2007 annual nternet industry summit held in Shaanxi the western network live


2007 annual Internet industry summit in Shaanxi


Shaanxi Internet association chairman Liu Jian


Liu Ruosong, director of the Shaanxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the network


western network (Shaanxi News Network) director Rao Jianjun

annual western Shaanxi Internet industry summit held in Xi’an software park on January 6, 2008. The summit sponsored by the Internet Society of Shaanxi Province, the Internet Einit contractors, the western network of the summit conducted a live broadcast.

2007 Shaanxi Internet industry summit in Shaanxi to promote the development of the Internet industry, to explore the cooperation development road, Shaanxi Tongren and you together with a summary of the 2007 Shaanxi Internet Internet, shared growth and development in the course of sour, sweet, bitter, hot. From the Internet industry in Shaanxi, nearly 200 sites and industry participants attended the conference launched the Shaanxi’s most influential internet in the year ten the top 2007 characters". And carried out four sub Forum: dialogue with the Shaanxi authorities in charge of the Internet, with the Shaanxi portal dialogue, dialogue with the famous industry website in Shaanxi, with the 2007 annual venture site dialogue.


western network staff to prepare live


site Shaanxi Internet elite gathered


warm discussion on the


field to listen to


site award



Fan Jianxi (general manager of Shaanxi Public Information Industry Co., Ltd.)

2007, century transformation of Shaanxi Telecom to further, as the telecom restructuring business leader, Mr. Fan Jianxi, vent, IDC, know-all City hotline number, voice telephone, SMS, system integration and integrated customized ringing tone, to build a complete system, a large scale, highly competitive market of the Shaanxi information industry aircraft carrier. Shaanxi Public Information Industry Co. Ltd., the integration of Shaanxi Telecom’s transformation of business assets, Mr. Fan "Telecom media, digital market" business ideas, make the company in terms of market capitalization and social influence, have become the most important enterprises in Shaanxi province IT industry.