Love hat goods

said "high hat", I believe many people should be very familiar with. After all, many people like to wear such a hat. However, have you ever heard of a commodity page? 2012 new discoveries in Psychology: advertising can induce people to choose. According to the United States, "psychology today" magazine recently named "discovery" 2012 ten year "advertising psychology, which can induce people to choose this one to my attention.


said that in the "consumer research" in an article for a commodity "top hat", activates the brain emotional reflection makes you happy, can’t help produce the good impression of it. This process is called "emotion regulation", also called "empathy"".

many of our owner, by virtue of their own strength or lazy thinking, always think "wine has hospitality", never pay attention to advertising effect, to eat a lot of losses. In the information transmission speed today, "wine" only propaganda out, can really play its utility, if you do not give their own "top hat", they simply leave what impression, can easily be faithless".

I just opened the shop at that time, I do not know what the specific characteristics of the wine sold, I do not have any words can boast, there are customers, and ask you this wine which good? I can’t answer it. Catch up with the patient, ask to see a brochure? I did not. On delivery, the customer asked POP stickers? I say no. People are bored, you do not even have this, what do I say to the customer? How can you convince others?

such a theory, whether it will be helpful to your store management? From this theoretical discovery, I get inspiration, change the idea. Supplier delivery, the first advertisement to put in place; on the bottom of my heart after the goods, summed up the 123th, they put up a pageantry push consumer feedback; more attention, to narrow the distance from the product with the user, so that they become loyal users of the goods, and then mouth mouth, draw more hardcore powder shop "let them in practical happy consumption boost happiness.