Which areas are now more fire

if you have the idea of entrepreneurship, you must first pay attention to the market, to understand what the market is now more fire industry, so as to select the project is not so blind. So what are the areas of fire? Entrepreneurs should pay more attention to what areas? Let’s take a look.

1. consumer finance. Last year, we have seen rental treasure, when there are no competitors, this year there have been dozens of rental housing projects. There are dozens of based on a variety of scenarios, vertical industry consumer credit, which has a huge opportunity.

2. quantify investment areas. Fluctuations in the stock market affect hundreds of millions of people’s hearts, but at home in the field of tools is still in a relatively primitive state, the basic technology and the development of the Internet has become the basic conditions. Market demand for convenient tools is very urgent, the current domestic team began to explore a lot, but really do a great challenge.

3. on the direction of agriculture in the teeth of the storm. What are the areas of fire? Whether it is the Internet banking or financial trading platform, which is a huge imagination, we are also focused on the layout of the study.

4.SaaS and B2B trading platform. The direction of the two companies will be the emergence of a number of Unicorn companies.

In fact, we do not want to start


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