With 100 yuan venture capital to make millions of assets of the legendary story

in the bustling metropolis, there will always be a wealthy shuttle’s footsteps. The genes of commerce are saturated with mystery, which brings prosperity and pain, and it may be the carrier of value and may also be alienated and lost. As an entrepreneur, I like to see, listen to, read the success (or failure) of the entrepreneurial story, in the sense of their own business as well as the history of the soul behind the same time as a witness to the process of sublimation……

This woman,

let yourself die once? Life is alive, the passions can hardly be avoided, exactly what happened, let her fly to Xunsimihuo thousands of miles from Shenzhen to the dead back? In fact, it all just from a clothing conference.

this is in a grand fashion conference held at the East Lake Hotel. The fashion show is Liu Xiaoyan. The cost of 6 million to build a conference devoted all her dreams.

stands, everyone feels really beautiful, a model dressed like beautiful feeling, beautiful.

this unique conference attracted many buyers attention, hundreds of buyers watched the audience gathered, Liu Xiaoyan knew that he had the opportunity to make a lot of money. But the second day, that is, when the order will be, when Liu Xiaoyan confidently stepped into the meeting place, the situation suddenly reversed. As soon as I arrived, I saw few people.

yesterday crowded venue, today was to so many people? Is the wrong time to notice? Or dealer what happened an accident? Liu Xiaoyan suddenly rushed out a cold sweat, hastened to let employees go to the front desk and asked. A query guests have checked out. At that time, Liu Xiaoyan’s head was covered. Made a few phone calls, the guests said that our product style positioning deviation, do not want to cooperate with us.

for a few days, Liu Xiaoyan has received a contract statement of dealers across the country. Looking at the immediate release of the statement, Liu Xiaoyan heart is cold, the dealer did not, overnight, about 6000000 of fashion women became a pile of garbage