Energy saving low carbon green development

in June 10th to 16, is the twenty-second national "energy-saving publicity week",
"low-carbon energy, green development" is the theme of energy-saving publicity week in 2012. I actively organized more than 10 industrial enterprises in the region to carry out energy-saving campaigns. In the energy-saving publicity week, Western Qinghai Iron Alloy Co. Ltd., Xining Yuanxiang trade limited company and other key energy companies in the area and the surrounding environment using the banner, poster, learning and other forms of promotional activities, in order to enhance the energy-saving awareness of the whole society, low-carbon awareness, to create a "energy saving, everybody" atmosphere, truly energy-saving emission reduction, effectively enhance the sense of All the world knows. known to every family, the people of the region in accordance with the law, resources crisis awareness and lead energy saving awareness, improve energy efficiency, promote resource-saving and environment friendly society construction.