Guangdong College Teachers’ job and off business support

current college students entrepreneurship has become the norm, colleges and universities are also actively carry out entrepreneurship and innovation education, but it was also suggested that the lack of entrepreneurial experience of college teachers, how to teach students to start a business? For this, recently, Guangdong Province issued opinions, expressed support for college teachers undergo entrepreneurship.

12 4 July, the Guangdong provincial government website issued the "opinions" the general office of Guangdong Provincial People’s Government on deepening the reform of the mechanism of the scientific research system, clearly put forward in support of College Teachers in post entrepreneurship, to allow students in reading business school.

teaches entrepreneurship teacher will not venture, until many people ridicule the phenomenon. In advocating the entrepreneurship of College Students under the background of a school or a teacher can have what kind of words and deeds, can you give for entrepreneurial students to correct guidance, really is a problem. If the teacher has personal experiences for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education can be more targeted, avoid overexert blindly. Therefore, to encourage college teachers to start their own business, although it is also part of the entrepreneurial innovation, but on the value of education, it is not without positive significance.

to eliminate these concerns, it is necessary for universities in dealing with teachers of entrepreneurship, must understand their own positioning, focus on improving the long-term innovation and entrepreneurial ability, rather than short-term business have false prosperity. Colleges and universities in encouraging teachers to start, should focus on the combination of scientific research and the market, popular point is "professional counterparts". Teachers can connect their research areas and the reality of the market, the focus is related to the discipline and entrepreneurial projects, so that both entrepreneurial success or failure, can be beneficial to teaching. Students learn to participate in such projects, in itself is a valuable learning.

society is from the traditional economic mode to the mode of knowledge economy transition, or that college educated people will gradually become the main innovation. But the proportion of college students, the gap between China and developed countries is very large. To shorten the gap, only verbal encouragement or policy incentives are not necessarily useful. Because light has a dream and passion, even money, may not be able to achieve success in business recommendation