2016 Qinghai brand promotion conference in Hangzhou to complete the exhibit

posted trademarks, booth layout, stacking of goods…… In May 26th, on the eve of the opening of 2016 Qinghai Hangzhou brand promotion, the reporter walked into the Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center to see the exhibition hall decoration and exhibition promotion work has entered the final stages of finishing, hundreds of brands from enterprises in our province all in place, ready to greet the opening.

through the early stage of the four round of inspection and control of exhibitors, to determine the participating enterprises in 241, of which China’s well-known trademarks in, Qinghai, a well-known trademark of the other, the other trademark enterprises 149. The total area of the exhibition hall will be 11000 square meters, with a total of 22 special booth, the standard booth, the national characteristics of snacks, 12. The products involved in 26 categories, the 2807 varieties, through the display, experience, sales and presentation in the form of promotion. Exhibitors and products with broad representation and visibility, Qinghai is the characteristics of the brand and characteristics of goods represents the actual results fully reflect Qinghai’s unique natural and cultural features and promote the brand strategy.

compared with the previous exhibition, the promotion will be higher specifications, larger, richer connotation." According to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau responsible person, during the exhibition also set up 6 folk artists performing booth, our province will organize more than 10 intangible cultural heritage famous artists Thangka making, carpet manual processing and other live performances.