The ancient city of Xining Taiwan office to focus on people’s livelihood during the construction of

Xining City Office of the ancient city from the details of the livelihood of the people to do practical things for residents.

21, according to the relevant person in the western city government, to allow residents less running path, the ancient city of Taiwan office launched new initiatives, the civil affairs, subsistence, employment, family planning with the daily life of the people closely related to work procedures, procedures, specific contractors contact through the guide in the form of inform residents, improve the one-time completion rate. During the year, helping to guide the government, take personal management of the ancient city, Taiwan office will build 8 people at food stores, and organizing the second Community Cultural Plaza Art Festival City Taiwan, mobilize all social forces to donate, to raise funds 60 thousand yuan, to give temporary relief some of the difficulties of the masses. At the same time, the establishment of laid-off workers file, do intermediary services to help 200 people to re employment.