Hao Peng to ensure poverty alleviation Lulitongxin Our wills unite like a fortress battle victory

4 22, governor Hao Peng held a forum on poverty alleviation work in mutual aid forum and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the whole province to Lulitongxin, poverty alleviation Our wills unite like a fortress. go all out to win the opener.

Hao Peng fully affirmed the achievements of the province’s poverty alleviation work. He pointed out that since last year, the central and provincial work conference held on the province’s poverty alleviation and development, and resolutely implement the central decision-making arrangements and requirements of the provincial government, to comprehensively strengthen the work force, and constantly improve the policy system, increase financial input, "two in one" accurate identification, linking point helping to resettle, etc. strong work orderly, poverty alleviation to achieve a good start. Hao Peng pointed out that Haidong belongs to the six contiguous poor areas of mountain, is the main battlefield of our province poverty, poverty alleviation task is very arduous, must take extraordinary measures and initiatives, strengthen leadership, real initiatives, quantification, refinement responsibility, the full completion of the objectives, to the sea east of the first breakthrough for the province’s poverty alleviation overall win active.

Hao Peng stressed that poverty alleviation is a battle you can afford to lose, the whole province should resolutely implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi on the promotion of poverty, the poverty alleviation as a top priority and the first livelihood projects, to tackle tough, hard work, to trust real results and return to the party Central Committee and the general secretary of the people of the province, to honor the commitment. A precision to firmly grasp this key, and comprehensively promote the construction of poverty alleviation big data platform, to achieve precise measures and policies, precise management, realize the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty. Two the key characteristicindustry poverty as stable poverty and sustainable development to grasp, adhere to a village plan, a method to strengthen the poverty alleviation project support, enhance the poverty-stricken areas of "blood" function and self development ability. Three, we must vigorously promote the export of labor out of poverty, do a good job of practical skills training, cultivate labor brand, do a good job supporting services, so that the export of labor services become the most direct and effective way out of poverty. Four to actively implement poverty alleviation projects to be relocated, based on full respect for the wishes of the masses on the poverty alleviation to be relocated and ecological and environmental protection, new urbanization, construction of the beautiful countryside, agricultural and pastoral areas of housing construction combine, the scientific selection of the resettlement area, increase support to play the combined effect of good policy, to ensure that the poor people to move out, live firmly, can become rich. Fifth, continue to strengthen infrastructure construction in poor areas, the weak link traffic, water conservancy, electricity and communications, increase investment, improve the development conditions of the poor areas. Six to the whole play an important role in a good education, health care, social security and other social undertakings in the poverty alleviation, improve people’s livelihood, make up the short board, pull the roots of poverty to solve the poverty problem, the overall regional.

Hao Peng stressed that poverty to win the battle, is a major test of the cadres at all levels of mental state, general ability and work style, the province, the city state, county, township and village are layers of compaction of poverty alleviation responsibility, especially the county level should assume the main responsibility, inverted time, flipchart operations, to ensure that 6 poor counties hat, exit 400 poor villages, 110 thousand people out of poverty in the annual target;