Do you think you are a cow X truth is your weak platform weak opponents

yesterday, and a sister chat, she said: I do not have the power to move forward, and feel like people around me." I wonder: "how many cows do you have now?" She said that she is now the first class, the Student Union minister, IELTS also tested 6.5 points. I don’t think there’s anything I can do. I am helpless children said: "you say you have a head of school, it is worth your pride? Student Union minister that is how much ‘official’, the cafeteria to eat concessions? As for IELTS 6.5, I would be embarrassed to tell others if I was so low. You’re showing off!" She refused to accept: "sister, I have been the best in our class?" I replied: "well, it is a pity that the community is not only your classmates." She said nothing, went to the Cambridge ielts.

in a three of the school academic Daniel, but to the elite may be pale into insignificance by comparison; in a small city of the nouveau riche Beijing Shanghai to summon wind and call for rain, basically have no sense. So every time we consciously invincible in the world, why not reflect on: probably not my ability, but I can not afford. You don’t have enough skill because of their own in a small circle of palm and then no more pleased with oneself lord it over others. With Guo Degang’s words: "not much of their own ability, mainly the background of peers."

the expert, more easy to realize his insignificance. The eye of a man is a spiral, and the greater your vision, the greater the spiral, the greater the periphery of your consciousness, the more conscious you are of yourself