An old road to education of civil servants

neet now is a social phenomenon that some young people will exist, a long time ago, I was one of them, and later joined the education industry, I can see the hope of life.

24 year old that year, I finally passed the civil service exam, admitted to the junior civil servants of my hometown education bureau. I did not expect to wait for me is more than ten years of life. To go or not to go, to go or stay? I did not get married before, I had several times to show themselves to the most early, go late, swept all the dirty work department, but many years later, I was a little clerk of the unknown to the public. I have dreamed of a variety of entrepreneurial forms, open classes, with a partner to open a small hotel or community supermarket, but at night think of a thousand roads, get up in the morning to take the original road. Finally, I got married, and then I buried all my thoughts, there is only one idea in mind, go to work, eat, sleep, raise children. In order to buy a house, my parents took a lifetime savings, and the monthly mortgage, still accounted for about 50% of our income, in order to give their children a better life, but also my parents every month from their pension out 1000 yuan to us, so I have a bite of the old days. At last, I watched a program called you, I think those job seekers, brave, strong, some people still perplexed in recent years would go back to my deep shock. You boss regiment, a man called Chen Hao’s boss, is the education manager, because of his personal style is very strong, is also talking, hit the nail on the head, I love him very much. Chen Hao has never given a job, after graduation to start their own education entrepreneurship, I remember he said a word, boss is a profession". I think, I can’t go on like this, the civil service is a siege, or willing to live in the city to obtain comfortable leisure, or simply out of town and never look back. I chose the latter, until today, I have never regretted my decision.