Datong County town of Tal tal Bay Village highlights celebrate the city’s military enterprises build

9 5, Municipal Organization Department of Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three counties to implement the "military enterprises to build the Demonstration Village Township Party Secretary and village branch secretary to the tarwan village site Taer observe the" military enterprises build a model village to create work. To observe the group through briefings, viewing panels, field visits, exchanges and other forms of understanding "to carry out military enterprises build a model village" activities, demonstration village basic situation, and the development of leading industry.

accompanied by the town Party Secretary Ma Youzhong and tarwan village Party branch secretary Huang Shengfu, the announcer, the Party Organization Department Deputy Minister Ge Peijun first heard of the progress of activities, inspected the 21000 square meters of commercial market and being built 1100 square meters of the village office building. The demonstration will be the first stop in the village of Tal Bay, highlighting the three points:

is a rich content of activities to explain the effective. guanmatuan from tarwan village "military enterprises build a model village" the basic situation, village planning, to achieve the effect, since the campaign showing the highlights and project implementation progress in several aspects such as listening to the introduction.

two is a new panel content, complete image data. The panel strongly reflect the Tulsa Bay Village made in the implementation of the "military enterprises build a model village" in the results, comparing pictures by the hull, to achieve the desired effect display performance.

three is the leading organization in place, cadres and thoughtful service. the tour will be ready, before the activities, cadres of the town and village two were prepared from the surrounding environment, software image data etc., and held a special meeting, to provide organizational guarantee for the tour activities.