Study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development business will be done special

March 16th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce to carry out in-depth study and practice activities to mobilize the general assembly Scientific Outlook on Development. The reporter learned from the meeting, Xining city this year, Scientific Outlook on Development will uphold the guiding ideology, focus on the advantages of resources, Xining pillar industry, vigorously develop the foreign trade, the people’s livelihood in the first place, the market to ensure food safety, to ensure market supply, let the business work on the characteristics of the road.

it is understood that this year the city will be "confident, open and innovative" new Qinghai business awareness throughout the work throughout, with not far behind, with confidence and determination, to accelerate the pace of development, boldly go out, around the advantages of resources, pillar industry, circular economy and plateau characteristic industry vigorously. The development of foreign trade, encourage enterprises to go abroad to develop resources, contracted projects, labor cooperation, the establishment of multiple, stable and reliable resources guarantee system; focus on key projects, and actively absorb foreign capital, actively participate in international economic and technological cooperation and competition, and constantly promote the innovation of business system, stimulate innovation and vitality; focusing on coordinated development of urban and rural areas, accelerate town and the construction of rural market system, promote the "thousands of villages market project", to improve the modernization level of circulation, promote The stability of the market, protect the people’s livelihood, the market to ensure food safety, improve the consumption environment, to ensure market supply; adhere to a comprehensive coordinated and sustainable development concept, the structure, quality and benefit, and play a role in boosting investment, exports, consumption, coordination, the market regulation and government regulation, "bringing in" and "out of to combine the business characteristic development road.