A number of cities in the project is expected to take off the sand table

  Xining city construction from simple to levy "city", the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market, Beichuan city land proposed to build complex river will build a waterfront commercial complex, Menyuan Road area will strive to do a comprehensive transformation of the city’s success…… In the fair city, a group of reasonable planning, promising "city" project has become "xiangbobo", has attracted many investors eye.

city fair will promote urban construction projects 54, the investment amounted to 92 billion 550 million yuan, the transformation of the old city and new town construction projects, this year is the most important city fair referral.

urban complex is a kind of high efficiency building community which is based on a function and a variety of functions". The lake district is the construction of the Xining New Hualian Plaza, Kyushu Lake Star City commercial complex, with residential, office buildings, hotels, commercial street, hotel style apartments and other formats, live play, life is convenient. Reporters at the city meeting, Xining will be more beautiful in the future planning.

the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market of land. Plans to invest 5 billion 500 million yuan. The project is located in the Sea Lake Road wholesale market, the development and construction of urban complex development, the proposed construction of large department stores, supermarkets, residential groups, with the development of the new Lake area, and vigorously promote the development of the surrounding trade.

– Beichuan River Waterfront complex. Plans to invest 1 billion 500 million yuan. At present our city water into the city project has been launched, with the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management of projects, the Beichuan river will show clear water, smooth, shore green, in the face of. Planning to build a landmark building, the construction of tourism, leisure, commercial and residential integration is a large commercial complex. The use of hydrophilic environment, to residents and visitors to create a new experience of living, working, shopping.


train station core area development. Plans to invest 6 billion yuan. The core area of Xining Railway Station in the planning is an important node of Xining’s foreign transportation and the important window of city exhibition. Planning and construction of traffic collection and distribution, urban landscape display, integrated business development as one of the modern transport business center.

– Menyuan comprehensive development road. Plans to invest 6 billion yuan. The project area of residential, commercial and other integrated projects in the south of the planning area is a set of characteristics of food and beverage, traditional culture, tourism, leisure and other elements into one of the antique style street. North of the city is committed to the region into one of the most beautiful neighborhoods. Washington (reporter Xiao Yan)