Jiangxi the four aspects of the 11 measures urged young entrepreneurs

youth entrepreneurship is the most powerful force in the entrepreneurial team, has been the focus of government support. Recently, Jiangxi introduced 11 measures to promote youth entrepreneurship, stimulate entrepreneurship for the economy and people’s livelihood to promote the power.

12 22, the reporter learned from the provincial Party committee held a press conference, the office of the government of the former province issued "on a number of measures to promote the" youth entrepreneurship, from the platform, the main business and financial support, to optimize the four aspects of service, launched 11 measures to further optimize the youth entrepreneurship environment, inspire youth entrepreneurship boom.



optimization services, use of existing resources in the development of third party logistics, for young entrepreneurs to provide transportation, warehousing, distribution and other services on behalf of those cast. The province’s youth entrepreneurship incubator (Park) in start-ups, all produced by the third party logistics logistics recommendation