Four strokes to identify whether to join the entrepreneurial trap

the past two years, the state has introduced a number of policies to encourage public entrepreneurship, so join the entrepreneurial rise again. However, there are many cheaters exist in this field, want to identify entrepreneurs to join the trap is not easy, swindlers technology and means is not immutable and frozen, the implementation of the device is also far more than these, because of their deception will keep pace with the times. To avoid these traps, minimize the risks and losses, be sure to pay attention to the following methods.

1. learn to face, do not recognize the brand

2. pay attention to authority, avoid credulity

here said the "authority" is not claimed in the advertisement "by the quality inspection department certification", or a website ranking, also don’t believe that a claim made by the expert recommended, but do not believe the name of a famous university, a research institute under the banner of guise. And the use of these manufacturers should have no direct interest, but also the authority of the real news.

3. multi pronged. Use of