Xining small road traffic accident claims rapid results

WeChat deal with the first rank in the forefront of the Northwest

Qinghai news network news conference was informed that in November 10th, a reporter from the Xining city traffic police detachment held since October 10th this year, "Xining city light motor vehicle road traffic accident fast approach" formally introduced until November 9th, a month’s time, Xining city traffic police detachment accident brigade quickly claims center handled 1737 minor road traffic accident WeChat, 406, telephone guide 1643, refused to leave the scene punishment 3. Xining city traffic police detachment, which is the first to deal with the rapid settlement of claims in the northwest region in the first rank in the country, WeChat.

the past two years, with the increase in the number of car ownership in Xining, minor traffic accidents continue to occur, and sometimes a small accident prone to congestion. In order to further promote the rapid processing of minor traffic accidents, protect the city road traffic safety, orderly and smooth, alleviate the congestion caused by traffic accident, Xining city issued a "light motor vehicle road traffic accident fast approach", combined with WeChat fast convenience advantages, in the province launched the WeChat deal with minor traffic accident. The way for minor scratches, no injury, car can shift like traffic accident, the driver only added to the WeChat platform of public accounts, according to the steps of the WeChat platform, the fastest 10 minutes can be processed. WeChat deal with minor traffic accident is not only effective to alleviate the current situation of Traffic Accident Police shortage, but also to achieve the fast processing, claims the effect of fast.