What are the factors of poor operating jewelry store

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because of the demand of the market, now many people venture capital will choose to open a jewelry shop operators, however, once more, may be a poor, it is possible to make a long-term operation of the shop is a very big impact, easily lead to poor management of the shop. So, jewelry shop management factors? Let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

jewelry seems to be a small business, but there are also University asked, big tricks, in addition to the headquarters of the policy and assistance, investors will bear the main responsibility for the quality of the store operations. Our customers have grown from the start to, certainly also has the recession to maintain close, for success, they each have their own road, however different area and time are not comparable, but mostly because of similar reasons for failure.

reasons: do not blindly into the analysis of

is now a lot of people decided to open a shop, do business, and would like to start all of a sudden, rent space, purchase, opening are very busy. Seize the time is a good thing, but there is no analysis, no planning is not enough. Jewelry shop, the business is small, but it is their own efforts, so before the opening of the jewelry store to do some basic analysis is necessary. At least investors to understand where they do? What brand? Is the price and the business district? What are the characteristics or advantages of the product? Consumers will not go to the store consumption? If these basic questions can not be answered, then, we recommend that investors or go to the market to look at the market to understand the future competitors.

at this point, we also believe that joining the company headquarters also has the obligation to assist investors to make an accurate judgment, and now have to join the brand, just blindly pursue the rapid growth of stores, regardless of store quality, blind shop, this will lead to many investors lose everything after the. Therefore, as investors, we must have a clear judgment and analysis, so as to get out of the right first step.

two: do not look at the market it hard

this is the need for jewelry store investors to operate their own products to understand, to grasp the market. Customers are God, although we all know this truth, but it is often thought that the service is good to the customer as god. In fact, we have just started to join when purchasing, always choose their love of goods, without a basic plan for their own business to the goods, the back pin does not move also blame the guests do not know what. Consumer recognition is a good thing, their favorite guests do not necessarily like, we have to study the customer’s preference rather than the boss himself.

so, when we send the franchisee, we will advise them not to put too much pressure on a single paragraph, >