Service attitude can be determined by word of mouth

said that business needs to pay attention to the attitude of service, which may have a great influence on the latter part of the development of the business. This is not the case described in this article is sufficient to illustrate the attitude of the important influence on the word of mouth, and then directly affect the development of the cause.

a senior doctor, because the medicine is very clever, attracted many young doctors to ask for advice, and offered refuge in his door. Senior doctors choose one of them, stay in the clinic for help, two people to master match. Due to the two Peigemoqi, clinic reputation, to grow with each passing day clinic patients.

in order to share more and more workload, avoid the patient wait too long, and decided to separate the two interrogation: mild disease patients by apprentice diagnosis; more serious illness, by the master.

after a period of time, to find a doctor to see patients significantly increased. At first, the master felt that not take it seriously, "minor ailments are healed, of course, will not delay a serious illness. I also relax patients decreased." Until one day, the master found that a few patients with a very serious condition, but still insist on hanging the apprentice’s number, which he could not understand.

so he asked his friend, "why don’t you come to see me? Do they think my skill is not good? I just got an outstanding achievement award by the Medical Association, the news in the newspaper is also very large, a lot of people see it! What the hell is going on here?"

in order to help him solve the heart of doubt, someone to his clinic in-depth observation.

when the first registration, no problem, because the lady is responsible for the registration and will not deliberately imply that the patient to hang the number of a doctor. Return to register, there is little knowledge, many patients are from master to apprentice there. This part of the problem lies in the so-called word of mouth effect. Because the number of registered apprentice for too much, the waiting time is relatively long, showing "bustling" scenes, so that some patients "in droves". In addition, in the interrogation process, the apprentice experience although not rich, but because he has this self-knowledge, so very carefully, slowly study, interactive communication with patients more, but also more in-depth. Plus he is friendly and polite, but also to patients often cheer, is welcomed by patients.

turned around and looked at the master. He experienced, interrogation is fast, often with no openings that he knew where the problem. Senior and professional, making his face appear cold, as if the patient’s pain does not care, lack of sympathy. The whole process of inquiry, it is very professional, but easy to make the patients "careless, get throught a thing carelessly.".