Alibaba elite gathered in Sichuan to talk about what topics

Alibaba in China’s influence, has long been a household name. Many companies learn from the development of Ali Road, but also hope that in the course of development, can get effective guidance ali. So, what is the topic of the convergence of the Alibaba Sichuan? Is there any inspiration for your business or career?

7 12, the first station to finalize the Alibaba of Chengdu DING summit will gather a large number of big coffee studded business elite. According to reports, in addition to Ali nail founder Chen Hang (nickname: no trick) will be broadcast speech, but also from the ant gold clothing, Sequoia Capital, innovation works, Celestica fund, capital ladder and many other businesses in Taiwan, and Sichuan local enterprises CEO who share the latest business and capital issues.

mysterious executives share Ali management

as the world’s largest online shopping platform, Alibaba group not only created a miracle of China’s electricity supplier, the world’s Internet business is also a great miracle. The summit will usher in a number of Ali executives, including a mysterious guest, and thousands of CEO participants in Sichuan to share the success and management of the road.

to the outside world, one of the most successful places Alibaba is a unique management system and value culture. Ma Yun pointed out on many occasions, Ali believes customer first, employees second, shareholders of the management thinking of the third, but not everyone can understand. Only adhere to the "customer first, create lasting value for customers can create value for shareholders; in the new economic era, not happy, hard-working, passionate and dedicated and talented employees the ability to create value for customers is an empty talk; not satisfied with the staff could not have satisfied customers, no satisfactory the customer is absolutely impossible to have the satisfaction of shareholders." Ma Yun expounded the relationship between the three.

in management, many of the practices of Alibaba are outside attention. 2009 to ensure the future of the cultural heritage of Ali, Ali officially launched the construction of the partner system. In 2015 all the "military power" Ali group transferred to the 70, more young people began to enter management.

these systems and cultural construction so that Ma on the existence of 102 years of Alibaba desire to become possible. However, the understanding of the management of the Alibaba still remain on the surface, as Ma Yun said, Ali is a unique company, this difference in the performance of where? The Chengdu CEO summit, managers from Ali will face the mystery.

nail legendary founder

confidential briefings

the past two years, Ali created another myth nail founder Chen Hang (nickname: no trick) will come to the spot on the CEO summit in Chengdu, and recommended