What are the principles of Tourism Resort

different living environment, so that people will have different preferences for tourism. In the context of the current market, tourism resort is undoubtedly a very hot development, has become a lot of people rely on business opportunities. However, such a place to do business is booming, a good name is also a key. However, you want to give a good name for the tourist resort, but also need to master the relevant principles. So, what are the principles of tourism resort?

1. resort named must be the content of health tourism resort: named unhealthy contents must be due to the relevant provisions of the violation of the law, and cannot obtain registration, because the name must not resort to health is difficult to be accepted by consumers, the tourism resort name must also difficult to open the market, so the meaning of health is to travel the name of the resort must register the basic requirements.

2. resort named must be significantly strong: a significant tourism resort named strong will, is the distinguishing mark by resort name must register one original, out of the ordinary, can make people impressed. The original is not plagiarism, imitation, but must resort to the name registration according to the enterprise, product, market and other factors, the unique intellectual achievements devoted a lot of enthusiasm and labor to create. Therefore, the name of this resort must often highly significant, are more easily accepted by the market, such as youth, rejoice, 999.

3. resort named must be profound: in the tourism resort name must be implicit in the special meaning, is showing the development of the enterprise, can show good wishes, also can show the characteristics of the commodity, such as Wahaha, Panpan, Schindler.

4. resort named must be easy to pronounce: easy to pronounce can not cannot be full of difficult and unpronounceable words, obscure, and should try to make the tourism resort name must be written to call to talk, shout, cry freely. This requires the text is a tonal accent, and coordination, read cadence, such as sunlight, Chunlan, ARISTON.

5. resort name must comply with the Customs: must not be abandoned or that you dislike, named resort unlucky, auspicious content must be, and should be selected in line with the audience consumer psychology and traditional custom meaning resorts, such as plum, Ruyi Lang, etc..

6. resort name must applicability: applicability must be reflected not only in the tourism resort was easy to propaganda and close contact with commodity connotation, also should try to make the tourism resort name must be written and graphic everyone can in different occasions and in different ways to maximize the use of independent, alienation of tourism the name of the Resort must use function.

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