . Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Globallast_img read more

5 Reasons Why You Might Want an Unlocked Smartphone

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » August 16, 2013 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Chances are your smartphone is “locked,” meaning the software on it prevents you from using it on any other wireless network except for the one you signed a contract with when you purchased the mobile device. But wouldn’t it be more convenient, and potentially less costly, if you could use the smartphone you paid for on the wireless network of your choice — while slashing your phone bill at the same time?You can, if you’re willing to purchase an “unlocked” smartphone.Lately, carriers have begun offering substantially less expensive plans for smartphones, especially prepaid plans which can cut a typical monthly wireless bill by half or more. But can you use your current smartphone on a no-contract, prepaid plan? If you bought your smartphone from your current carrier under a two-year contract, that answer is almost certainly no.While it’s technically possible to unlock most handsets, as of this year the U.S. government made it illegal under copyright law to unlock your cell phone without carrier consent. The House of Representatives is considering a bill that would once again make it legal to unlock a carrier-locked phone. But mere illegality hasn’t stopped Americans from unlocking their cell phones and this activity appears to be more popular than ever in the U.S.Related: Ubuntu Edge Phone: A Crazy, Cool Idea That’s Probably Ahead of Its TimeIf you don’t want to deal with the hassle and risk of unlocking your phone, right now it is completely legal, and easier than ever, to buy an unlocked version of almost any smartphone: one that isn’t restricted to a specific carrier.Here are five reasons why you might want to buy an unlocked phone:1. There are more, easier ways to buy unlocked phones. You can now buy an unlocked version of almost any smartphone direct from the manufacturer (with a warranty) online and have it shipped to your door the next day. Online and brick-and-mortar retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy sell many unlocked phones.Typically, unlocked smartphones can cost about twice what you’d pay up front for a contract phone: $600 to $750 for high-end current models with at least 32-GB of storage. But in the end you can recoup this cost difference several times over.2. They can save you money in the long term.Most two-year wireless contracts for smartphones cost about $80 to$120 per month or more, depending on how much data your plan provides. That can add up to nearly $3,000 over the life of a contract.In contrast, a pre-paid or month-to-month no-contract smartphone plan can cost as little as $35 to $40 per month — such as Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk unlimited data and text plans. No-contract options can even be far less expensive than new offers such as T-Mobile’s new upgrade-anytime plan. Related: All The Cool Things Google’s New Moto X Phone Can DoIf you use Wi-Fi for mobile data most of the time, consider a plan with a low data cap. Also, you won’t ever have to pay an early termination fee on a no-contract plan — something that can cost several hundred dollars under a standard contract.3. It has become easier and more lucrative to sell your used phone. If you buy an unlocked phone and want to upgrade in a few months or a year, often you can get a reasonable price by selling your used unlocked phone online, especially on eBay. For instance, an unlocked, one-year-old Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone might sell on eBay for $350 to $450.In contrast, a carrier-locked version of the same phone would be much harder to sell and probably would fetch only $150 to $200. There are also phone resale services such as which can be easier to use but pay far less than direct sales on eBay.4. They’re useful for international travel.If you travel internationally, having an unlocked smartphone can be a significant money-saver and logistical advantage. Be sure to purchase a phone that uses GSM technology (the world standard outside the U.S., and is the type of network used by AT&T and T-Mobile here), which means it has a removable SIM card. Then purchase a local prepaid SIM card when you get to the country of your destination for more affordable local phone service and data.This avoids the hassle and expense of renting a new local phone and figuring out how to use it. Roverly offers a free online guide to choosing an international smartphone.5. Freedom to make your own choices. We saved this one for last and it should seem like the most obvious. If you’re sick of the stranglehold wireless carriers have had on the U.S. mobile market, buying an unlocked phone can be an act of protest that hits the carriers where they live.Related: Could Your Next iPhone Have a Larger Screen?last_img read more

CEOs Can No Longer Sit Idly By on Cybersecurity

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global May 16, 2014 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Not too long ago, a corporation’s cybersecurity initiatives were discussed only within IT departments. Even when breaches occurred, the spotlight focused on root causes and the technical fixes needed to remedy the matter. Rarely would such an issue have repercussions for any executive team member.That all changed earlier this month when Target’s CEO Gregg Steinhafel, a 35-year employee of the company with the last six at the helm, resigned in light of the recent holiday-season credit-card security breach that affected 40 million customers. While many speculate about the reasons for his sudden departure, the retail giant has experienced lower-than-expected earnings thus far this year.Related: Why We Need Another Sputnik MomentSo let this be a wakeup call to my fellow CEOs. We can no longer sit idly by and understand a company’s cybersecurity initiatives in only a cursory manner. Cybersecurity is no longer an add-on to the IT budget.The loss of corporate data, violations of privacy laws and the degrading or total shutdown of business operations is becoming commonplace in today’s connected environments. These incidents put every organization — and executive team member — at risk.This means each person on a company’s management team must be armed with the requisite knowledge to make informed decisions about cybersecurity — not just an understanding of the basic concepts. Executives must understand more in-depth technological concepts and applicable laws and the future opportunities for senior IT and business managers, innovators and information entrepreneurs to solve information-security challenges.This will allow the CEO and members of the management team to do the following:Related: The Threat Lurking in Bringing Your Own Device to Work1. Make decisions about cybersecurity with a better understanding of risk.2. Explore cutting-edge strategies — including cloud-based systems — to increase business competitiveness while keeping data safe.3. Understand the costs and benefits of an organization-wide cybersecurity program.4. Stay current about issues within the changing information-assurance landscape.So here’s my call to action: CEOs and other members of the executive team need to put cybersecurity training at the forefront of their strategic priorities. This is crucial in the modern workplace, most especially in the current environment when all expenditures are closely scrutinized.Moreover, insights must come from all areas, including academia, the Department of Defense and the commercial world, so as to build and deliver credible, relevant and action-oriented plans focused on providing greater security for a corporation’s mission-critical data. Supplying such knowledge to all team members, from the executive team on down, empowers them to make a difference at job sites the day after the training program is completed.Make no mistake. CEOs are now front and center in the efforts to grapple with and strategically undertake cybersecurity initiatives. Doing so will help mitigate large risks like the one Target experienced last holiday season while also uncover potential new ways to gain competitive business advantage. The responsibility, while certainly shared with the chief information officer, rests squarely with the CEO and requires a working knowledge of the organization’s IT security strategy. Those leaders that do not take this situation seriously will go the way of Mr. Steinhafel.Related: Preventing Another Target Attack Register Now »last_img read more

You Can Now Sign Into Your Yahoo Email Account Without a Password

first_img 2 min read Register Now » Yahoo’s next step in password security is to eliminate them altogether.Starting on Thursday, the company announced, users of the Yahoo Mail app on both iOS and Android will have access to a new service called Yahoo Account Key, which uses smartphones to verify identities in lieu of traditional passwords.Here’s how it works: When users who sign up for Account Key try to access Yahoo Mail, they will no longer need to enter their password. Instead, the Account Key service will send a message to the smartphone connected to the account.With a tap on yes or no, users can indicate it is a legitimate attempt to get into the account or deny unauthorized access.If their smartphone is lost or stolen, users can verify identities through an email or a text message sent to alternative accounts and numbers.In a blog post on Yahoo’s Tumblr page, Dylan Casey, vice president of product management, said Account Key is more secure than traditional passwords because it prohibits anyone from signing in to access an account without the verification that Account Key provides.Satnam Narang, a security manager with Symantec, called the approach “a step above a password” but said it still falls short of the golden standard of what’s known as two-factor authentication, which requires users to confirm their identify with two different pieces of information.He also expressed doubts that most users will let passwords die easily and encouraged widespread adoption of password management tools until a new verification method replaces them for good.”I think passwords are going to be around for a little while, I don’t think they’re going away as soon as we’d like them to. They’re so ingrained in everything we do from banking to email to shopping, you name it,” Narang said.In addition to Account Key verification, Yahoo executives announced a revamped version of Yahoo Mail that allows users to connect with, manage and search Outlook, Hotmail andAOL email accounts while signed in to their Yahoo account.The new Mail also connects to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to add photos and create “contact cards” with email, telephone and social media information for contacts.(Editing by Stephen R. Trousdale and Ken Wills) October 15, 2015 This story originally appeared on Reuters Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more