Open their own shop Hunan Hunan industry chain makers welcome

with the United States mission, hungry, and so the rise of the Internet APP, compared with the traditional food and beverage industry is now the development of food and beverage is described as a new dawn. So many investors are ready, waiting for the best time of the catering industry in one fell swoop in the army. But the conditions for success is not a simple business card can be considered, the integration of various factors is the key to success. For food and beverage industry, choose a good investment to make your entrepreneurial path twice, so small as we chose one of the most investment potential in restaurants, the dealer community hunan.

makers Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. Located in Zhangpu town Kunshan Xinwu Street No. 300-1.

main Hunan, Hunan feature is the "hot" and mentioned hot chili, appetizers, moisture, wind effect. So deeply loved by people.

dealer Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. has been the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued a trademark registration certificate. From the opening date to adhere to the innovative products, family services to the business philosophy of customer satisfaction have higher visibility and reputation in the catering sector, attracting many foreign tourists come to visit.

unique hardware facilities, to make people feel that the fairyland.

is more chefs on dishes under the foot work, ensure that every month there are new dishes, a special offer every day, each dish created all Hunan flavor. There are many kinds of dishes in addition to authentic Hunan dishes and snacks (such as: India fly pie) and authentic nutritional soup.

dealer community catering management limited the most proud of is that from the start to the brilliant, a salesman is not set, have not done any advertising, rely on the safety, health, nutrition, fine quality and observation, attention to the details of the service by word of mouth, the hearts of the people.

our vision is to become one of the most successful restaurant chain enterprises; always attaches great importance to corporate and brand image, promote the benign interaction between enterprises and customers.


circle Hunan restaurant franchise

1 a legal person or natural person with a legal citizen.

2, love food, love food, love service more love brand.

3, obey the management of the company, cooperate with the headquarters to send personnel guidance.

4, inheriting the spirit of corporate culture, shaping the brand image.

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