How to join the Dutch pond loach Hot pot

do you know what kind of hot pot Market for what? Xiaobian tell you, China catering market total income of 1/3 is to Hot pot market, thinks that many food items, only Hot pot is one of them, you can have such a large market cohesion, visible Hot pot catering market prospects are considerable. Bearing the original Hot pot pond loach, loach and Hot pot Hot pot delicious, the combination of beauty and health, in favour of the market, talent shows itself in Hot pot. With investment in the industry in the Hot pot pond loach, said King, to join the broad prospects. Hot pot to join the election?.

bearing by the ancient Tang loach Hot pot stew method, secret sauce, simmer for three hour before eating. Loach meat is very fresh, long cooking is not bad. Especially the frail anemia, night sweats, hemorrhoids and inflammation in children to eat a lot more diners. He is on behalf of the brand Hot pot pond loach, China Huizhou health pot, not only nutrition and health, good taste, but also to allow thousands of venture partners opened their life rich sail.

bearing Tang Hot pot restaurant chain Mahi discard the traditional pattern, is committed to cultivate excellent stores around the pond, lotus pond loach Hot pot easily solve the store and franchise management problems in the professional training, plus the company one-stop service in the aspects of raw material selection, logistics and distribution system, style positioning and marketing support and other support, let you easily create wealth.

bearing used with a variety of loach loach pond Hot pot stewed food and fresh and tender flesh, loach, clear soup, golden color, delicious spicy, mellow aftertaste. Lotus loach to create specialty with Tang Hot pot, rice wine, loach soup: lotus, with a strong regional flavor color Palgongsan tofu, eight cocks and so on, people can not help but linger. Charge to the public health Hot pot pond loach, and geographical and cultural characteristics of the brand concept of delicacy.

How to join

bearing Mahi Tang Hot pot, lotus pond loach Hot pot for the vast number of consumers bring a healthy delicacy to enjoy, a variety of dishes, let you eat and do not forget, and other stores do not enjoy, let franchisees enjoy unique wealth. If you are interested in the above items, may wish to leave a message under consultation, a minute of time, let you enjoy the wealth of business opportunities, hurry up.