n the process of starting the accumulation of five wise remark of an experienced person

for the first time a lot of entrepreneurs, the first venture has no experience in the course of business will inevitably take some detours, so, today the network Xiaobian to tell the story of the five poineering experience for the first venture investors, hope to help people first venture.

but can accept and deal with criticism, is crucial to the success of our occupation. " you don’t get paid to be the lead actress in the opera. If you act like a heroine, you won’t get a promotion, says ", author of the Wall Street career survival guide, RoyCohen. Resistance to criticism will eventually result in you being fired. In other words, you will not be able to take advantage of negative comments when you are criticized, and they will play a positive role in your career path.

entrepreneurial accumulation in the process of the five wise remark of an experienced person can benefit from, hope investors:

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need to accept some of the criticisms. For example, if you need to move from the criticism or respect for the people (such as your boss or mentor), or from may want you to doubt their own people (such as a competitive colleague)? " if the person is an expert to understand you, your skills and background, the criticism may be justified useful. If the person is not an expert, or does not know you, then the information may not be so useful, ", professional coach DavidCouper said so. For the same reason, it’s best to leave the professional advice that is not helpful to the barber or mother-in-law.

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for Thanksgiving criticism

for constructive criticism sincerely thank is very important.