How investors view the O2O entrepreneurial wave

cannot do without the entrepreneurial success will attract financing, entrepreneurs resorted to exhaust all the skills in order to attract investment, trying to get the favor of the VC. But before preparing for the financing, it’s best to know what investors are thinking about.

in Fu Zhekuan’s view, from the perspective of the fund for the dollar, the future trend of the RMB devaluation will be difficult to grasp, long-term is great doubts, if in the territory into RMB assets, equivalent to a loss in, so slow down the pace of investment; in addition, around familiar GP tends to be cautious, industry exchange general recognition for the industry bubble is too large, resulting in project price control, many Internet related start-up companies valuation is more expensive than in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, is not rational.

because seeing signs of overheating market, Kai Fu capital in the first half of this year slowed the pace of investment, still in accordance with the market positioning of early VC, with angel, angel stage + as key investment company. "There is a good investment opportunity, on the one hand, because competitors slow down the investment rhythm, no longer blindly to grab items, the yuan fund-raising is not so easy, will have a discount, liquidity is not particularly good; on the other hand, the project price and the first half compared to less than half cheaper (except for particularly good the current investment projects), there is sufficient time to think, don’t worry about the project without tomorrow robbed happen today." Fu Zhekuan said.