Policies and measures of the municipal government to further economic growth

First, to promote the construction of major projects

up to simplify the approval process, to further reduce the administrative examination and approval, to clean up the basic construction project approval prefixion procedure and links. Perfect the key projects, municipal leaders contact by investigating reminders supervision system, timely coordinate and solve the land, environmental protection, planning, site selection and other difficulties and problems in promoting the project, form a project to promote the full service mechanism. The implementation of "temporary construction permit" system of construction projects, reduce project approval pre-approval requirements range, to meet the overall project planning, land use planning and environmental requirements of the city, the first issued a "temporary construction permit", the construction side to improve procedures. Efforts to promote the construction of the 177 key projects to ensure that the 1 quarter return rate of more than 60%.

two, speed up the special funds

three, accelerating the release of production capacity

recent key to stabilize the load, load, stock recovery outage start new load as the goal, grasp the Spring Festival holiday for enterprise production organization and production enterprises to resume production after work, try to compress the production time, rapid recovery after production; grasp the seasonal production start production enterprises, supervise and help enterprises to advance equipment maintenance the preparation, production preparation, labor organization and other work before resuming production, early start production. Incentives for enterprises to increase production by the Municipal Commission by letter.

four, the establishment of industrial docking mechanism

five, the establishment of Industrial Development FundThe total

six, support the technological transformation of enterprises