Peace of mind home floor makes your family really at ease

peace of mind · home floor has been the product quality as the core, technical innovation for the purpose of. Green home improvement only for better service in the vast number of customers, Jia Zhuang joined the election at ease · home floor can not be wrong.

professional quality exquisite workmanship cast high quality environmental protection products

flooring industry, product quality is the lifeblood of enterprise development. As a well-known enterprises in the industry, peace of mind attaches great importance to the quality of the product, and always adhere to provide consumers with excellent quality environmental protection floor. In the world, at · home floor has more than and 10 raw material supply base, the raw materials used in the world recognized the most environmentally friendly paint brands — Germany treffert paint series PRO and formaldehyde emissions less than 0.1ppm Finland Tai’er adhesive. Strict compliance with EU standards on products, to provide consumers with the United States and Europe synchronized environmental protection floor. Peace of mind · home floor from the collection of raw materials to the formation of products, each process is perfect, excellence.

· family at ease; the floor was first established attaches great importance to the development of the environmental quality of products and technology, through exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions at home and abroad, has won the recognition and protection of the patent technology are fourteen, is the only access to the German health board patent through the floor of the world’s enterprises; stringent formaldehyde testing standards, it is the floor enterprise arrive in the field of environmental protection pointed Pyramid achievement.

customer first quality service to create high-end brand image

as the saying goes, the three floor, seven points service. Consumers want to be able to enjoy the comfort of the floor products, health life experience, but also can have the same quality as the product after-sales service. The degree of improvement of the after-sale problem directly reflects the service level and brand image of the enterprise.

as a set of "Chinese floor ten brand", "China floor top brand" and many other honors in one of the old brand floor, · floor time will ease; the family interests of consumers in the first place, in a comprehensive way to the floor at ease treatment on consumer feedback to join and the concrete process in particular, the customer relationship quality problems.

ease insisted that in the experience of the product pre-sale, sale, customer service in the process of customers may have complaints, just at the stage and the specific problems in the different difficulty, which derived from the treatment will be very different. Within 48 hours of receipt of the complaint, the Commissioner has arrived at the site to collect data and provide a preliminary solution to the customer. In addition, the maintenance of the problem, also follow the golden rule, in time >