Like many skills that you do not know

a street vendor who will not ah, as long as the goods, there are stalls, also worry about business? You may also like a lot of people, very simple that stall. In fact, there are a lot like you don’t know the skills, listen to the following experience, can let you threw up the business more than 10 times.

fixed stall position

every day in a position as far as possible, so that your customers can easily find you, no matter what the industry to do business or old customer important. Can also train a lot of old customers.

product specificity

only sell a large category of goods, textile would only sell textile category, to sell toys will sell toys. To sell socks only sell socks class. Because if you sell something, it’s nothing. No matter what people want to buy, you don’t need to come here. Because we all have these things. There’s no need to come to you. But if you only sell a large category of things, so in this category of goods, you are in the city is the most complete goods. This is the use of market segmentation and specialization theory.


for each sample are clearly written on the sales price, write clearly in Chinese characters, how much money is sold, with a piece of paper or board, write that this is you, this city the lowest price to sell, the price is not determined, nothing is said to do, need long-term. Insist on this price, if you need to adjust the price to write out.

if you are going to like that, you don’t think that as long as the goods most probably it did not actually happen upon the earth there are people to buy, want to make business more prosperous, you need to start from the above points to. The three hundred and sixty line, the line out of the champion, with the right way, you can make money.