Four golden rules for store location

shop business, first of all to choose the right location, a reasonable shop location, can bring you more tourists, business will be better. Then. In the end how to choose shop? We must have a macro plan, but also the pursuit of details. Here are the four golden rules for store location.

1, the values of

make retreatThe so-called "


of course, the digital experience is digital, specific to each shop, you need to first hand residents survey data as a basis for amendments. Because the industry stores different formats, store size, the District radius will also have the very big difference, is not immutable and frozen.

2, line into the city

related shops gathered helps improve the same target consumer attention, people think of buying a commodity will naturally think of this street, such as Beijing, Xidan and Wangfujing. Therefore, the choice of the same kind of clothing in the high visibility of the brand is relatively concentrated business district, the consumer’s purchase goal is very clear, both to enhance the image of the store, but also help to improve the popularity of the store.