Xining industrial and commercial bureau of East Branch seized with posing as Cordyceps case

recently, the East Branch of Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau, in Bayi medicine market in some shops in accordance with the law seized along with "Hawkesii posing Cordyceps" cases, the value reached 40 thousand yuan.

according to the investigation, the parties to a price of ten thousand yuan per kilogram from a foreigner in the hands of the purchase of the so-called 1 kg cordyceps". As he was ready to be sold at the price of twenty thousand yuan per kilogram of industrial and commercial law enforcement officers seized on the spot. The quality inspection department, the so-called "Cordyceps" is the growth in China’s Hunan, Guangxi two places called a "Hawkesii", do not belong to the Cordyceps sinensis, and the group of "Cordyceps Hawkesii" added a lot of "heavy powder", which greatly increased the weight of Cordyceps, has the very strong fraudulence. The case is under investigation.