Urban areas to increase the small stove control

for the overall strengthening of air pollution prevention and control, increase the "small stove" Chengzhong district and the area to lead the formulation, 203 dealers issued the "city region" coal-fired small stove "control notice", has completed the rectification.

it is understood that in 2012 on the basis of the region to accelerate the pace, promote a strong coal-fired boiler coal gas control, the first to start a joint enforcement mechanism for environmental protection, urban management, economy, industry and commerce, health and other related departments in the city, the perfunctory, refused to rectification unit of boiler according to the implementation of the seizure, forced removal measures. Has been seized by law, demolition of Nanchuan Road, Datong Road, Nanchuan Street lots of 31 coal-fired boilers, completed 121.87 tons of steam coal gas control. In addition, increase monitoring efforts to carry out spot checks on industry 165 restaurants, hotels, bathing area, home to 56 of the use of clean energy catering units issued a rectification notice, rectification flue 16, on-site plugging straight row of mouth 34. Reporters also learned that the city in accordance with the law to ban 18 illegal coal heap on the ground, on the implementation of the ban on the removal of 5 new coal place.

as of October 15th this year, the District completed coal-fired boilers from coal to gas remediation tasks, transforming coal-fired boiler 50 50 46.3 tons of steam, completely eliminating the urban black smoke, to further improve the quality of the urban atmospheric environment.