The nine year old will venture against the old grandma pickles

At the age of

96 against the old, a Zhengzhou pickles grandma although nearly 100 years, but still have a break down of the heart. She said she would open the facade, the establishment of the company, will sell Zhengzhou pickles.

has a public rebellion, said: "in the healthy way Baishun farmers market, there is a nearly 100 years old pickles grandmother, her stall before the daily business is booming, there have been people to buy pickles pickles. Both new and old customers to visit, grandma always greeted with a smile, very happy to do business to make money."

to shun non-staple food markets, seen sitting in a chair in the corner of the stairs grandma pickles Market, she wore a short sleeved suit, red sauce shorts, neck hung a purse. The old man’s face was kind, and his eyes narrowed with laughter.

the people who come to buy food in a continuous line, buy some dishes also let Grandma do pickled pickles pickles and teaching skills, the elderly have no reserve production skills to share.

and adjacent old merchant Li said: "grandma pickles named Song Xiuying, 96 years old this year, is the 27 District Qi Li Yan village. For decades she relies on pickled vegetables has raised 7 children, the elderly now have grandchildren, a size of more than 60 people! The children are the elderly would marry and settle down, proudly, indescribably happy every day, but she also riding a tricycle to come here to set up a stall selling vegetables."

local well-known old Mr. Wang said: "young people, what year do twenty thousand or thirty thousand pounds of pickles. Ten near the village eight all know the old man do the dishes are authentic, from morning to night to buy home. The old man two years ago also clamoring to open the company, want to sell pickles to go abroad."