Amazing big secret why the best selling liquor data

The key node

in the liquor industry restructuring in October 2014, the whole network for mainstream consumers 30-50 years to carry out a special investigation on the liquor consumption trend. Aiming at the latest situation of the domestic liquor market to thoroughly understand the new changes of liquor mainstream consumer groups and consumer habits, in order to provide a valuable reference for the future development of the market China liquor industry.

The characteristics of

play an important role in societyIn

have enough economic strength

liquor mainstream consumer groups drinking habit

in the liquor mainstream consumers, drink a liquor consumers two or three days 33.3%, 72.3% of consumers for a week to drink more than one liquor.

liquor mainstream consumer attitudes

"pure taste, good taste" is the most important factor of respondents choose liquor (70%), followed by "health, not to hurt the body" (43.8%), and ranked third in the liquor "high visibility, reputation, the proportion is 26%. In addition to the above three factors, after drinking, not the top, but also an important factor in the selection of liquor (25.5%). Fen Fen group is ecological wine products, is a template to develop national standards of Fen Liquor Quality, pure fragrance, the most clean, most health, in recent years by consumers.

for fixed price: high grade wine occasions have space.

in different situations, liquor play a different role, there are also large differences in price and consumption of liquor.