Under the background of catering enterprises how to seize consumers

traditional food and beverage market, as long as the door will open almost every customer, after all, this is related to the survival of the industry. However, the current food and beverage market is very competitive, every day there are new people into the food and beverage industry, every day there are restaurants closed. In the context of changes in the operating mode of the catering industry, catering enterprises how to seize the consumer? Recently held in Ji’nan, the fourth session of the forum China chain restaurants and commercial real estate summit in Ji’nan, Shanghai Bubur Technology Development Co., Ltd. CEO Wu Baocheng, zero big data analyst Huang Yu, chopsticks money platform co-founder and CEO Li Hongwen give their answers.

low gross profit trend

Shanghai Bubur Technology Development Co. Ltd. CEO Wu Baocheng said that in 2015, Japan’s catering industry growth rate of 1%, passenger loss loss rate was 3.3%, the gross profit growth of around 0.1%. Japan’s food and beverage industry is relatively stable growth, the main feature is the low gross margin, operating pressure is relatively large. Japanese food and beverage industry, the development of a single product innovation and the development of multi brand innovation is a main idea.

U.S. Food and beverage industry growth rate remained at about 5% per year. U.S. fast food brand McDonald’s gross margin is only 6% ~ 8%, the entire food and beverage market is a low gross margin trend. Overall, the low maturity of the catering market is the future direction of the development of food and beverage industry. In recent years, the growth rate of China’s food and beverage market is maintained at more than 10% per year, the food and beverage market gross margin in the range of 10% ~ 15%, higher than Japan and the United states.

he believes that the operating mode of the food and beverage industry is changing, from the past concerned about the dishes to focus on customer changes. Meal prices began to focus on the transformation of the customer, the first attention to what the customer needs, customer oriented services, services and the environment in the operation of the increasingly large proportion. Catering enterprises in the future to sell what the importance of, has not sold to whom and how to sell more important.

grasp the trend of consumers in order to break through the competitive dilemma

food market competition is very fierce. The second half of 2015, Shanghai every month there are tens of thousands of food and beverage enterprises closed down every day, 350 food and beverage companies closed down. How can we break through the fierce competition? Zero big data analyst Huang Yu believes that the most important thing is to listen to the voice of consumers, consumer trends.

, according to Huang Yu, the China Hotel Association, several groups have recently held in Ji’nan on the seventeenth China Food Festival jointly issued the "China’s food and beverage market in 2016 large data analysis report". This is the second consecutive year of this report. The report shows that the product taste, price and service in the future is still the focus of consumer concern, is the core competitiveness of catering enterprises.