Xining municipal government executive meeting stressed that the work of the government is the most i

Yesterday afternoon, mayor Wang Yubo presided over the ninth executive meeting of the municipal government, considered and adopted the principle of "Xining urban drainage management approach (Draft)" and other issues. The meeting also heard about the city’s Municipal Economic Commission "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" progress report on the situation, learning to convey the spirit of governor Luo Huining research in Xining "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities of the speech. Wang Yubo earnestly implement the spirit of the speech of governor Luo Huining, to help help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment activities focused on the effectiveness of the results.The

meeting that the formulation of the "Xining city drainage management measures" is the construction of ecological civilization is the inevitable requirement of effective measures is to promote the environmental protection model city, national civilized city, to further improve has very important significance for city drainage facilities and improve the security level of city water environment. The municipal government of the relevant functional departments, and the county economic development zone to further improve the planning, improve the city drainage management system, actively cooperate with the legislature to promote legislative work, to provide legal guarantee for the promotion of environmental protection model city building and the construction of ecological civilization.

Wang Yubo on conscientiously implement the spirit of the speech of governor Luo Huining, to help help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment activities to highlight the effectiveness of the view that the development is the top priority, the enterprise is the main body of development. Helping to carry out activities is a phased work, but to support the growth and development of enterprises related to long-term development, we must take the work of the enterprise as the top priority of government work, earnestly, to achieve results. First, we must further strengthen the leadership. Held in a timely manner to help businesses, steady growth, adjusting the structure of the leading group meeting on the work of re arrangement, re deployment, to ensure that the activities of helping enterprises to grasp the effectiveness. The working group, the deputy mayor to do a good job in accordance with the supervision and implementation of the work, and strive to cultivate a small number of small and medium enterprises in the field of industry, agriculture, service sector growth. The development of small and micro enterprises at the end of the number of several to be reconciled. Two to further strengthen the responsibility. All localities and departments should have the responsibility, combined with their own work, the implementation of a series of policies. City Commission to strengthen supervision and inspection. Three to further implement the policy. Come up with detailed promotional programs, focusing on the development of small and micro enterprises and the whole social policy advocacy. At the same time, we should strengthen the training of cadres to help improve the level of policy and operational capacity, to ensure that the national, provincial and municipal policies to implement three levels. Four to further solve the problem. According to the different supporting object, mainly from the implementation of policies, improve the financing, training, planning and construction projects and optimize the environment etc. there are some outstanding difficulties and problems, take targeted measures to help enterprises solve problems and solve. Fifth, to further strengthen the training of cadres. The helping activities, more than 1100 selected cadres, is undoubtedly a display of talent, learning to enhance the rare opportunity. The selected cadres should take the initiative to take exercise and test sink body, wholeheartedly to help enterprises solve problems and development, improve the quality and increase the ability in helping activities, increase efficiency, strengthen management, give advice and suggestions for enterprises to contribute their wisdom. (author: Shi Fei)