Zhengzhou introduced a new policy to encourage innovation and Entrepreneurship

in order to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, many local governments are in the implementation of new preferential policies, which for the majority of friends who want to start is really an opportunity. Recently, the Zhengzhou municipal government issued the "opinions" on the public record of space propulsion mass innovation to accelerate the development of construction, leading the development direction of the emerging industry public record space, provide a new engine for the construction of Zhengzhou metropolitan area.

"opinions" put forward a series of development goals and corresponding preferential policies are listed as follows:

jinshuiqu, support Zheng Dong District, Zhengzhou high tech Zone to revitalize the transformation of office buildings and parks, business model building blocks a number of ecological.

in accordance with the city planning under the premise, give priority to the incubator land, in accordance with the nature of the incubator construction in the form of transfer for industrial use.

to support the construction of public service platform for industrial innovation (including enterprise construction), after the assessment, can give no more than 50% of the construction costs (excluding infrastructure funding).


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