Eagles Fans Praise Donovan McNabb During Retirement Ceremony

The Philadelphia Eagles honored Donovan McNabb by retiring his No. 5 jersey during halftime of their Thursday night game against the Kansas City Chiefs.The Eagles fans cheered loudly as the former NFL quarterback, who played 11 seasons in the city, entered the stadium.“I appreciate everything you’ve done for me,” McNabb told the audience at Lincoln Financial Field. “No. 5 will always love you.”The fans chanted “Donovan, Donovan” as some of them held up their No. 5 jerseys, which was followed by green fireworks which exploded in the air as a banner with McNabb’s name and number was unveiled.Brian Dawkins, who played in Philadelphia with the QB for 10 years, amped up the fans and introduced McNabb.“It was my pleasure going to war with you all those years,” Dawkins said. “From the bottom of my heart brother, I thank you.”McNabb finished his Eagles’ career as the franchise’s all-time leader in passing yards, attempts, completions and touchdowns.He was the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL draft back in 1999. read more

The Chiefs New Quarterback Is Walking Into An Ideal Situation

With seconds left in the first half of the Kansas City Chiefs’ preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons last Friday, new starting QB Patrick Mahomes showed once again why KC felt comfortable dropping longtime starter Alex Smith in favor of the talented 22-year-old they took 10th overall in 2017. *Weighted Approximate Value equals a player’s AV from the previous season multiplied by three, plus his AV from two seasons ago multiplied by two, plus his AV from three seasons ago. A team’s total above is the sum of the weighted AV numbers for all of its primary non-QB skill players.Source: Pro-Football-Reference.com Campbell2007WASPortis • Betts • Cooley • Moss • Randle El231 Roethlisberger2004PITStaley • Bettis • Ward • Burress • Randle El235 Hipple1981DETSims • Bussey • Scott • Thompson • Hill185 Manning2005NYGBarber • Finn • Burress • Shockey • Toomer210 New QBYrTmSkill PlayersWtd. A.V. Culpepper2000MINSmith • Kleinsasser • Moss • Carter • Davis226 The Chiefs have set Mahomes up for successAmong quarterbacks in their first season as a primary QB, those whose primary supporting cast (2 RBs and 3 WRs or TEs) produced the most weighted Approximate Value* in the previous three seasons, 1970-2018 King2000TAMDunn • Alstott • Johnson • Green • Moore234 Rypien1989WASByner • Riggs • Monk • Sanders • Clark235 Sanchez2009NYJJones • Greene • Cotchery • Keller • Edwards188 White1980DALDorsett • Newhouse • Hill • Pearson • DuPree264 Leftwich2003JAXTaylor • Edwards • Smith • Edwards • Brady204 Fitzpatrick2008CINBenson • Perry • H’mandzadeh • Johnson • Kelly202 Mahomes2018KCHunt • Ware • Kelce • Watkins • Hill221 Cassel2008NEFaulk • Morris • Welker • Moss • Gaffney220 Batch1998DETSanders • Vardell • Morton • Moore • Crowell258 Staubach1971DALGarrison • Thomas • Hayes • Alworth • Ditka211 Gannon1990MINWalker • Fenney • Carter • Jones • Jordan220 George1990INDBentley • Dickerson • Hester • Brooks • Morgan203 Leinart2006ARIJames • Arrington • Boldin • Fitzgerald • Johnson235 Although Kansas City’s talented group isn’t quite the most gifted core that a young QB has ever had to work with, it is close — ranking 12th-best since 1970 and the best this decade. In terms of what it might mean for the Chiefs, the rest of the teams on this list ended up posting an average of 8.9 wins per 16 games — just a tick below the average of 9.0 wins posted under their old QB — with the new QB generating exactly the same value (10.5 AV) as his predecessor had done in the role the year before. So if history is any indicator, Chiefs fans may not feel much of a drop-off from Smith to Mahomes, despite the latter’s inexperience.The only real concern around KC’s offense (which scored the sixth-most points of any team last year) might be the state of the team’s offensive line, which ranked among the middle of the pack in pass protection last year and has been up-and-down during the preseason thus far. But even there, Mahomes is in comparatively good hands. If we run the same exercise as above, but for Kansas City’s O-line instead of its skill players, Mahomes’s blocking support ranks 15th among first-time primary QBs since 1970. It’s not exactly the road-grading machine that Dak Prescott had in front of him when he broke in as Cowboys starter in 2016, but the KC line isn’t without talent — including 2017 second-team All-Pro Mitchell Schwartz at right tackle and former No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher on the left side.All told, you’d have to go back to Tampa Bay Bucs QB Shaun King in 2000 to find a first-time primary signal-caller who got more support from both his skill-position teammates and his offensive line than Mahomes figures to get this season. And while King was little more than a stopgap starter for Tampa, Mahomes is lined up to be the Chiefs’ answer under center for the long haul. With ample talent around Mahomes to help smooth away any rough patches, don’t be surprised if his career as KC’s quarterback gets off to a fast start. And it had better — because if it doesn’t, neither Reid nor his young starter will have many places to lay the blame. Rivers2006SDTomlinson • Turner • Gates • Parker • McCardell291 Hogeboom1984DALDorsett • Springs • Hill • Cosbie • Renfro240 Just how impressive was that bomb from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill? As Yahoo’s Michael David Smith noted, Mahomes’s pass traveled further through the air — 68.6 yards, according to the NFL’s NextGen Stats — than any touchdown pass did during the entire 2017 NFL season.1That’s impressive even though the 2017 stats include very little of Aaron Rodgers, king of the deep TD strike. So there’s no questioning Mahomes’s arm. And perhaps more importantly, he’ll be surrounded by plenty of supporting talent that will help him ease into his new role — maybe more of this talent than any other quarterback this decade. But does this ideal situation mean Mahomes is destined to make KC fans forget about Smith — and cure the Chiefs’ chronic postseason problems?Certainly, Mahomes will demonstrate a very different style of play than Smith did. During Smith’s seasons at the helm in Kansas City (2013-17), only Tom Brady had a lower interception percentage,2Among the 39 NFL passers with at least 800 attempts over that span. and nobody topped Smith on the percentage of passes he threw that ended up at or behind the line of scrimmage. Although Smith did begin to stretch the field more as a deep passer over his time in KC, he was mostly defined as an extremely accurate short-range passer who kept the Chiefs’ offense on schedule and didn’t make mistakes. Mahomes, by contrast, carries the “gunslinger” label for a reason: In the his one full start last season, 40 percent of his passes traveled at least 10 yards downfield, which would have ranked fourth in the league if he’d played enough to qualify. Mahomes also throws plenty of interceptions: In addition to the one he tossed during his lone NFL start (thereby increasing KC’s total picks thrown by quarterbacks by 20 percent), he also threw 25 in his final two seasons at Texas Tech,3Where, it should be mentioned, he also averaged a ridiculous 4,853 passing yards and 39 touchdowns over those two seasons. and struggled with turnovers during training camp as well.Fortunately, Mahomes will have an incredible arsenal of weapons to choose from when he’s running Andy Reid’s offense this year. At running back, KC boasts a pair of prolific rushers from the past few seasons in Kareem Hunt — who ran for 1,327 yards as a rookie in 2017 — and Spencer Ware, who missed all of 2017 with injury but notched 921 yards on the ground in 2016. Mahomes will also be throwing to wideouts Hill (1,183 receiving yards in 2017) and newcomer Sammy Watkins, who battled injuries in recent years but had 1,047 yards through the air in 2015. Finally, Mahomes can also go to Pro Bowl tight end Travis Kelce, who has racked up at least 1,000 receiving yards in each of the past two seasons — and is widely considered one of the best two TEs in the league, along with Rob Gronkowski.In other words, there’s a reason ESPN’s Bill Barnwell ranked Kansas City’s non-QB skill players as the best offensive arsenal in the league heading into the season. And in fact, if we zoom out beyond 2018 and look at NFL history, few first-time starters have ever been surrounded by a better group of skill-position talent than Mahomes will have at his disposal this season.To measure this, I went back to the 1970 NFL-AFL merger and tracked each team’s top two running backs and top three receivers (whether wide receivers or tight ends) for each season using Pro-Football-Reference’s Approximate Value metric, which assigns each player a numerical value roughly corresponding to his statistical productivity that year.4It’s not quite an apples-to-apples comparison with this season’s Chiefs, since I used end-of-season numbers for past seasons, and we obviously don’t yet know for sure who the Chiefs’ leading skill-position players will be this season. But using the players who are atop the depth chart heading into the season gives us a reasonable best guess. For those core groups of primary offensive skill players, I added up a weighted sum of their AV over the previous three seasons,5Where — somewhat arbitrarily — AV from the season before gets a multiplier of three, AV the season before that gets a multiplier of two and AV from three years ago gets a multiplier of one. to get a sense for how productive the group had been in the handful of seasons leading up to the one in question. Finally, I filtered for teams whose quarterback was in his first season as an NFL primary QB,6Meaning he led the team in attempts and started at least 10 games that season. to look for situations comparable to the one Mahomes currently finds himself in.After tallying up all the skill-position AV, here are the top supporting casts a new starter has gotten to play with since the merger: Evans1980CHIPayton • Harper • Scott • Watts • Baschnagel197 Woodley1980MIANathan • Williams • Moore • Harris • Cefalo208 Ponder2011MINPeterson • Gerhart • Harvin • Shiancoe • Jenkins204 Phipps1972CLEKelly • Scott • Pitts • Morin • Hooker226 Stabler1973OAKHubbard • Smith • Siani • Biletnikoff • Moore209 read more

It Was Finally Fabiano Caruanas Turn To Survive At The World Chess

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Magnus Carlsen got a black eye before Game 9 of the World Chess Championship. But it didn’t hinder his vision of the board as Wednesday’s play began.For the first time in nearly two weeks of play, Carlsen, the defending champion, was able to successfully command the white pieces to an attacking advantage. Throughout much of Game 9, Carlsen outdueled his challenger, Fabiano Caruana. Caruana, the world No. 2, appeared to reel at points, and his allocated time melted off his clock as he pondered his defense.But Carlsen’s advantage melted, too. The game was drawn after 56 moves over 3.5 hours of play. It was the ninth consecutive draw and the best-of-12 match sits level at 4.5-4.5.Before the game Wednesday, the list of colorful stories orbiting the match ballooned to two. First came the infamous deleted YouTube video appearing to show elements of Caruana’s pre-match strategic preparation. Now we had the black eye.NRK, the Norwegian broadcaster, reported that Carlsen collided — excuse me, “kolliderte” — with one of its own journalists while playing soccer on Tuesday, a rest day from the chess. Questions were raised about Carlsen’s mental soundness — a grandmaster should do nothing but grandmastering, apparently. Per Google’s translation of NRK, he was reportedly “dumbfounded” after the crash. “If he has to use pain relief, there may be a potential problem,” NRK wrote.But those neurological questions seemed quickly answered at the board and Carlsen said he felt no pain while playing.The first eight moves on Wednesday exactly matched the first eight from Game 4 — their name sounds like something out of Tolkien, an English opening that became a Reverse Dragon. But the game took a radical and aggressive turn on move 9, when Carlsen scrambled his bishop to the g5 square, into enemy territory and with its mitre directly pointed at Caruana’s queen. This match has been different for Carlsen than his 2016 World Chess Championship encounter against Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin, which began with seven consecutive draws. Many of those found Karjakin on the backfoot, escaping like Houdini from the shackles of the world champion. Caruana, however, has rarely been in real trouble until Wednesday, and this year Carlsen has been forced to play the part of escape artist.Carlsen would, however, be an enormous favorite should the tiebreakers become necessary. “I think there are some long-term dangers here for black,” said Hikaru Nakamura, a top American grandmaster commentating for Chess.com. Carlsen’s white bishop, for example, was far more active than Caruana’s. “If Caruana doesn’t find the right moves, he will lose.”It appeared to all the world that the Norwegian chess superstar would finally make real progress in the match, and indeed that a victory in the moves to come would effectively decide the match — and the world title — itself. “There are certain types of positions where Magnus is stronger than a computer,” said Anish Giri, the world No. 5, on a chess24 broadcast.It’s an evocative claim, but it was not true on Wednesday. Carlsen may have rushed his attack on move 25, shortly after the position above. He pushed his pawn up the flank on the edge of the board, to h4 and toward Caruana’s king. He then pushed it again, to h5. It may have been a square too far, or at least too soon. (The computer engine Stockfish preferred involving that active white bishop instead.)“He’s just not playing his best chess,” added Peter Svidler, the world No. 19, on that very same broadcast. The position simplified dramatically and the two shook hands — which they must be getting very good at — after 56 moves.Ah, chess is cruel. Here’s a chart to quantify that cruelty — and we’ll keep it updated throughout the rest of the match. There are three regular games left, and speedier tiebreaker games will follow on Nov. 27, if necessary. This specific position has only ever materialized on a tournament chessboard once before, according to the ChessBase database, in an otherwise uncelebrated game in 2008 between two Croatian non-grandmasters. (Though black won that one.) The attack was on, and Caruana contributed with a misstep on his 17th move, capturing a knight in Carlsen’s territory that he oughtn’t have. That capture sparked a series of moves that eventually allowed Carlsen’s bishop to escape, flying across the board to capture the black pawn on b7.As deep into the game as the 18th move, Carlsen hadn’t spent more than a minute on any one move and quickly opened up a 40-minute advantage on the clock. One knock against the champ in this match has been his apparently lackadaisical preparation. But he was solidly prepared for his aggressive line on Wednesday, sailing through his moves. Caruana, meanwhile, took 9 minutes to make his 12th move, 21 minutes on his 13th, 8 on his 14th and 13 on his 17th.The fruits of the Norwegian’s preparation appeared to be a comfortable position: Either he would win or he would draw. Before Carlsen’s 24th move, the position looked like this. “I’m really not thinking about the tiebreak now,” Caruana said after the game. “I really don’t agree with most people about my chances in the tiebreak.”Game 10 begins Thursday at 3 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time — that’s 10 a.m. Eastern. But that’s also Thanksgiving. As a result, our next dispatch will come on Friday. Chess waits for no turkey, but FiveThirtyEight does. I’ll be covering the rest of the match here and on Twitter. read more

Some MLB Teams Will Rise Some Will Fall But You Shouldnt Predict

After we broke down the voting data on ESPN’s MLB Forecast results last week, an alert FiveThirtyEight reader, Andrew Jondahl, pointed out something weird in the panel’s predictions. Andrew noticed that — from last season to this one — no team was projected to move more than one spot in its division.Such little movement would be highly unusual in the real world. Since 1998, when baseball moved to its current divisional format, nearly 30 percent of teams moved up or down by two or more spots from one season to the next. So why does the 2014 ESPN MLB Forecast panel call for so little movement? Is this a bug or a feature?If we assume the panelists are trying to maximize predictive accuracy, then it’s a feature. This is true for the same reason it’s better to predict no more than, say, 35 home runs for any player in a given season, even though we know the majors’ leader typically hits at least 45 homers (if not 50 or more).Why? We have no way of knowing which player will stray into the HR stratosphere, so it’s best to make regressive predictions for each of the dozen or so guys who could make a credible case for being the outlier; roughly half of the group will exceed their forecast, and half will fall short.The same goes for division forecasts. From 1999 to 2012, an average of 11 MLB teams per season moved zero spots within their division, 10 moved a single spot, six moved two spots, two moved three spots and one moved four spots. But if we tried to parcel out specific teams into each category, the odds are we’d be less accurate than if we just predicted no movement for any team.A great illustration of this principle comes every year around this time. In the NCAA basketball tournament, certain first-round upset combinations (like a No. 12 seed beating a No. 5 seed) are very likely each year. However, there’s a big difference between knowing that fact and being able to capitalize on it by identifying the matchup in which an upset will occur. It’s just as easy to wreck a bracket by chasing false positives — upset picks that don’t happen — as it is to pick a favorite who loses.A No. 12 seed has won roughly 1.5 times in the round of 64 in each tournament since the NCAA field expanded to 64 teams in 1985. But if we took the most likely No. 12 vs. No. 5 upset in the field (according to the teams’ pre-tournament Simple Ratings) and flipped a coin over whether to pick the second-most likely upset, we’d pick winners at a rate 9 percent lower than if we just picked the No. 5 seed to win no matter what.Now, maybe your NCAA tournament pool sweetens the deal by rewarding upsets enough to make chasing those No. 12 seeds a viable strategy, but the overall point stands. Just because we know the overall frequency of an event happening, it doesn’t mean we know whether it will happen in any specific case. The best we can do is be regressive in our forecasts, accepting that some will be wrong, but that the overall prediction will be more accurate in the long run for it. read more

Significant Digits For Wednesday Oct 7 2015

You’re reading Significant Digits, a daily digest of the telling numbers tucked inside the news.2.5 metersThat’s the standard height for a crocodile pit in Ratchaburi province, Thailand. Is that an esoteric figure? Sure. But believe me, if you lived in Ratchaburi, you’d want to be damn sure the pits used by farmers to raise crocodiles were up to code. Crocs are kept by area pig farmers, who feed the crocodiles meat they can’t otherwise sell at market and then eventually sell the crocs’ skin and meat — a solid business venture. But “several” baby crocodiles recently escaped a farm and set off a panic, so Big Government is stepping in over the next couple of days to make sure the Crocodile Industrial Complex isn’t playing fast and loose with the regulations. Thank god I live in America, where (I assume) the Second Amendment protects my right to raise unlicensed crocodiles for the protection of my apartment without such government intrusion. [Bangkok Post]2.8 percentCigarette shipments are set to rise for the first time since 2006, with deliveries in the U.S. growing 2.8 percent in the first six months of the year compared to the first six months of 2014. [Bloomberg]25 percentThe Energy Information Administration expects fuel bills to be substantially lower this year than last winter, with homes heated by oil seeing a 25 percent decrease in fuel bills and those heated with natural gas seeing a 10 percent drop. Even if this winter is 10 percent colder than the forecast, all major heating fuels will see either lower or neutral costs compared to last year. [EIA]43 percentPlanned Parenthood, which angers the right, and the N.R.A., which needles the left, are both really popular all things considered, with approval ratings of 45 percent and 43 percent, respectively. Be sure to bring this up at Thanksgiving dinner — I’m sure it’ll go over great. [The Washington Post]70 yearsWhile the vast majority of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement is still under wraps, New Zealand let it slip Tuesday that the pact will require the nation to increase the length of its copyright protections from 50 years after the death of a work’s creator to 70 years, matching U.S. copyright law. [BoingBoing]$5,000Rory McIlroy tossed his 3-iron into a lake earlier this year, drawing a fine from the PGA. The golfer recently revealed that the PGA reduced the fine for the offense from $25,000 to $5,000 because he apologized on television immediately afterward. [ESPN]6,000 inmatesThe Department of Justice will release roughly 6,000 federally incarcerated drug offenders in order to cut overcrowding. A third are foreign citizens set to be deported, and the rest will go through halfway houses and back into society. It’s the largest one-time release of federal inmates. [The Washington Post]20,000 to 40,000There’s life on Mars, probably — the issue is that we may have put it there. At the 2011 launch of the Curiosity rover, there were an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 heat-resistant bacterial spores on the robot, and NASA has to do a lot of work to make sure that any analysis to ascertain the presence of life on Mars isn’t influenced by the germs the rover brought with it. [The New York Times]$73.8 millionThe Houston Astros had the lowest payroll of any playoff-bound Major League Baseball team at the start of the season at $73.8 million. Last night, the Astros felled the New York Yankees in the one-game AL Wildcard playoff, shutting out New York 3-0. [The Associated Press]$99.7 billionAnheuser-Busch InBev, the company that makes swill like Budweiser, Busch, Michelob and the stalwart Natty Light, has offered to buy rival beer manufacturer SABMiller, the empire behind Miller and the beer responsible for my substantial senior-year weight gain, Miller High Life. SABMiller previously rejected two offers, so we’ll see how this unholy proposal pans out. The companies are the two largest in the beer market. [Bloomberg]If you haven’t already, you really need to sign up for the Significant Digits newsletter — be the first to learn about the numbers behind the news. read more

Ohio State issues statement regarding alleged rape in Steubenville

Ohio State released a statement Friday regarding an alleged rape that occurred in Steubenville, Ohio, a town of about 18,000.Steubenville, which is located just less than 200 miles from Columbus, finds itself in the national spotlight after two 16-year-old Steubenville High School football players, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, were charged with raping a 16-year-old girl at a string of parties in August.“Sexual assault is a terrible act of aggression and violence, and our hearts go out to all victims,” the statement reads. “The situation in Steubenville is particularly disturbing, and our thoughts are with those affected.”In particular, OSU’s release comes after a video taken on the night of those parties started to make its way around the Internet Wednesday.The video, which can be found under different names on YouTube, features Michael Nodianos, a Steubenville High School graduate and former OSU student, talking and laughing about the alleged rape for more than 12 minutes amid a group huddled in what appears to be a living room.Nodianos, who has not been accused or charged of any crimes, could not be found on “Find People,” OSU’s staff, faculty and student directory, Friday, though such information (his name, university email address and major) was accessible Thursday.Nodianos did not respond to The Lantern‘s request for comment.While the university cites that it is “not at liberty to comment” because of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations, the school confirmed through its statement that “the student in question” was in attendance at the university “only through Dec. 12.”According to “Find People,” Nodianos was an electrical and computer engineering major.Nodianos, a former Big Red baseball player, according to a nearly 6,000-word story in the New York Times, opens the video by making “she’s deader than” analogies regarding the alleged victim, who did not die, but was reportedly unconscious during the alleged rapes.According to the Times, Richmond and Mays are under house arrest and awaiting a trial that has been set for Feb. 13. read more

Football Ohio State announces start times for five games in 2018 season

The Ohio State football team takes the field for the 2018 Spring Game at Ohio Stadium between Team Scarlet and Team Gray. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorOhio State announced start times for five of its upcoming games for the upcoming 2018 season on Thursday. Along with the previously announced primetime matchup with TCU on Sept. 15, the Buckeyes will take on Oregon State in the season opener at noon. which will be televised on ABC. The Buckeyes will also take on Rutgers in the Big Ten opener at 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 8 and will be televised on BTN. On Oct. 6, Ohio State will take on Indiana in its homecoming game at 3:30 or 4 p.m. with TV not yet announced. To end the season, the Buckeyes will take on Michigan at noon on Nov. 24 and will be televised on FOX. read more

Football KJ Hill electrifies in careerhigh performance against Minnesota

Ohio State redshirt junior wide receiver K.J. Hill (14) scores a touchdown in the second quarter of the game against Minnesota on Oct. 13. Ohio State won. 30-14. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorK.J. Hill has been Mr. Consistent all season long.The redshirt junior wide receiver came into the game against Minnesota with at least four receptions in every game, and at least 45 yards in five of the six matchups, but never more than 95, which he had against then-No. 15 TCU.This consistency has been the main approach for Hill throughout his collegiate career as he extended his streak of 27-straight games with at least one reception. On Saturday, Hill broke that consistency, igniting for a career-high 187 yards on nine catches, including two touchdowns in No. 3 Ohio State’s 30-14 win over Minnesota.Even with the career day, there will be one play that Hill’s performance will be remembered for — a one-handed grab on a 36-yard touchdown that he caught while facing away from redshirt sophomore quarterback Dwayne Haskins in the second quarter.Haskins said he was originally upset at Hill for not turning around fast enough.“At first, I was kind of mad because that play we’ve been working on all week in practice, and it happens a lot faster,” Haskins said. “I wanted him to get his head around, so when he looked the ball was already there, and it was a little behind him. But he made a crazy play. Of course, K.J. is a little character. He was pretty hyped up.”Hill made his way to the endzone untouched, and had a memorable celebration to boot, pretending that the ball was stuck to his hand, which Hill said was necessary after a catch of that caliber.“I guess I caught a little sticker, I stuck it, and it’s something I never did before,” Hill said. “You got to do something extra when you make a play like that.”Redshirt senior wide receiver Terry McLaurin said head coach Urban Meyer may not be happy about the celebration because there wasn’t any “hugging the big guy,” but there was a valid reason for the celebration: he didn’t want anyone touching Hill on the play.“I just remember turning around, I heard the crowd go ‘Oooo’ and I just saw him go up for the ball with one hand,” McLaurin said. “I just wanted to make sure nobody touched that hand because he stuck that ball, so it was pretty cool.”Aside from the potential catch of the year for the Buckeyes, Hill remained a main threat for the Ohio State offense, and eventually scored again late in the fourth quarter to put a dagger through Minnesota’s hopes of a major upset.McLaurin said his consistency allows the offense to have full trust in Hill no matter the situation.“It’s third and short, fourth down, there’s really no doubt in everybody’s mind that he’s going to make the play,” McLaurin said. “The way he catches the ball is different from anybody in our room, and I’m happy for the type of day he had, he works really hard.”Hill’s game helped Haskins reach his second 400-yard passing game in a row, the first Ohio State quarterback to have two 400-yard passing games, or to do it in back-to-back games. With the struggles in the run game and on the defensive end, the passing game remained a bright spot.For Hill, even with his part of the offense firing on all cylinders through seven games, he said the passing game has a lot of room to grow.“We still got a long way to go, you know in the passing game, we haven’t reached our ceiling yet,” Hill said. “We just gotta keep improving on the little things … on gameday got us just to 400, I feel like we could of had more.” read more

Murder arrest after exRoyal Navy officer run down by his own car

first_imgMurder squad detectives have arrested a 21-year-old man after an ex-Royal Navy officer was run over by his own car by burglars, as a neighbour said the victim’s wife screamed his name and called for help as he lay dying in the street.Mike Samwell, 35, confronted intruders who broke into his home as he slept upstairs with his wife, Jessica, at about 3am on Sunday.He was found badly injured in a parking area at the rear of the house in the Chorlton-cum-Hardy area of south Manchester and died little more than an hour later in hospital after being run over by his black Audi S3.Reports on Monday said his wife, an accountant, had witnessed the incident in which her husband was killed. Mike Samwell wedding A neighbour, who lives in the basement flat next door, said he was woken at about 3am on Sunday morning after hearing the Audi hit railings, then got up to investigate.He said: “Then I heard his wife screaming. She was screaming for help and his name, I was still kind of half asleep, which is what woke me up.” Officers were were called to the address in the early hours of SundayCredit:MEN MEDIA Mr Samwell trained as a naval officer at Britannia Royal Naval College in Devon and spent around a decade in the senior service before leaving in 2014.His wife and family have been left “devastated” by his death, police said.Her husband graduated from the University of Leeds before working in a number of roles for the Royal Navy, including on board a nuclear attack submarine as a weapons officer, according to his LinkedIn page.Since leaving the forces he had worked as a programme manager for engineering firm Atkins in Warrington, Cheshire.An Atkins spokesman said: “This is a tragic event and our thoughts go out to Mike’s family, friends and colleagues. We will support the family in any way we can.” Mike Samwell His distraught wife screamed for help as neighbours dashed to the scene and called for an ambulance. Mr Samwell died just over an hour later in hospital.center_img Officers were were called to an address  Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on Monday said they had arrested a suspect on suspicion of murder.Detective Superintendent Jon Chadwick from GMP’s Serious Crime Division said: “We have arrested a 21-year-old man in connection with Mike Samwell’s senseless murder.”Our investigation is still in its early stages and we are still appealing for the public to help us. My thoughts continue to be with Mike’s family and friends at this devastating time.”Mr Samwell had gone downstairs to investigate after being woken by a loud bang. He went to the back of the property where loud shouting was heard and his body was found after being apparently hit by the car as it sped away.The Audi sports coupe was found badly damaged and abandoned three miles away in Whitby Avenue in the Ladybarn area of the city. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Mike Samwell confronted intruders who broke into his home Mike Samwell and his wife, Jessica, on their wedding daylast_img read more

Midsomer Murders plants easter egg clues for diehard fans in 20th anniversary

John Nettles as the original DCI Barnaby in Midsomer Murders In promotional material for the show’s 20th series, which starts on ITV on March 10th, “Fans are being invited to watch out for carefully hidden clues that make reference to the previous 19 series of this much loved drama in the episode entitled Death of Small Coppers,” a spokesman said.Michele Buck, executive producer, said: “We hope fans will relish the 20th anniversary series and enjoy watching out for the hidden hints to past episodes they have watched and loved.”The episode will tell the dark story of Mahesh Sidana, a butterfly collector and founding member of an elite IQ society, who found murdered, dissected pinned to a wall just like his specimens.Ian Strachan, the producer who has overseen 347 corpses across 19 series, said he believed the show’s popularity lay in how “it’s all handled with taste, decency and a certain degree of flippancy”. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Neil Dudgeon as DCI Barnaby in series 20Credit:ITV John Nettles as the original DCI Barnaby in Midsomer Murders Neil Dudgeon as DCI Barnaby in series 20 “It’s not The Handmaid’s Tale, where people are constantly being hanged, or one of those cop shows where if the police want to know something they tie you to a chair,” he told the Mail on Sunday’s Event magazine.“We are as imaginative as we can be without turning people’s stomachs. It doesn’t matter if someone is being beheaded with a Samurai sword or thrown out of a plane, you know it’s going to be family entertainment.“We’re Midsomer Murders, not a manga novel.”He added that the most complaints received about the show came not from the murders, which are carefully filmed to prevent copycat deaths, but the two episodes where there was no killing.“In an episode called Habeus Corpus, there was a bit of body-snatching and a body was dumped but it was already dead,” he said. Series 20 will guest star Elaine Paige Series 20 will guest star Elaine PaigeCredit:ITV “When that show went out the Midsomer chat rooms got rather alarmed. We had to make it up to the audience afterwards.”Midsomer Murders sells to more than 220 territories worldwide.In series 20, guest stars will include Elaine Paige, Eastenders actress Annette Badland and Ann Eleonora Jørgensen, a Danish actress who has previously appeared in The Killing.“Midsomer Murders is very popular in Denmark,” she said, returning to the show for a second time.“It first and foremost comes down to the great love and connection that the Danes feel with the UK and the people here.“Also, the show is exciting and thrilling without being too scary, so it appeals to a broad audience and several generations. You can watch it together as a family, which is wonderful.”“We do love to see all of the beautiful and romantic, countryside locations where Midsomer Murders is filmed.”     Over 22 years, 116 episodes, and countless ever-more-innovative deaths, Midsomer Murders has left fans around the world with the simple satisfaction of a puzzle well solved as the credits roll.If viewers want to get the most out of its 20th anniversary series, however, they will have had to be paying close attention.The writers of Midsomer Murders have promised a smattering of hidden treats for loyal fans, as they place clever references to past episodes in its newest shows.The insertion of in-jokes and hidden messages, which have become known as “Easter eggs”, are increasingly popular on television in the internet era, with fans swapping the things they have spotted on social media and forums.The Royal Television Society recently noted that while planting messages for die-hard fans has been going on for decades, citing the cameos made by Alfred Hitchcock in his own films, the trend for “Easter eggs” has seemed “like a relatively new phenomenon” thanks to cult classics Doctor Who, Games of Thrones and Black Mirror.Now, that venerable television institution Midsomer Murder has joined the fun. read more

Prince Charles calls for an end to pervasive horror of knife crime

“But their remarkable determination to move forward and address the causes of such crime and to find solutions was, for me, yet another example of the light shining in the darkness.”He adds: “Of course, those who commit such brutal deeds need to face up to their crimes through being brought to justice.“However, very often it is not the punishment that brings them to their senses and changes them, but rather the extraordinary power of the forgiveness from those they have hurt.” Prince Charles convenes a forum on knife crime in December 2018Credit:PA “It is all too easy at this time, I know, to feel overwhelmed by the darkness, and by all that is going on in the world,” he said.“It is truly devastating to know of the numbers of people of all faiths around the world who are suffering simply because of their religion.“The Easter message, with its emphasis on the timeless and universal values of forgiveness and reconciliation, gives hope to us all whether we live by faith or not.“It encourages us to look for and to celebrate those moments in our own lives and in our own communities when we see the light overcoming the darkness.” He also hailed the survivors of a terror attack on a mosque in New Zealand last month for their dignified response. The Prince meets celebrity ambassadors Gareth Southgate, Tinie Tempah and actor Tom HardyCredit:PA Writing of Easter as a celebration of the triumph of lightness over dark, Prince Charles has now called for those who commit “brutal deeds” to be brought to their senses through justice and the “extraordinary power” and gift of forgiveness. Prince Charles convenes a forum on knife crime in December 2018 The Prince meets celebrity ambassadors Gareth Southgate, Tinie Tempah and actor Tom Hardy Saying “there are times when it can feel as if the light has gone out of the world and darkness reigns, the Prince, who will one day be head of the Church of England, says: “Easter gives us hope.”“Throughout my own life, it has been a humbling experience to meet and to listen to people who have suffered the most terrible personal tragedies,” he writes.“The way they have grieved and turned their grief into action to help others in the most extraordinary way is an example of the light overcoming the darkness.“Recently, Prince Harry and I brought together some of those who have been affected by knife crime to see what more could be done to tackle this pervasive horror.“Listening to those who have suffered from such attacks filled us both with immense sadness. “We need to find better ways of helping people in that adolescent transition period to take part in some exciting, adventurous, constructive, sometimes risky opportunities,” he said. He has chosen his Easter message to reiterate the pressing need to bring an end to the epidemic of “young people being knifed on our streets” in the hopes of convincing others of the benefits of positive intervention, activities and structure.The measured intervention sees the Prince adds the fight against knife crime to the key causes he has championed for decades, including the environment, plastics and youth opportunity.His charity, Youth United Foundation, already creates opportunities for young people in uniformed cadet groups, from the Army and Air Force, to the Boys’ Brigade and Girl Guiding.Referencing the death of Anthony Walker, who was murdered with an axe in a racist attack in 2005, the Prince praised the 18-year-old’s mother as a “shining example to us all” for feeling about to offer forgiveness to his killers. In December, the Prince and his younger son convened a meeting at Clarence House for those affected by knife crime, inviting victims, families, first responders, policymakers and celebrity ambassadors to discuss how they thought it could be solved.Then, he spoke of the necessity of giving teenagers “some motivation, something to get your teeth into at that period between 14 and 19 where all the worst aspects of this knife crime seem to happen”. The Prince of Wales has spoken of the “pervasive horror” of knife crime, saying anyone who commits “such brutal deeds” must be brought to justice.The Prince, who is working with his son Prince Harry to listen to the victims of knife crime and their families, issues a strong plea to halt the “terrible deeds of darkness” occurring on Britain’s streets.In an Easter Message published in The Telegraph, he speaks of the power of redemption and forgiveness, and the hope that comes through faith.The reflection, which has become an annual tradition for the Prince, this year focuses on the growing problem of knife crime in his most significant intervention yet.The Office of National Statistics reported 40,469 offences involving a knife in the year leading up to March 2018, a 17 per cent rise from the previous year and the highest level in England and Wales since records began.Some 26 people have died from stab wounds so far this year in London alone. Earlier this year, Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, called for violent crime to be treated like “the outbreak of some virulent disease – a national emergency”. read more

Disney axes Guardians director James Gunn over offensive tweets

Director James GunnSAN DIEGO, United States (AFP) — “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise director James Gunn has been axed from the third movie over a series of offensive messages posted on Twitter several years ago.The tweets, mainly from 2008 and 2011, joked about taboo topics such as rape and paedophilia.Disney, which owns the franchise as the parent company of Marvel Studios, sent AFP a statement confirming the studio was parting ways with one of its biggest stars.“The offensive attitudes and statements discovered on James’ Twitter feed are indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values, and we have severed our business relationship with him,” said Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios.Gunn has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and has drawn the ire of conservative critics, who went back through his timeline and dug up the tweets.Jack Posobiec of The Daily Caller and right-wing commentator Mike Cernovich are among those who unearthed the messages.“Many people who have followed my career know when I started, I viewed myself as a provocateur, making movies and telling jokes that were outrageous and taboo,” Gunn wrote on Twitter after the offensive tweets resurfaced late Thursday.“As I have discussed publicly many times, as I’ve developed as a person, so has my work and my humour.”Gunn, who has deleted his account, described himself as a “very, very different” person than when he wrote the tweets, now focusing on love rather than anger.“My days saying something just because it’s shocking and trying to get a reaction are over,” he added.Gunn directed both “Guardians of the Galaxy” films, and was planning to head to San Diego’s huge annual Comic-Con fan convention this week with a secret film project that he had teased on Instagram.“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is due out in 2020. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWalt Disney buys Murdoch’s Fox for $52.4bnDecember 14, 2017In “World”COVFEFE Act would preserve Trump’s tweets as official statementsJune 13, 2017In “World”No ‘proof’ on ‘collusion’ with Russians, Trump saysJune 16, 2017In “World” read more

5member team from GWI in Netherlands undergoing training

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedGWI says it invested $48M for equipment to swiftly service wellsAugust 7, 2018In “Business”GWI training gov’t engineers on waste water management strategiesJanuary 10, 2017In “Local News”GWI working to resolve water woes in LindenDecember 23, 2015In “Business” (From left to right) Craftsman, Timothy Sutton; Well Maintenance Engineer, Kerene Gordon; Driver/Expeditor, Sean Moore; Operations Director, Dwayne Shako; Q-Flow Director, Martin Bloemscheer and Maintenance Manager, Peter Barkoye.A five-member team from Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is currently in the Netherlands undergoing a three-week well regeneration training which will enable the utility to better maintain its wells, while reducing the effects on customers during such exercises.Those participating in the training are: Operations Director, Dwayne Shako; Well Maintenance Engineer, Kerene Gordon; Maintenance Manager, Peter Barkoye; Driver/Expeditor, Sean Moore and Craftsman, Timothy Sutton.GWI had earlier this year announced the procurement of equipment for well maintenance, which included a regeneration vehicle which was sourced from Dutch company, Q-Flow International and which is equipped with the necessary well maintenance tools.According to a release from GWI, the training, conducted by Q-Flow International, equips the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to adequately utilise said vehicle for well development, regeneration and capacity increasing. The practical component of the training sees the participants utilising that very vehicle.According to Dutch newspaper, Tubantia, upon completion of the training in the Netherlands, the regeneration vehicle will be shipped to South America and a second round of training will take place in Suriname.GWI has 141 wells countrywide and the company’s Operations Director, Dwayne Shako is quoted by Tubantia as saying “Guyana is a water-rich country, but we must be able to guarantee sufficient clean water and this means that all wells must be in excellent condition to be able to extract enough water. Our country and the company have invested a lot for this. They rely on us now.”The newspaper also quotes Engineer, Kerene Gordon, the only female team member as saying “Work is done very structured in the Netherlands – I love it. And the way in which maintenance takes place in Guyana, is basically the same. Only the methods here are much more developed. We will soon apply in Guyana what we have learned here.”As a result of the new equipment and the training of the utility’s key personnel to operate same, GWI will be able to prevent a reduced level of service and disruption of the water supply to citizens during the maintenance of its wells, the release added. read more

LETTER President Granger must share responsibility if there is a constitutional

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLETTER: President Granger should allow good sense to prevail and call date for electionsMarch 5, 2019In “latest news”Granger sends threatening letter to President Ramotar  September 9, 2014In “Politics”President Ramotar is presiding over an arrogant administration – GrangerSeptember 18, 2014In “Politics” Dear Editor,Guyana is quickly approaching constitutional crises because of the refusal of the APNU/AFC coalition Government to accept the passage of the no-confidence motion and respect the Constitution of Guyana.President David Granger as Opposition Leader protested the then PPP/C Government to respect the Constitution on numerous occasions, but unfortunately, despite the Chief Justice ruling on the NCM and the interpretation of the Constitution, David Granger refused to dissolve Parliament and announce the date for the Regional and General Elections.While some may suggest that Granger is a man of honesty, integrity, respect etc, the refusal to resign is definitive evidence to suggest that Granger and his Government are intoxicated with the perks, corruption, good life, etc and would do anything to ensure they remain in Government legally or illegally.GECOM as an autonomous institution and a creature of the Constitution must be prepared at all time for an election since the Constitution outlined the basis and eventuality for elections. GECOM at no time can refuse to respect the Constitution of Guyana, so the main culprit behind the deliberate delay of elections is solely David Granger.David Granger, while addressing the staff at the Office of the Presidency, publicly stated that whatever the outcome of the courts is he would respect the decisions. Unfortunately, we can only have General Elections if there is a dissolution of Parliament by the President, in accordance with the Constitution. Besides that, we are quickly approaching a ‘constitutional crisis’.Regards,Zamal Hussain read more

Xstrata gains global recognition for HIVAIDS community program in South Africa

first_imgXstrata Coal South Africa has won a prestigious Business Excellence Award from the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria (GBC). The GBC Award for Business Excellence in HIV/AIDS Expanded Community Initiatives recognises Xstrata Coal’s innovative public-private partnership which has strengthened local health services and extended HIV/AIDS and TB testing, counselling and treatment in two health districts of Mpumalanga province that have a population of over 1 million people.  Approximately one in four adults in the province is living with HIV.The award will be presented to Xstrata at a gala awards dinner on June 9 in New York City.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and Mick Davis, Chief Executive, Xstrata will address the event, which is being held in conjunction with the United Nations 2008 High-Level Meeting on AIDS on June 10 and 11. Davis said: “I am delighted that the Global Business Coalition has recognised Xstrata Coal’s initiatives to respond to HIV/AIDS and TB and support the communities in which we operate in South Africa with a Business Excellence Award.  As Xstrata Coal’s groundbreaking public-private partnership demonstrates, through collaboration, business, government, communities and others can combine resources and leverage each other’s strengths to counter the HIV and TB pandemics far more effectively than any one participant could achieve alone. ”The award recognises the collaborative partnership that Xstrata Coal and its implementing partner Re-Action have established with the Mpumalanga Department of Health and Social Services, district health authorities and community-based groups, including traditional healers. The partnership includes co-investment from the US President’s Emergency Fund for Aids Relief (PEPFAR), which matches funding provided by Xstrata. Through the partnership, Xstrata is working closely with government, community-based organisations, PEPFAR and others to upgrade infrastructure at primary care clinics and four of the Province’s hospitals; facilitate the recruitment and retention of health workers in these government facilities; and enable community members to access antiretroviral treatment at their local primary care clinics, including through two Xstrata-sponsored health clinics.Peter Freyberg, Xstrata Coal Chief Executive commented: “We are very proud to be part of a partnership that is responding to the significant issue of HIV/AIDS and TB in South Africa with speed and determination. The success of our programme depends on the commitment and co-operation of each of our partners, and I extend my thanks to the provincial and district health authorities, Re-Action, PEPFAR and communities who are working with us to stop the spread of HIV and TB.  We expect to welcome other companies working in South Africa to join our partnership in the near future, to strengthen health services and extend access to HIV testing, counselling and treatment to additional communities.”“We’ve reached a critical moment in the struggle against global epidemics, and are poised to move from merely fighting to winning,” said John Tedstrom, Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria.  “We congratulate Xstrata, which has shown the world how companies can deliver remarkable improvements in the health and well-being of the workforce and the broader community.   Businesses like Xstrata possess the skills, resources and influence to achieve otherwise inconceivable outcomes.  We need many, many more to make their own contribution.”Xstrata Coal’s HIV/AIDS workplace and community programs have been recognised by the annual GBC awards three times in the past four years, winning the Business Excellence Award for voluntary counselling and testing in 2006 and gaining a commendation in 2005.last_img read more

Underground battery options increase again with new Sandvik machines

first_imgSandvik has introduced two new battery powered underground mining machines this week at MINExpo – a battery-powered LHD, the Sandvik LH307B, with new technology for emission-free underground loading and hauling; and a battery powered dozer, the Sandvik LZ101LE.Sandvik states that the new LHD will help customers address ever-increasing requirements to reduce emissions and fuel costs, reducing total cost of ownership. The LH307B “brings the best of both worlds to underground mines: utilizing electrical power providing the independence of movement similar to diesel loaders, yet without the related diesel emissions and costs.”The payload of 6.7 t will be moved using components that are shared with the diesel Sandvik LH307, with much the same performance characteristics. Using the charging station’s “quick charge,” Sandvik LH307B can be ready for use in approximately 15 minutes. Sandvik LH307B is also compatible with Sandvik mine automation and information management systems. Its lithium titanate oxide (LTO) battery technology enables rapid recharging, providing continuous operation with a single battery pack – there is no need to swap batteries during or between shifts. Liquid cooling guarantees a long battery lifetime across a broad range of ambient temperatures – in fact, sufficient to cover the useful service life of the loader itself. The single-battery strategy offers several tangible benefits: eliminating the need for spare batteries and/or a dedicated crane and battery swap area effectively cuts capex costs.The Sandvik LH307B is available with a service pack designed to keep the loader productive 365 days a year. The service pack includes maintenance kits for each and every service interval, together with planned repairs of major components over the equipment’s life. These repairs will be planned in line with actual component condition, giving consideration to the mine’s production schedule and minimising downtime.For many years Sandvik has also been developing its low-profile range of equipment to offer customers increased safety, improved productivity and reliability while reducing operating costs in low-seam operations. To complement its low-profile range of equipment, Sandvik is now launching its new fully battery-powered dozer Sandvik LZ101LE. The battery functionality will improve the underground working environment since there are no emissions or increased heat generation from the engine. “Battery charging is done during the drilling and blasting cycle, ensuring that the dozer is always ready to do its job. The battery power also reduces the need to transport diesel in the mine.”The Sandvik LZ101LE has a push capacity of up to 4 t and is remotely operated, enabling operators to work at a safe distance and avoid spending time under an unsupported roof. The battery power pack is mounted on Sandvik LZ101LE, reducing the risk of running over cables.“The Sandvik LZ101LE dozer is an important addition to the low-profile Sandvik portfolio as the supplier aims to help customers mechanise the entire operating cycle. With improved safety, productivity and minimized ore dilution, Sandvik low-profile drill rigs are an ideal choice for working in tabular ore bodies, such as platinum and chrome mines. These rigs have been designed for development, rock support and production drilling in sections as low as 1.7 m with optimum drilling coverage and performance.”last_img read more

ABB buys GE Industrial Solutions

first_imgABB has announced the acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions, GE’s global electrification solutions business. GE Industrial Solutions has deep customer relationships in more than 100 countries and an established installed base with strong roots in North America, ABB’s biggest market. GE Industrial Solutions is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has about 13,500 employees around the world. In 2016, GE Industrial Solutions had revenues of approximately $2.7 billion, with an operational EBITDA margin of approximately 8% and an operational EBITA margin of approximately 6%. ABB will acquire GE Industrial Solutions for $2.6 billion; the transaction will be operationally accretive in year one. ABB expects to realize approximately $200 million of annual cost synergies in year five, which will be key in bringing GE Industrial Solutions to peer performance. As part of the transaction and overall value creation, ABB and GE have agreed to establish a long-term, strategic supply relationship for GE Industrial Solutions products and ABB products that GE sources today. “With GE Industrial Solutions, we strengthen our Number 2 position in electrification globally and expand our access to the attractive North American market,” said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “Combined with the long-term strategic supply relationship with GE, this transaction creates significant value for our shareholders.” He added: “Together with the GE Industrial Solutions team, we will execute our well-established plans in a disciplined way to bring this business as part of the global ABB family back to peer performance. With this next step of active portfolio management, we continue to shift ABB’s center of gravity, in line with our Next Level strategy, by strengthening competitiveness, mainly in the North American market, and lowering risk with an early-cycle business.”“This combination brings together two global businesses with a broad complement of electrical protection and distribution assets,” said John Flannery, CEO of GE. “ABB values our people, domain expertise, and our ability to operate in the segments where we have depth and experience. GE will also benefit through an expanded strategic supply relationship with ABB as the two companies work together.”GE Industrial Solutions will be integrated into ABB’s Electrification Products (EP) division, resulting in a unique global portfolio and very comprehensive offering for North American and global customers. They will benefit from ABB’s innovative technologies and the ABB AbilityTM digital offering coupled with GE Industrial Solutions’ complementary solutions and market access. Included in the acquisition is a long-term right to use the GE brand. ABB will retain the GE Industrial Solutions management team and build upon its experienced sales force. After closing, this transaction will have an initial dampening effect to EP’s operational EBITA margin. ABB commits to returning EP to its target margin corridor of 15-19% during 2020.Tarak Mehta, President of ABB’s EP division, said: “This acquisition strengthens our position as partner of choice for electrification globally and in North America. We look forward to working with GE Industrial Solutions’ and ABB’s customers and channel partners to create new opportunities in this highly attractive core market for our division. We have a clear integration plan to realize the synergies of this combination and to bring our combined business back into the target margin corridor during 2020.” ABB’s EP division delivers more than 1.5 million products to customers around the world every day through a global network of channel partners and end-customers. EP offers a comprehensive portfolio of low- and medium-voltage products and solutions for a smarter, more reliable flow of electricity from substation to socket.last_img read more

Your Opinion Gyor will win Womens EHF CL

Gyor EHF CLHandball opinion More than 450 votes came by our dear visitors from all over Europe and other continents for the question: “Who will be the winner of Women’s EHF Champions League?”. Tough job, if you see, how big and seriuos are competitors this season. From one group, Larvik and Gyor, from other one, all four teams has their chances to reach semifinal, but you have no doubt.More than 74% of all visitors think that Hungarian Gyor will win the EHF Champions League, for the first time in their club history after six lost finals…Second team with the most chances is Romanian Oltchim Valcea with 8% of all votes with Anja Andersen on the bench…Third team is Budućnost Podgorica with 7% in front of Norwegian Larvik with 6% of all votes. Fifth place took Krim Mercator with three percent, Leipzig is sixth with two and last two places took  Itxako and Dinamo with only percent of your votes.. ← Previous Story Jonas Larholm stays in Aalborg Next Story → Kavtičnik refused Slovenia – A new Frenchman? read more

Venio Losert in Vive Targi Kielce until 2014

venio losertVive Targi Kielce Legendary Croatian goalkeeper, two times Olympic winner, Venio Losert (36) joins Polish champion, Vive Targi Kielce. Polish team wanted to find a replacement for injured Marcus Cleverly. Goalkeeper who was also a member of F.C Barcelona, Ademar Leon or KIF Kolding for example, Losert will be useful help to Polish “No.1” Slawomir Szmal. Contract is signed until the end of the season 2013/2014. ← Previous Story Lazarov (MKD) ahead of Swiss game: It’s hard to be captain of 20 unhappy players Next Story → Serbs in huge trouble – Seven players miss from London on EHF EURO 2014 qual. start! read more

VIDEO PSG Handball in football class

MEGA HANDBALL project PSG Handball began preparation for the upcoming season in which French team wants to repeat success from the previous, but also to attack the VELUX EHF Champions League trophy in Cologne 2014. The first part of preparation is organised in Qatari Doha and from the video sources it is easy to realise that handball team has fantastic condition as their older brother – one of the world’s richest team – Paris Saint German.photo: https://twitter.com/psghand handballhandball projectParis Saint German handballPSG Handball ← Previous Story Russian Medvedi still strong – Dinamo Minsk to find the form Next Story → BREAKING NEWS: IVANO BALIC TO HSG WETZLAR read more