Tieling’s first female college students venture planning Contest Finals held

college students in the form of female college students gradually increased, they are actively involved in the game, is to show for communication. Recently, Tieling’s first female college students business plan contest finals successfully ended, the girls race out of style on the level of competition game, showing a different kind of style of contemporary women off the record.

12 8, organized by the Tieling Municipal Women’s Federation, the Education Bureau, people club Bureau and other departments of the city’s first female college students Business Plan Contest Finals held, the players bring after 6 months of careful preparation of entrepreneurial projects to fierce competition.

game project presentation and the reply of two links, by an expert jury evaluation method for comprehensive evaluation. In the session on the respondent, the players are fully demonstrated the wonderful presentation of the entrepreneurial team of College Students’ style, the judges’ questions and comments is to make the scene from time to time burst out warm applause.

The relevant person in charge of

by selection, Jane · from the Career Academy in Liaoning "Green Sunshine agricultural products shop" project, Tieling foreign language education school "micro film" project, Ancient Chinese Literature Search Tieling teachers of Academy College "APP" project, Liaoning post; Career Academy’s "dream garden" project, Tieling health Career Academy "youth entrepreneurship club" project won the first prize in the contest.

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