What can a dollar do differently in different cities

prices rose rapidly in recent years, the past seems to be worth a large enough dollar is now only the equivalent of a dime. Lots of people are doing what a dollar can lament now? Even a Deep-Fried Dough Sticks are likely to afford. This is not the case, let’s look at the role of one dollar in different cities.

one yuan in Wuhan

a yuan of money can do what? A bowl of hot noodles delicious hot summer; a cup of cool ice tea; Wuhan University, a cafeteria two meat bun; school graduation sale of a book or two tape or 3 magazines; buy a waxy corn or sweet corn; half a ton of water; 2 root oil; 2 Waterloo; 4 small steamed or fried dumplings, a bowl of egg wine, a bowl of Rice porridge, 2 to buy a cake; magazines; power outages, a pair of white candles; a bunch of shallot, a wisp of hair 2; 2B 2 pencils; 2 bags of bagged shampoo…

one yuan in Guangzhou

one yuan in Beijing

a yuan of money can do what? An egg cake; a cup of Soybean Milk; 3 small dumplings like fried dumplings like a skewer; canteens; a bowl of wonton; within ten bus station; 3 newspapers (morning + JINGWAH + Post); 1 ordinary Ghent popsicles; 1 Marinated Egg; an arcade game coin; a bottle of black currant; a bag of small raccoon instant noodles; half an hour; buy a mobile phone chain before the inspectors did not come stand; a bag of brand-name milk; a Reagan said South Korea imported pens, the cheapest is 8 cents in the previous Wantong; 1 dollars can stop half an hour if use; 1 yuan coins, you can make a judgment in providing answers to error, the accuracy rate was 50%…

one yuan in Shenzhen

one yuan in Shanghai

a yuan of money can do what? Ten bottles of water at a university; a bowl of Mung Bean Congee; there are some cold is only a piece of money; the bus is not air conditioning; Baked Scallion Pancake with Soybean Milk; 2 to 5 times the toilet; the supermarket to buy 1 yuan special offer goods; sit minibus; 3 to 5 minutes to buy a long-distance telephone; Shanghai times; two egg or half a catty of rice; begging alms.