Service three rural Xining supply and marketing cooperatives at all levels to serve the construction

Xining City, supply and marketing cooperatives at all levels always adhere to the "three rural" service tenet, actively serve the agricultural industrialization, new experiences and new measures of exploration in the new rural construction in the supply and marketing cooperatives Service "three rural", to achieve good results.

from September 2006 onwards, Xining city of supply and marketing cooperatives organized the supply and marketing cooperatives, agricultural company, raised about 50000000 yuan, respectively, from Ningxia, Sichuan, Guizhou, Gansu and other organizations diammonium phosphate, urea and other dozens of varieties of fertilizer more than 4.5 tons, 500 tons of pesticides, greatly satisfy the needs of the city’s agricultural production. In ensuring the timely supply of agricultural commodities at the same time, actively carry out scientific and technological training services, to guide farmers to apply fertilizer scientifically, to carry out the delivery of convenience measures such as villages and households, by the masses of farmers.

combined with the characteristics of local resources, selection of products, market, distinctive industry, "leading enterprises + Industry Association (cooperatives) + farmers" development road, rural cooperative economic organizations take the lead to set up various types, provide technical, material, information and prenatal and postpartum services for farmers so, industry associations, professional cooperatives become effective docking guide farmer and market intermediary organizations, promote the increase of farmers’ income. As of now, the city’s supply and marketing cooperatives set up all kinds of rural cooperative economic organization 30, rural comprehensive service nearly 100 crops, 21 hospitals, more than 30 thousand households, selling all kinds of agricultural and livestock products totaled more than 15 tons, signed a total of 300 thousand acres of agricultural planting contract, scope of business including vegetables, beans, rapeseed, cattle and sheep meat and other characteristics of agricultural and livestock products.

to increase farmers’ training, and constantly improve the management ability of the peasant brokers, focus on screening training of some business operators and production households, brokers and livestock products marketing association. At present, the farmer has organized a total of more than and 30 training courses, the cumulative training of farmers brokers, became the main force in the purchase and sale of agricultural products in. According to incomplete statistics, the cumulative sales of all types of agricultural products broker more than 100 million yuan; actively strive for 136 ten thousand villages market project ", to accelerate the pace of rural circulation network construction, improve the supply and marketing cooperatives for agricultural service function. (author: Lin Ping)