The opening of the first campus culture and Art Festival

to strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors, to promote the development of spiritual civilization construction of the city’s campus, show good spirit, the city’s primary and secondary students of the morning of May 18th, by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, civilization office, city a city office, the Education Bureau, city wide Bureau jointly held the first Xining "innocence to the party the dream of flying," campus culture and Art Festival opened in the central square.


of the campus culture and Art Festival to meet the 92 anniversary of its founding as an opportunity to highlight the patriotic love for the socialist party theme, the organization of minors to carry out rich and colorful cultural activities, subtly enhance the majority of minors to the party, follow the party’s emotional belief, enrich the school campus culture life, to create a positive, healthy and civilized campus the cultural atmosphere of the city’s primary and secondary schools, primary and secondary school students in our city full of spirit, cultivate healthy aesthetic taste and good artistic accomplishment.

it is understood that the festival has a total of four types of dance, choral, instrumental and recitation class and primary school, high school group of the game in the two groups. The event will be held in May 28th, the awards ceremony and excellent performance report. The holding of this cultural and artistic festival is a vivid classroom for the implementation of aesthetic education in schools. At the end of the day after the opening ceremony, the primary school dance, recitation contest began. Washington (reporter Xu Shunkai)