Goods can not be divided into primary and secondary

in order to be able to attract consumers, and now a lot of shopkeepers in the commodity is placed as far as possible in a prominent position. However, after all, limited area, many are self defeating, confuse, but will have a negative impact on the development of the business of the shop.

Remember when I just started the

shop, there is no citation what experience, plus your shop is small, the window is only one meter square is so big, so the store of goods is very ugly, not pedestrians attention and favor, business has always been very depressed, helpless, I find a large plywood, bear in the window, and some nail nails, then the three ply rope in the window above, he reluctantly put public telephone, beer, beverage, and other goods placed in the window, hoping to allow pedestrians to see the store also has to buy these goods, in order to increase income.

however, once there is a middle-aged woman to call, accidentally put a bottle of beer to break, just because the shop, while income low, while they don’t want to offend customers, this is the time when she asked how to deal with, I almost pleading tone to her said: "you see me is not easy, so one day will earn a few dollars, this beer is not all blame you, but I did not put away, so you lose one yuan, I paid one yuan, what do you think of it?" Who knows the middle-aged woman I actually want to talk, but shamelessly, tough tone, said: "this is not my fault, I can give you what paid one yuan."

I see this posture, has no meaning to argue, he said reluctantly: "that’s it, as long as you than I have difficulties, the money I do not, I forget bad luck, you go!" The woman not only did not lose money, in the course of the next few years, she did not come to buy things, although she lives very close.

after this lesson, I just got the three plywood to take, so as to avoid such incidents happen again.

When the

later want to put something in the window, my daughter told me: "Mom, our teacher taught us that you put something called the blinders, that is distracting, you would want to sell some goods, you want people to see the goods, who knows your window put things very limited, but rarely, the already very small window blocking was smaller, it is self defeating, and he, confuse, you say it, this is our teacher." In order to strengthen her daughter’s persuasion, her teacher also moved to the.

a dream awakened people.

said the daughter’s words enlightened, yes, but their sometimes desperate, confused, as a student of thoughtful, calm down, I think the female.